The Day The Music Died: DNC Removes God From Platform

by Jon Matthews, Right & Wrong Radio

“I went down to the sacred store where I’d heard the music years before, but the man there said the music wouldn’t play.  And, in the streets the children screamed, the lover’s cried, and the poets dreamed, but not a word was spoken – the church bells all were broken.  And the three Men I admire most: the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, they caught the last train for the coast…the day the music died.” (Bye Bye Miss American Pie, Don McClean 1972)

“Will this be the convention that we will now remember as the time that God was nay’d and boo’d by the Democratic National Convention?”

This question was put to Jesse Jackson, activist/shakedown artist and self proclaimed savior to all disenfranchised humanists of color by Fox political pundit Sean Hannity just hours after DNC Committee Chairman, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa literally overrode the all too obvious and unfortunately for the Democratic Party, too well documented, will of a majority of the DNC delegation in North Carolina regarding blasphemous changes to the DNC platform.

I admit I was stunned.  Not so much by Villaraigosa’s confused reaction to the raucous crowd (liberal leaders are not use to their sheep thinking for themselves) or even Jackson’s apostate response to Hannity’s question (apparently the name of God is a cultural problem exuberated by the Christian right when we pronounce God’s Name exclusively in regard to His begotten Son Jesus).  I was stunned by the initial actions taken by the delegation that had prompted Hannity’s question in the first place.

Up until this very moment I had always held the belief the Godlessness that exists within the Democrat Party was primarily at the leadership level, an alliance between humanistic progressive atheists that attempt to justify their claim God is a crutch that enslaves the intellectually weak and morally timid and Black Liberation activists like Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who deceptively use a false Gospel Message to perpetuate these same perceived weaknesses among the black community.

Humanists and atheists use their arguments to advance their agenda of legalizing sin without civil accountability and consequence by claiming everything is a right rather than a choice, while those like Wright, Jackson and Sharpton seek power and profit through exploitation of the flocks they claim to serve, revealing they are not wolves among sheep like their apostate comrades, but wolves disguised as shepherds. Liberal leadership uses both factions to raise money and garner votes that advance their own agenda with is usually a combination of the two.

As I watched this remarkable DNC episode unfold another event (though not as public) immediately came to mind, a prediction I made back in November 2008, just days before the last Presidential election when I stated on my radio show it might be good if Obama was elected as it would to a degree never before witnessed expose the extreme ideology that has evolved among the leadership of today’s Democrat Party.

So it was in somewhat stunning shock and awe I realized I was witnessing just the opposite, a Godless coupe by the masses rather than the party heads calling for the removal of God and refusal to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel from the DNC platform while the leadership of the DNC attempted to appear they were trying to salvage what little decency and respect for our national heritage remains among liberals, forcibly overriding the will of the people just weeks before it will be decided if their anointed messiah will be immaculated for another term.  Of course we know in reality they were simply trying to salvage votes.  Votes that now hang in the balance.

I have been fortunate over the last 15 years to have been allowed from church pulpits, radio shows and political forums to preach, teach and commentate as to the state of faith in God and America. I can attest there are prophetic elements, some real, some fabricated that exist within them both, whether insight that imparts truth on events that shape our spiritual lives from the pulpit or the lies and spin that pave the paths of deception we too often must eventually commentate on in the political arena.

But this event at the DNC convention has a much deeper historical aspect to it than others, an aspect that is forever etched intellectually in my mind and soul, its implication embedded deep in my heart much more than past experiences.  I can only describe it as the sad realization of a paradigm shift that carries with it an especially eerie prophetic aura as the future plays out in real time through media driven cyberspace.

This realization has driven me to my keyboard not as a prophet that predicts the future for that future is now upon us, nor as a commentator who desires to educate and entertain but as a citizen of both this world and the next who believes he has been blessed by God with a gift of discernment and a tongue by which to articulate cause and effect regarding events that occur in our society.  And as it now stands a command by my God to do so.

