Chris Matthews

We see now most profoundly than ever perhaps the spectacle of an enemy media at war with free America exemplified by the one and only Chris Mathews.

Feckless (the second definition from Merriam-Webster), narrow minded, hysterical for socialism and all things deemed by our would-be collectivist masters as politically correct, he has public presence through the charity of MSNBC. Oh no, hardly correct at all—and certainly not correct to Americans who know and understand the Constitution, economics, and the importance of faith, freedom, justice, and courage.

He cares not a scratch about how we feel about our faith. He has few clues how important faith is and how we know media and political figures like Chris, who may claim faith but show little of some kind of faith when they are in the public domain. They trample it. It’s very simple. He puts us down as he does his little bitty part to turn people of faith into laughing stock fodder. However, we don’t feel foolish or silly because of anything he screeches or any way he conspires with others in the political circles of Obama loving drones and the lib media. We’ll go on praying and working this earth for the truth of a loving God. Who is he to decide we’re backward—or “clingy”—and too stupid to understand issues? We’re mostly not stupid enough to watch Matthews and that is my opinion. I am confident that I merely join millions of others who have opinions that count as much as Chris’s any day and are far different from the puke he tries to sell through the grating voice of a grown baby-man.

I have never been informed or very entertained by Chris Matthews. The sight of his reaction to the debate came as close as anything to being mildly entertaining and that was all it was for me (I picked up the video from a site—definitely not MSNBC). Sadly, there are people who believe him—are willing to be led by this trumpeter of the worse kind of confused logic, distorted facts and limitless, pliable “principles,” if one can refer to his script and the word principles in the same sentence. There have always been people who are either unwilling or unable to know truth. That would include a large segment of Obama voters.

He cares not an itch about how many of us feel about freedom. Without restraint, he happily endorses more and ever growing government by his love for all things Obama and all things his administration of collectivists visit on the nation. Coal is bad. Taxes are good and it’s patriotic to pay more so birth control can be provided to female students at a $49,000.00 per year tuition of an institution of “higher learning” law school. The left makes their intentions clear as they chant all together, “We’ve only just started, oh Americans!” A slobbering friend-fest with Islam is great—“little security presence at our embassy in Libya”—LIBYA!—“will demonstrate our good faith.” Unions are peachy. Marriage is in the eye of the human beholder not the Bible. Guns are wicked. Regulations of every kind in every sector must be forever expanded and enforced. An expansion of the IRS is only right. Citizens must obey their masters, shut up and be careful of what you say, what you write, what you ask of democratic officials—and only democrat churches may campaign! Now buy into Obamacare, you scum, you minion. The Constitution? “We don’t worry about it.” Shut up.

He cares not a flea about our understanding of justice—of fairness. Chris considers us uninformed if we do not think Supreme Court justices and other judges like Kagen and Sotomayer are not examples of the finest judges, truer arbiters of justice. Our media agents joyfully tout a living, breathing Constitution that is changeable since adding and expanding precedent along with the progressives’ modern bastardization of its meaning because of “changing times” is the smart, progressive thing to—do to it.

He cares not a flea’s breath about courage. Try suggesting reform of Medicare or Social Security as a politician and you will suffer his indignation and wrath, hatred, and—see paragraph three—ridicule. Never able to honestly broker and present the truth when there’s a progressive to elect, our media carefully joins the vision of our demise. The media has no courage, no loyalty, no understanding of Americans who have not been dumbed down by many of the public schools (not all, NEA, thank God) and the latest Honey-Boo-Boo show. Seal Team 6 found Bin Laden, not Obama. From his perch, Obama had three options: ground attack, drone strike, or do nothing. He merely picked one and it did take that which the media feels is real courage on his part. Think about what could happen politically if it went bad. Yeah.

Hunter Ayers
August 9, 2012

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5 replies

  1. Matthews is one of many reasons why MSNBC has been labeled “MSDNC”.

    I was amused and rather pleasantly surprised by the SNL skit last weekend parodying his meltdown, and also showing Rev. Al in less than favorable light. Gotta give ‘em props sometimes.

  2. I wouldn’t wipe my a** with him.

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