Voting The Lesser of Two Evils, or Voting Your Conscience?

Recently I came across a post on Facebook regarding the upcoming election. The post read, in part, “A write in vote for [Ron Paul] this November is a message to the government of what we expect of it. A lot of write in votes for him is a strong message to the government. The bigger the write in total, the stronger the message. The creation of a strong message is NOT a waste of votes. GO RON. Restore America.” Responses to the post were all supportive of the Ron Paul write in idea. One commenter wrote, “I cannot in good conscience vote for either of the ‘major party’ candidates, but I will write in Ron Paul, because that would truly be my first choice. I don’t expect him to win, but maybe the message would be significant. I’m so tired of voting for a candidate only because I want the other one even less. I’d rather make the statement, even if almost no one ‘hears’ it.” Another wrote, “I’m writing in Ron Paul. IT’s the right thing to do. I’m trusting in God to get me through whatever happens after this election.” And a third encouraged everyone to forward the post to everyone and share it via email, twitter, Facebook, etc.

Now I have to admit, I really do not like Mitt Romney, and I do not believe that he will be good for America. In fact, I have been known to refer to Romney as “Obama 2.0”, “Obama Lite”, and “Robamney.” After considering his position on the important points of this election, I concluded that he really isn’t who I would want for president. (click here to read an earlier article regarding my research into Mitt Romney) And I have to also say that I really do not like the idea that the RNC decided that Romney would be the Republican candidate long before a single primary vote had taken place, in effect telling the American people that they really did not care who the people wanted to run against Obama, it was the RNC’s decision, and not the voters. (The RNC pulled that stunt back in October 2011, almost 5 full months before the first Republican primary in February 2012. SOURCE) A little arrogant of the RNC wouldn’t you say?

I also have to say that I am not a big fan of Ron Paul either, and not only do I not want him as my president, I think he would end up being detrimental to America. Paul supports embryonic stem cell research (contrary to his pro-life stance); he believes that 9/11 occurred only because America had (has) a presence in the Middle East (a typical liberal meme which is contrary to Osama bin Laden’s statement that his attack on America was based on the teachings of the koran), and Paul has stated that he would not have authorized the killing of bin Laden, but would have asked Pakistan for their permission to arrest him instead (like Pakistan would have granted permission for that! They were harboring bin Laden!).

Paul has also gone on record as being pro-same-sex marriage, and has stated that he does not believe there should be any laws prohibiting cocaine, heroin, meth and other illegal drugs, and he believes prostitution should be legalized (simply because the Constitution does not specifically prohibit these things).

Ron Paul has also gone on record as stating that the federal government does not have the authority to enact or enforce hate speech laws, obscenity laws, or banning the implementation of Islamic Sharia law in the United States (beliefs that could pave the way for rampant anti-Christian bias, anti-Semetism, pedophilia, and Sharia law throughout various individual states).

All in all, it is clear to me that a Ron Paul presidency would sound the death knell for America. You can read more about my research into Ron Paul’s stand on all of these issues by clicking here, and here.

So once again, we have a presidential election situation where we are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils, and as a result, some folks have decided that now is the time to exercise a “vote-my conscience” decision.

It has been said that those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it. And this year’s presidential election, with its “choose the lesser of two evils” aspect, reminds me of the presidential election of 1992 between George Bush 1st and Bill Clinton. Back then, 20 years ago, when people were faced with choosing between the lesser of two evils, then, as now, many decided to “vote their conscience” rather that what was obviously right for America. And back then, as now, we had another “RP” choice. Back then it was Ross Perot rather than Ron Paul, but the effect was the same. Back then a lot of people decided to vote their conscience and they voted for Ross Perot rather than Bush or Clinton. The result was that many votes that probably would have gone to Bush if Perot had not run, went to Perot instead, and obviously neither Bush nor Perot had enough votes to defeat Clinton, and you all know the end result. Eight years of Slick Willy Clinton and his evil sidekick Hillary. Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, multiple suspicious deaths, impeachment proceedings and more. All because people decided to “vote their conscience” rather than what was better (I won’t say best) for America. And we’re about to go through the same thing again.

If Ron Paul supporters “vote their conscience” and choose a write in vote for Paul, then those votes are not just votes that could likely propel Romney into the White House, but they are votes that will help ensure another four years of the Obama Regime. Something that would clearly cause harm, possibly irreparable harm to America. But at least the Paul supporters would have clear consciences. But will they really?

