MUST READ: Here Come the Black Helicopters by Dick Morris & Eileen McGann

Saying that Dick Morris is sounding alarms all Americans should heed is like saying that people living in the path of a hurricane should evacuate.

In their new book, Here Come the Black Helicopters: UN Global Governance and the Loss of Freedom, Morris and his writing sidekick, Eileen McGann, present volume 2 of Screwed!, a book warning of the coming surrender of our sovereignty and independence as a nation if the United Nations globalists have their way. While we Americans have been distracted with ObamaCare, Bengazi, Fast and Furious, budget deals, elections, Solyndra and more, the Obama regime has been busy behind the scenes negotiating away American supremacy through treaties sponsored by the UN, and resurrecting other treaties and protocols denounced by previous administrations.

Morris begins the book with a recap of how the UN came to be and the goals that all traditional Americans recognize as being the purpose of such an international body: in short, the bringing to heel the USA as a superpower. This is the fundamental reason why we resisted the original League of Nations when Woodrow Wilson proposed it and why so many of us now believe that the UN has outlived its usefulness. The term “Black Helicopters” is explained in a way that puts perspective to much of the rest of the book as the “black helicopter crowd” are supposed crack-pots who claimed in the 80’s that they were being pestered by government officials with such machinery having to do with Fish and Wildlife Compliance (that turned out to be true). If the globalists, like the named David Rockefeller, Jacques Chirac, Bill and Hillary, etc., get their way, the UN will be sending black helicopters all over the world and into outer space to control every aspect of trade, living, business, communications, military matters and more just as soon as the UN treaties reduce the USA to “just another nation.” Dick Morris lays out the ways this could happen. As our Constitution says that treaties are binding, the globalists are counting on using the Vienna Convention as a means of by-passing the required senate ratification process since all that has to be done, in the eyes of the globalists and the Vienna Convention, is for a president to sign a treaty for it to take effect. Not only that, apparently, such treaties would hold a higher level of law than any of our state and federal laws. (the Vienna Convention was signed by a US president, but not ratified. This is binding?)

After thirty pages of why we the people of the USA (not the “leadership” and political class crowd) would never tolerate a global governing body, Morris moves on to the first big step toward American emasculation: “UN Forces Gun Control on America”. Deep in our heart of hearts, we Americans know that the reason we still have any sort of representative republic left is because, by the highest law in the land, the citizenry is armed. That means that the government has reason to fear the people if we are pushed too far. Take this away, as so many other countries have done, and the people will fear the government, or in this case, the UN. Since 2009, members of the State Department – including the Secretary, Hillary Clinton – have been negotiating the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to stop the sale of small arms. Morris catalogues the number of 2nd Amendment defense groups opposing this treaty (for good reason) and the foreign policy implications if such a treaty were to become a reality. To be blunt, we’d all need to learn really effective knife skills.

It seems that the previously rejected by Ronald Reagan and Lady Thatcher Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) has been resurrected and is in danger of being ratified by leftists and RINOs in the senate. This treaty, if enacted, would give an international body the right to impose taxes on off-shore oil and gas drilling as the sea is really the property of the entire world and therefore the third world countries deserve a slice of the pie. Doesn’t matter that they aren’t doing any of the work or figuring out how to exploit any sort of deposit off-shore, the poorer nations want us to fork over some of the profits and the technologies used which would go where ever a newly created agency says they will. Maybe even to our enemies and adversaries. Scary thing is that this treaty was all but done when Reagan took office. He refused to entertain the idea and it’s been sitting in political limbo ever since, even if Bill Clinton signed it. There’s quite a bit more in the book regarding usurping the US Navy and disputes over the South China Sea. If this treaty is ratified, as the current push is banking, any ocean transport would be under international jurisdiction and our navy would have no legal way of defending commercial fleets.