With every command comes a desired objective, a warning regarding the failure to achieve that objective and the necessity of a response. Our objective as a nation is clear.  If we of this nation do not address this situation now, if we do not repent and humbly seek God’s forgiveness and return to the Biblical principles on which we were founded than all that remains for us to be experienced as a nation and people is the dust we shall find heaped upon us, shaken off by the feet of a jealous God in this world and His eventual righteous judgment in the world to come when He declares He will share His glory with no one.  Knowing that almost half of this country can listen to Obama and still believe him after 4 years of lies and deceit makes me wonder if we indeed are already in that age of judgment

As I pen this we are just a few weeks away from the 2012 Presidential election and our nation stands at a crossroad that will determine our direction not only as a nation but more important as a people of God.  I hope those of us who are fighting to keep our Republic are not fighting in vain for God tells us that those who labor without God do indeed do so.  So let us pray heaven’s Trinity has not deserted us.  For if He has then surely we will mourn the day the music died.

Jon Matthews is Host and Producer of “Right & Wrong Radio” a conservative talk show that streams on the internet. You can visit his site at or email him at

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12 replies

  1. I have to say, God should have nothing to do with our politics; the separation of church and state exists for a reason. What’s the big deal if the DNC removed God from their platforms? Religion shouldn’t be there in the first place. Be angry because they ignorantly believe bailouts for massive corporations will help the economy, while in the same breath saying they stand for the little guy; be livid with the way they claim welfare works and that taxation is not “stealing” or “forced charity”, but a “duty” we must all pay; hell, be mad because they want to force our tax dollars to go to giving birth control away at market-distortingly low prices, and tamper with other markets like housing, banking, oil, energy, etc; but, to be mad because they removed the endorsing of a religion (it isn’t the fact that it’s God, it’s the fact that it is religion in general) from their platform… I repeat: something that shouldn’t be mixed into politics anyway. There are a lot of other problems we need to be focusing on to beat the extreme liberals to the curb: overzealous taxing, crony capitalists, and a foreign policy that is going to bring us into WWIII with few allies… these are the issues we need to get them on. Did you see the way, with a straight face, Obama lied about our energy production, his policies, and the bailouts on his debate last night? This is where we can get them. These are their Achille’s Heel! Get them on being top-down government cronies. Honestly, who cares if they’re Christians or not. I am an aethiest, but I am also a Libertarian and swing conservative. Their religion doesn’t define their policies, nor should it. They’re cronyism does, and THAT needs to be defeated.

      • Harvey, thanks for taking the time to reply. I totally disagree with your perception of separation of church and state. There are enough papers, documents, etc from the Founding Fathers that support the notion that this country was founded to a great degree upon a Christian heritage and principles. James Madison himself stated our survival depended on our ability to follow the Ten Commandments. While I would concede today’s theology probably does not even closely represent what it did back in the day to believe that a civil society is by design void of God is purely humanistic ideology and not realistic. I do find a paradox in that more than a few of our founders were Deists and/or students of the Enlightenment but in context to the real meaning of the 1st Amendment it is obvious the intent was to not separate or suppress religious beliefs but to encourage one’s freedom to believe and practice respectively both in the home and public square.

      • Of course, and I hope you weren’t offended by my comment, sometimes I can be frank and my tone is often misread. Indeed, the Founding Fathers and many documents might support that we were founded on Christian morals, but are said documents law-binding? Our lawful documents, such as the constitution, are pretty clear on an intent for separation, or a protection for the citizenry against a state-endorsed religion. To argue that anything the Founding Fathers wrote was implied in law, is like saying the passage about “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” in the Declaration is a lawful right, which as we know, it is not. I wouldn’t say that the removal of language invoking Christian imagery from the DNC’s platform is wrong. There’s plenty of other things wrong with the Democratic platform, though. :P

  2. I have a couple of observations/questions about your post.

    “Humanists and atheists use their arguments to advance their agenda of legalizing sin without civil accountability and consequence by claiming everything is a right rather than a choice,”

    In light of this statement, I wonder what your opinion is toward the Libertarian philosophy. Most Libertarians feel that many things that Christians view as sinful should be legal. (abortion, marijuana, gay civil unions e.g.) Not because they think these activities are OK, but because they feel the government should not have the authority to interfere in our private lives. How do you feel about this?

