Nothing Quite Says ‘Day Of Love’ Like A Crazed Mob Of Fanatical Muslims


The “peaceful” religion expresses “love” like no one else on the planet

Ever get the feeling these crazed loons are just mad at what they’re mad at? I mean, none of these people could even tell you what the Mohammad movie is about – let alone have any of them seen it – or even talked with anyone who has. This brings us to a basic tenet of Islam: It looks for any excuse it can find or create to burn, riot and kill – all in the name of Allah, of course.

In a pretend effort to quell the rioting in Pakistan over the now infamous “anti-Muslim” film, Pakistan has declared today a “Day of Love for Prophet Mohammad.” So – as to be expected – how did the peace-loving crazies respond? By rioting, burning and causing at least 13 deaths. What a shock. Of course, Pakistani Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf’s comments didn’t exactly say “Everybody calm down!”:

“An attack upon the Holy Prophet is an attack on the whole 1.5 billion Muslims. Therefore, this is something unacceptable.”

Let the rioting begin – er – continue. From Reuters:

Demonstrators clashed with police in the Pakistani city of Peshawar on Friday as anger over insults to the Prophet Mohammad boiled over. Western diplomatic missions throughout the Muslim world tightened security, with some closing down on expectation of big protests after Friday prayers.

Pakistan has declared Friday a “Day of Love for the Prophet Mohammad”. Critics of the unpopular government said it was pandering to Islamist parties.

Protesters took to the streets of the Pakistani city of Peshawar, an old frontier town on the main road to Afghanistan, and torched two cinemas and clashed with riot police who tried to disperse them with teargas.

At least five protesters were hurt, a doctor at the city’s main hospital said. The ARY television station said an employee had been killed.

Near the capital of Islamabad, protesters set fire to a motorway toll booth. The previous day, about 1,000 stone-throwing protesters clashed with police as they tried to force their way to the U.S. embassy. Continue reading…

Yeah, nothing quite says “love” like Islam. Hell – the Regime’s $70,000 worth of apologetic television ads in Pakistan featuring O and Hillary kowtowing to Muslims and (yet again) denouncing the “reprehensible” and “disgusting” movie didn’t even help.

Incidentally, I wonder if it has occurred to the Regime that by continuing to lambaste the film, it is legitimizing, in the minds of the crazies, their behavior? Nah – that would be giving them way too much credit.

About time for another apology tour – huh, O?

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  1. Wow. I’m shocked. The Obama Admin. was caught doing nothing, even with advanced knowledge of attacks in Libya, so they create a false narrative (read: excuse) that suddenly backfires and unites the Middle East – against the U.S. Again, I’m shocked… /sarc

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    Amen, brother!

  3. Beautifully said. Took the liberty of reblogging this. Thank you.

  4. Suppose they mean “Day of Love” in the same way as “religion of peace”?

  5. Nothing says love like a Molotov cocktail.

  6. The religion of peace and love – as we can all see.

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