Yes, it’s true that they can hold their collective heads up and proudly say they took a stand and did not cave into the RNC’s intimidation tactics by refusing to vote for Romney. But knowing that by doing so they actually helped Obama win another four years of trillions of dollars of new debt, rampant unemployment, the death of countless small businesses, billions of dollars in new taxes (Obamacare), possible attacks on America and/or Americans by wacked out Islamic Jihadists, and more possible attacks on Israel, not to mention the further spread of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda (the folks Obama supported in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and now Syria). Can Ron Paul supporters accept responsibility for all that? I hope so, because that is exactly what they will be supporting by not voting for Romney.

Now is the time to focus on ending Obama’s destructive regime, not sending a message by “voting our conscience.” A message that will have little effect, if any, on the government. However, I am sure that Barack Obama would love nothing more than Paul supporters “voting their conscience.”

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  1. Although mine focuses mostly on polling, we posted articles with virtually the same concluding message (“don’t throw your vote away at 3rd parties”) within 2 minutes of each other. I agree with your logic, and I’m glad you see how critical the imperitive of getting Obama out of office is. Thanks for your contribution to this important message.
    – Jeff

  2. Seems to me, the Prez and Mitt are agents of the same interests with nearly identical records in office and nearly identical stated views aside from a couple of recent deathbed conversions from Romney..I’ll grant Romney might back off attacking the churches.

    Given that the economy and government finance are what matters for now, electing either seems a tossup. Perhaps what will matter here is more who is in Congress… If it’s the same-old, it likely won’t matter who’s Prez. And that seems the way to bet, unfortunately.

    But if forced choices are the norm for voters as they seem to be for a while now, what good is the franchise? Makes one remember they voted in the USSR, too…and also as they were told. Doing as told reinforce rather than removes the tellers, doesn’t it?

  3. As usual Jack you are pushing for the destruction of the United States. THERE IS, LET ME REPEAT BECAUSE JUST LIKE THE PAULBOTS YOU DON’T SEEM TO GET IT, THERE IS NO COMPARISON OF ROMNEY BEING LIKE OBUTTMAN. Obuttman is not a patriot, is not American, is nothing more than a commie hack that given four more years will literally DESTROY THIS COUNTRY. You must not have just read the last post put up here about the week in review. DO YOU NOT READ? OR IS COMPREHENSION A PROBLEM. Hillary, Janet Napolitano, Stephanie cutter, robert gibbs, etc. THIS COUNTRY WILL HAVE A DICTATORSHIP WITHIN ONE YEAR IF OBUTTMAN IS RE ELECTED, hell Axlerod states it very clearly. I truly am sick and tired of this crap “the lesser of two evils”. And being as I am a VETERAN, MY HUSBAND IS A VIETNAM VETERAN, AND BOTH BEING EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE, AND BOTH SUPPORTING ROMNEY, WHO BY THE WAY WASN’T THE FIRST CHOICE OR EVEN THE SECOND CHOICE, we are not so petty, small minded, spoiled brattish as not to be able to see the light at the end of another four years of Obuttman destruction, that we can’t get past our LOVE OF COUNTRY to know that ROMNEY IS THE ONLY POSSIBLE PERSON WHO CAN GET THE JOB DONE, beating obuttman, and the idiocy of the Tom Hoefling, Gary Johnson, RON PAUL NUT JOB crowd which can’t open their eyes and see it, and claim to be for love of country; who claimed during the whole primary process that the ONLY AGENDA WAS TO RID THIS COUNTRY OF OBUTTMAN. BLOOD IS ON YOU HANDS IF ROMNEY LOSES, THE BLOOD OF THOUSANDS OF VETS WHO FOUGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY, THE BLOOD OF FUTURE GENERATIONS WHO WILL NOW LIVE THE THIRD WORLD COMMIE LIFE STYLE, AND DON’T THINK THAT WE THE THINKING CONSERVATIVES WON’T HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE, THAT BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS WON’T EVER BE ABLE TO BE WASHED AWAY. NOR WILL THE MONIKER OF BEING A COMMIE LOVER, AND SUPPORTER BY PULLING THE LEVER OR WRITING IN ANOTHER CANDIDATE COME NOV. 6 2012. It is either the start of saving this country or the END. And if in all your pie in the sky dreaming that we can start with congress, under a dictatorship CONGRESS DOESN’T MEAN SQUAT. AND THE DAMAGE DONE WITH APPOINTMENTS TO THE SUPREME COURT WILL BE LIFE LONG.