    “I stated on my radio show it might be good if Obama was elected as it would to a degree never before witnessed expose the extreme ideology that has evolved among the leadership of today’s Democrat Party.”

    The frightening thing here is that, as you witnessed during the platform vote, this ideology is no longer seen as extreme. Indeed, it is the Christian viewpoint that is seen as extreme. It is hard for me to understand just how this could happen. The way Christians are portrayed by the media, and the entertainment industry bear no correlation to the vast majority of Christians I know (including myself). In my experience the Christian faith is an inducement to a moral lifestyle. It is the impetus to lead a life of integrity. Not a life of self-righteous, judgmental, hypocrisy.

  3. Middle, my take on Libertarian ideology is quite simple. While I too do not like government legislating morality as it is none of their business I do hold that a civil society must have moral boundaries. I believe morality is the responsibility of the Church and if it had done its job properly over the years those boundaries would be self-imposed and we wouldn’t have this back and forth on legislating everything that we have now. That said I hold many Libertarian beliefs in regard to fiscal issues and almost none on social. I have made the analogy that liberals want legislated lawlessness while Libertarians simply want no laws. I do not buy into the idea that legalizing drugs, homosexuality, prostitution, etc. would actually act as a deterrent to these acts nor do I think legalizing them would reduce any costs associated with enforcement. To simply decriminalize something does not remove its affect on a civil society. Considering the degree that these things exist today I believe it would simply shift such costs to higher health costs through disease, addiction and lawsuits. Again I lay the blame for the lack of morality on the Church of which I am a part but could not in right conscience just say everything is Constitutional so everything is okay. To me there is a big difference between rights and choice. Rights are inherent, choice has consequences.

  4. Middle, you stated regarding my statement on Democrat ideology: “The frightening thing here is that, as you witnessed during the platform vote, this ideology is no longer seen as extreme. Indeed, it is the Christian viewpoint that is seen as extreme. It is hard for me to understand just how this could happen.” It has happened because Christians remained silent while the left deconstructed and redefined morality. It isn’t that the right is moving further right. It is the left has moved further left and we now appear to be something we are not. They have convinced a large segment of our population that regression is actually progress. Any legislation introduced by the right has always been to counter that which was passed by the left. It is the left imposing their beliefs on us rather than the other way around.

  5. Good first contribution to the site John. It is good to have you with us.

    When a nation rejects God, God will reject that nation and remove His hand of blessing, mercy, and protection from it. I have often prayed that God’s mercy will continue to be poured out upon this country. But the time is coming, however, when that will change. Not because of God’s change of heart, but because of the change of heart of the people of this nation.

  6. “It is the left imposing their beliefs on us rather than the other way around.”

    I totally agree. The frustrating thing is trying to get people who have bought into the liberal view of Christianity to see it. I appreciate your views about Libertarianism. I used to tend more to the religious right, but as I mature, I find I’m leaning more for the Libertarian philosophy, but only up to a point. The Libertarian party has been hijacked by anarchists and has failed to become relevant as a third party as a result. I do have some personal conflict between my Christian values and Libertarian social issues. I tend to be of the mindset that just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s moral. I think the Church (if you consider the Church as the individuals in the Body of Christ and not the institution) tries to set the boundaries but is misrepresented by the media and Hollywood. We try to battle immorality while also fighting the perception that the battle itself is immoral.

    • Middle, your last line is a very good point and very well summarizes what I was trying to say. From a biblical perspective what we are witnessing is “calling evil good and good evil.” God is explicit that this redefinition will bring “woe”. I pray God will have mercy on us but I’m not so sure that is His plan right now. It may just be He has decided to let us wander in the wilderness to “test our hearts”. This election will indicate whether we are going to receive mercy or experience the wrath of judgment.

  7. That is a frightening thought indeed. Because,(and rightly so) we can only control our own vote and but not the votes others.

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