Political Science That I Can Understand At Election Times (What’s in a Name?)

Political Snake Oil

Call it Poli Sci for Voters, not Dummies. Obama is a Marxist, Communist, Socialist; the Tea Party is Neo-Nazi, Romney is a Conservative. Yeah, and I’m rich and famous and own my own island. It’s all hokum, propaganda to sway our emotions over our common sense. Political Science professors make their livings from these things, politicians use them to shovel manure over the truth in search of votes. So, forget it!

For those facing a presidential election, plain sense serves much better than all the complex baloney the professors need to justify their degrees and raise their salaries. Let’s look as some examples:

1. Can you get something for nothing? No? Then, neither can your government, which gets all its money from you and your cohorts. Politicians that want to solve overspending and excessive debt by any form of spending whatever, are treating you as stupid. If you buy in, you’re proving them correct. They can argue about how fast to hit the brakes, but the brakes have to be hit and damn the torpedoes. All else is just lies. Sorry, but they’re in office because we put them there, right?

2. Communism, socialism, Marxism, the welfare state, compassionate capitalism, Fascism, statism, all that and all the rest are just excuses for professors to teach instead of working and for politicians to castigate their opponents without any evidence of evil. B/S from a voter’s standpoint. What a voter should want to know is just this: To what extent does a given candidate plan to empower government over the voters? If one guy promises to give more to voters, remember he has to take it from them before he can give it out…he’s just robbing some to favor others. Where else will he find the money for his program? Money grows on taxpayers is an old saw that has never been challenged. If you haven’t noticed, Federal Reserve play-money has to be made good in the end by taxpayers.

See, it doesn’t matter what a politician says or a government calls itself (they usually lie anyway, right?); what matters is where is the power located? If its in the government, the people are serfs, no matter what the government calls them. And they will ultimately live the lives of serfs. If the power is in the voters, the government will be forced to operate as a servant, not a master. If I remember, China calls itself the: “Peoples’ Republic.” Right! So ignore the names used to hornswoggle the suckers; look for the power. And worry about the politicians working to increase government power; vote for politicians working to increase the people’s power, never mind the goodies. The politicians promising those goodies are going to use your money to pay for them, if not directly, then indirectly. If your taxes don’t go up (but, they will) then your standard of living will go down (as it’s been for several years now.)

Way back in Biblical times we’re advised to evaluate the tree by its fruit: “The good tree bears good fruit; the bad tree bears rotten fruit”.  Works for politicians, too. The names they hide behind or use to castigate their opponents are fine for professors to argue  about; voters don’t need them. See, professors are trying to look smart hosing us all with political science theory; voters have to deal with reality since that’s where they live…

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