The Last Dance


Tomorrow night will be Obama/Romney’s last date; watchers will see their last dance before the band packs up and goes home for the election. Tuesday morning, the pundits will solemnly assign ‘victory’ to whomever they favor while the pollsters will publish their findings, hoping we will take them seriously since they would like to continue receiving lots of money for their efforts. It is of course, a show.

There is today nothing on TV that is not a show, most specifically including the ‘news’ provided by bitterly competing sources for whom success is measured in eyeballs watching. And every bit is now, fiction. Some shows make it clear; some don’t. Some call themselves: “Reality Shows” but how real does anyone believe them? We go along for the entertainment, but we know better.

So far, there is one overriding problem facing the entire world; nothing comes close to it in importance: the collapsing world economy. As this proceeds, it could impoverish countries, compromise civil order, bring down still more governments and even alter the face of our civilization. But this is the one subject that our candidates will dance around, tacitly agreeing that it must not come up in a public forum while they each seek high office. See, such things can upset the voters and they can’t afford that. So the last dance will tiptoe around reality, hoping to distract with Libyan Ambassador murders, binders full of women and other trivia. They are giving the voters a lap dance…

Some readers will have seen the “last dance’ when reading this; some not. I will bet now that one fact that does not come up in the dance is one reported recently: The number of registered Medicaid plus Medicare patients is now greater than the number of employees in the private sector. That means, for any public school math grads, there are now fewer workers paying for those benefits than beneficiaries collecting. And that’s without the extra 19 or 34 or whatever million being added by ObamaCare. How many people’s medical care can you pay for in addition to your own? Add this: Retiring baby boomers are doing the same thing to Social Security. And even before that hits, both Medicare and Social Security are in deficit. These programs are a scam; there is no money to pay for them, nor can there be. (Europe has the same problem) So, whoever we ‘elect’ (How many Republicans wanted Romney?) will preside over the American version of Europe’s riot-raising ‘austerity,’ which is just politician-speak for cutting both benefits and the standard of living for the middle class.  That is the only really important issue we face; it offers no choices. But our dancers will dance around it as though it didn’t exist or didn’t matter. Betcha!

They’ll each call the other’s ‘recovery’ plan fake…without providing any details. Then, they’ll hurry on to something else. It’ll be a nice show; plenty of tap-dancing to hold the viewers’ interest while maintaining plausible deniability. The studio audience will dutifully applaud at the signal and we’ll all vote and the producer’s assigned host will tell us who won. We’ll be expected to go home for another four years while whomever we have elected continues the reduction of our American living standard that began when housewives had to go to work, has continued under George Bush and Barack Obama and will accelerate under their successor, whether it be the President or Romney. We’ve been scammed and the bills for the long ‘free lunch’ are finally coming due.

It’s the last dance; after this, there’ll be no money to pay the band for decades. Let’s hope it proves at least, memorable!

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6 replies

  1. I think we all know where you stand Jack old boy, but really, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. ROMNEY RYAN 2012

  2. I think your honesty is commendable, and you’ve summed everything up quite nicely. You appear to be an objective person who sees behind the partisan games.

  3. This entire campaign has become so petty, so uninspiring and so malevolent that I will be happy to see it end. While I hope Romney is the victor, getting it over with is going to make me feel a lot cleaner and healthier

  4. When campaigns facing serious matters have become a sham, how long will democracy avoid the same status?

  5. Well, see, this one is supposed to be about foreign policy, not economics, which Romney understands quite well.

    And to be honest, the band better not go home. There’s a New Orleans funeral cortege to be played in the streets one way or the other.

  6. Yeah…and may the Saints come marching in…I believe we’re gonna need ‘em!…

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