    • Actually, Jack is pretty spot on. If you read the links I provided in the above article, you’ll see that Romney’s agenda has been very similar to Obama’s all along. In addition, if you think your vote, or anybody’s vote mattered one whit during the primaries, guess again. The RNC made the decision to endorse Romney and place him on the 2012 ticket against Obama in October of 2011, almost five full months before the first Republican primary even took place. Again, read the links I provided. So your vote in the primary, my vote in the primary, did not count and did not matter. The choice had already been made for us regardless of what or who we wanted on the Republican ticket. I remember a similar thing happening back in 2008 when watching the news on election day and the anchor reporting that Obama had taken this state and that state, while at the same time, the news ticker running at the bottom of the screen was reporting that the polls were not closed and the numbers not yet in on those same states that Obama had allegedly won. Because of these two incidents my trust in the electoral system has been severely shaken.

      Additionally, I am sure that I do not have to remind you that the president does not make laws. Congress does. The president can veto a law that Congress has passed, but then Congress has the authority to override the presidents veto and pass the law anyway. If the president wants to bypass Congress and enact an executive order he can. And they often do. But it is Congress who passes the laws, not the president. So yes, it is actually more important who controls Congress than who is in the oval office.

      My view on this election is two fold. First and foremost, get Obama out of the White House now, before he can damage the country further. Second, once Obama is gone, get Romney removed in 2016 and replaced with someone who can actually do something to repair America.

  4. In your article you claim that the RNC decided Romney was the nominee even before the first convention vote was cast. You are correct, that happened! So you saw that when the convention votes were cast, there was only one person to vote for. Any others had been blocked and most of those delegates had walked out since there was nothing more they could do. You saw the decision to make the changes allowing the RNC to be the deciding factor voted on and ignored. You saw the RNC policies changed so that if they had been effected back when Reagan was running, he would have been locked out of the convention and would never have been president. So knowing all these things, and knowing you have no way to count the ballots that are cast nation wide, In the primaries, do you REally think that in a state with electronic voting, the former speaker of the house, Newt, actually won? So how come we can’t see the actual count? How can you possibly think that it matters, in the fixed national election, how you vote? This election is already decided. It will me modified to make Romney win. If you have been paying attention, there has been no reason for any of the tilts in the polls other than some one (IMHO the Federal Reserve people) is controlling what is published. Romney was preselected to be the next President. I know my vote doesn’t count. Therefore, I will not worry about how someone else votes. I will go to the polls with the best information I can get about my local candidates. As long as I am going thru the motion and I am there any way, I will then vote for the only other candidate listed on my Ballot for president. I will vote for the Only one who Ron paul invited to the Liberty Rally . I will vote for Gary Johnson. Two years from now when Romney isn’t performing the way you think he should, I will be able to say, don’t blame me, I voted for Gary Johnson. You can still, once again say, well I voted for the lessor of the two evils. then in four years, If we still have elections at all, you can do it again and we will be that much further to not having elections at all. One other point that you haven’t even touched on since you are so blinded by the idea everything is Obama’s fault and MUST be replaced. Obama didn’t pass Obama care, Obama didn’t pass NDAA, or the patriot act, in fact the president does not pass laws, Congress does. So why are you so concerned that Obama can’t be president and you think a president who essentially agrees with obama at least eighty percent of the time, will be better. Naturally the media doesn’t want you to concentrate on who is running for congress and who should be replaced in Congress. The media reporters would all have to do their own research instead of just going to the local pubs in Washington to decide what to write. Imagine all the work they would have to do, if they were to try to report on all those seats. This is NOT a horse race. You do not have to vote for the winner to win. INstead, If you Decide who is the best choice and vote for that candidate you are being that much closer to being a true patriot.. Why in Hell do you want to vote for some one that in your heart you know is not the best candidate? Because, OMG, some one else might not vote the same way.. Imagine if we didn’t know the outcome until the candidate was born as the next president. Wow what a concept. Seems that might be what the founders had in mind. Sure would be nice if patriots did that. Even the so called TeaParty people don’t seem to get that concept and instead vote for who they are told to vote for. How can ANYONE not see the stupidity in that. Oh yeah, Obama might win! So What, Better to have a clone? I guess this thinking is like having to know the sex of the baby before it is born. Where you also one of those? Well I know the “sex” I know the out come of this election, Romney wins by an unexpected landslide, Congress still has mostly followers, and Only Rand Paul and two or three others understand the need to be individuals. Just keep dreaming you are doing what is needed and just keep doing the same thing over and over. After all it has worked so well in the past.

    • But don’t worry none. I am only one vote. and after all its the electoral college that decides the presidential election, not the public vote so, you have nothing to worry about. Your guy will win. Trust me. But then why do that? , I am not the authority.


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