The next part is dedicated to the UN power grab at control of the internet. Any advances in communications by Americans, where we are free to speak our minds, MUST be controlled in other countries doncha know. This is why the UN has the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), which was originally put in place to regulate transatlantic cables over a century ago. Now, naturally, as several other member countries of the UN do not have freedom of the press, a free and open internet just isn’t doable, so the UN would like to go the Goebbels route and regulate, censor, etc., the internet, and, oh, yeah, charge taxes. As the internet has not simply been a conduit of free-flowing information, but is also a tremendous driver of innovation and business in the US, any surrendering of control would be detrimental to us. Negotiations are due to step up in Dubai in December. (This information was made possible by an anonymous information leak and so far the identity of the leaking party is safely nameless and faceless.)

As if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s more:

  • Global sustainability is making a comeback in Rio+20 and our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton pledged $2 billion of our tax dollars toward a fund that would supposedly help third world nations achieve “sustainability” and “green goals”. In this case the green is actually dollars, not plants.
  • International Criminal Court – no due process, no jury of peers, no attorney, no real trial…no way Americans should support it. Obama regime criminals disagree. (Even George W. Bush got this one right, and it seems he can’t go to Switzerland any longer because there he’s considered a war criminal.)
  • Hillary Clinton has promised to abide by a European code of conduct that will hobble our defensive and commercial capabilities from space. If various treaties are ratified, space exploration costs will be beyond even our reach.
  • Taxes, taxes and more taxes all without representation. (Note to the rest of the world: that’s how the USA got started. We still have a problem with this.)
  • Globalists seem to want us all to live in cities so that we can walk, ride bicycles and take public transportation rather than driving cars all the time. Personally, I would prefer the better public transportation route, but that should be by public vote, not a dictate. (If people want to commute forty five minutes or more every day and can afford the gas, that’s their business.) There’s a lot more in the book about controlling living conditions and how this would be achieved.

Morris then explains a few things about the other 190-something countries of which we would be just one if the globalists get their way. Very few countries around the world have the land mass, population and infrastructure that we do. There is no way the smaller countries could understand what it takes to run a nation this size. Several of the larger countries are, in some way, our adversaries in various endeavors. In a global governing body as is being proposed and which the Obama regime is negotiating, our vote would be one against the rest with no veto power. That serves no one but the corrupt dictators and despots around the world with their eyes on our treasure. The stark reality is that we are hated due to our success and that many third world countries are convinced that they are entitled to our wealth, according to Morris. He presents a good case for this concept.

What is more troubling, though, is that throughout the book, the specter of either a second Obama term (which now seems unlikely, crossing fingers) or a lame duck period with multiple senators either not up for re-election or being voted out of office and wanting to make one last statement is constantly mentioned. This is a serious threat. Obama did try to ramrod legislation through congress during the lame duck period after the 2010 elections. If the House and Senate go Republican this time, there should be no doubt he will try it again, just as Jimmy Carter did in 1980.

Far from crying wolf or playing Chicken Little, Dick Morris is sounding an alarm all Americans should heed and heed now, election or no. There is vital information in this book that all informed citizens should have at their fingertips. Here Come the Black Helicopters is essential reading this November as the danger of losing American sovereignty is upon us.

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9 replies

  1. If you’ve never seen a military unmarked helicopter flying in your neighborhood, or a drone, you are in for a BIG CHILL.

  2. and it was BLACK!

  3. Successive administrations and Congress have emasculated the Constitution, but to date, the Senate has to ratify any treaty before it can be enforced, as said. The scary bit for me, is that the only thing now supporting that is the Roberts Court.

  4. Unless I’ve missed something, what is the gain for people like Obama and Clinton after having passed treaties like this? Wouldn’t it be contrary to their own interests of running a country on their own? Are they thinking the U.N. would help set up a situation where they would then run the U.S., unfettered by any checks and balances whatsoever?

  5. And all we can do is spread the warning and sound the alarm. We are the Paul Reveres of the modern age….


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