So, What The Hell Do The Republicans Do Now?


It all boils down to simple math. 25% of Americans want free stuff; another 25% are more than willing to give it to them. Barack Obama not only understood this reality well before 2008; he’s run a never-ending campaign and won two presidential elections as a result.

What isn’t simple is how the hell do Republicans run against this reality and win? How do we take two points – perhaps one point from each group – away from the Democrats?

As was the case following John McCain’s defeat in 2008, the struggle for the heart and soul – and the future direction – of the Republican Party began well before the election night coverage ended. One school demands that the Grand Old Party party return to its conservative roots – while another argues that Republicans must fundamentally transform themselves into Democrats – particularly on social issues and immigration. Which option is right?

Historically, Republicans do best when they stick to their conservative roots. (Think Ronald Reagan vs. John McCain.) Before you jump to the conclusion, “but Rat, America is a vastly different country demographically than it was during Reagan’s time,” you’re absolutely right. But – consider these statistics: Obama beat Romney in the popular vote by 2,724,489 votes – or only 2.33% of total votes cast. Roughly 12 million less people voted in this election than in 2008. Romney received more than 2.5 million fewer votes than did McCain in 2008 – and 5 million less than George Bush in 2004.

Furthermore, the Democrats now have a five-point lead over Republicans in party affiliation among registered voters when independents who lean to either party are included (48% to 43%). That’s down from a 12-point advantage in 2008 (51% to 39%). What more could we have asked for?

It gets worse: Obama received nearly 9 million less votes in 2012 than in 2008. Moreover, we knew it would happen: his campaign crowds were a fraction of what they were in 2008 and the “excitement factor” among Democrats was down substantially – with Obama-Biden 2012 bumper stickers and yard signs virtually nowhere to be found.

The bottom line is this: Republicans had a golden opportunity; they simply needed to show up to the polls in greater numbers. That did not happen.

The question is, what does the GOP do to make it happen – both in 2014 and beyond? Should it transform itself into something akin to fiscally-conservative, socially liberal Democratic Party in an attempt to capture more of the independent vote, or should it return to its conservative roots and work like hell to get out the base?

Consider this statistic: Currently, independents lean slightly more toward the Republican Party than the Democratic Party (15% vs. 13%). Four years ago, the reverse was true – 13% leaned Democratic, 11% Republican. Yet, Romney still lost the election – receiving, as I said earlier, 2.5 million less votes than did McCain in 2008.

It’s clear that the Republican Party must not only remain committed to conservative values, both fiscally and socially; it must fight like hell in Congress – rather than fold up like a cheap tent, which is what the ineffective John Boehner has already signaled he’s prepared to do. If it does not do so – not only will Republicans lose ground in the 2014 midterms; the Democratic presidential candidate in 2016 will be victorious as well.

While Democrats and their lapdogs in the media will scream like bloody hell that Obama won the election and therefore, a “mandate” – and that Republicans are once again guilty of “gridlock,” Republicans must remember that “gridlock” or “obstructionism” is in fact, governing – by blocking a liberal agenda. Besides, the liberal media will work tirelessly against Republicans anyway. Abandoning conservative values and principles would only serve to alienate more Republican voters – and rile up the Tea Party in the process. Being shot at from both directions is a luxury the Republican Party cannot afford as it looks to the future.

Think about it. The continued changing demographics over the next four years will favor the Democrats even more. Rather than panic and abandon its conservative values in an attempt to steal a few percentage points from the Democrats by pandering to socially liberal and moderate voters, the GOP must work to reinforce and energize its base. It must also learn from the Democrats – and build an effective ground game in order to get more conservatives to the polls. After all, hundreds of millions of dollars spent on campaign ads and Mitt’s strong performance in the debates – at the end of the day – had little if any impact on the outcome. Besides, pro-abortion voters, blacks, the LGBT crowd and 75% of Hispanics already have a home in the Democrat Party; they’re not going anywhere. It’s the conservative base that the Republicans tend to leave homeless when it most matters. That must change if the GOP is to remain a viable alternative.

And finally, a note to the conservative Republicans and Libertarians who sat out the election because Mitt Romney wasn’t Ronald Reagan or Ron Paul: Nice job. While you stubbornly (and selfishly) insisted on staying home because Romney was neither Reagan nor Paul, you ended up as stooges of the Democrats; accomplices in assuring four more years of bigger government, massive tax increases, the institutionalization of ObamaCare and two or three more liberal judges on SCOTUS. Feel good? While you may feel good about yourselves for standing on your “principles,” your short-sightedness helped hand the election – and America – to the socialist. Congratulations – maybe you’ll all get “Thank you” cards from Barack Obama.

We must stick to our principles, folks. If not, the Democrats and the liberal media will have us right where they want us: in the losers’ column. Again. And again.

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  1. Let’s see: The GOP just ran the lesser of two liberals and lost, so that needs to become the new pattern in order to win? That’s a new kind of math I didn’t learn in school…
    As I’ve said before: The Rat is Right! If the GOP becomes Democrats Lite, who needs them? What purpose do they serve? Why have elections?
    Some may remember how the Dems started their present franchise: A gift from Republican Herbert Hoover, courtesy of the Great Depression. There’s a better than even chance, seems to me, that President Obama will oblige in a bit of role reversal by 2016, granting the Republicans a return of that old favor. Best be ready…

    • It hurts me to the Heart that so many Good people like ALL you guys, Squabble and Fuss over Fine details mostly because of Ignorance to the Facts. A Wise man is onew that will admit when he is wrong, so he can Learn and Advance. A FOOL is one who Believes he Knows it All, and is Unwilling to listen to Wisdom, so he is Unwilling to Learn the Truth of a matter.

      Many of you are Wise, while many of you are FOOLS. You can tell a Fool, because he so Quickly Speaks up against a thing, before he has studyied what was said. Like I’m sure a few of you will Body Slam me here today, but after you do, Read what I have said above.

      People in Power, Sell Out their constituents shortly after they get to DC. Once they Sell Out, We the Citizens are the ones left holding the bag so to speak. It doesn’t matter who’s name tou tack to it, the same scenario comes to bare, and yet many Good People as yourselves, Fight and Argue about WHO DID WHAT, AND WHO IS GUILTY of some Sin. The BANKERS of the World are the ones who Control Everything with their GOLD and Wealth. Know it if your Wise, Reject it if your a Fool. Makes no difference. The Bankers will have the Last Laugh after you kill each other over who is right or wrong.

      Lets stop the Bickering, and get down to business as to a Plan of action, when Attory’e Generals fail to do what we want, have somke Alternate Plan, and Stop the fighting among yourselves.

      • There’s a comment I can get behind. Divide and conquer is an age old tactic and this is at least the third time this year that a nationally impacting event has divided the trads among us. There’s so much in the way of pointing fingers and analysis of the loss, that the circling of the wagons just isn’t happening. And it has to for survival.

        The only analysis we really need after this one is proof that we need to go back to paper ballots to have a solid argument for selling that to the American people rather than be at the mercy of rigged touch screen machines. (Glitch in the programming my backside.)

        And the international bankers can’t earn interest on money we borrow if we have nothing to pay them with. I wonder if they thought of that?

      • Actually the Bankers DID think of How We would PAY Them. They will give each of us CREDIT, and then Implant Each of us with a BIO-CHIP with All our History on it. No More Need for Wallets that can be Lost or Stolen, we will have Chips implanted in our Right Hand or Forehead. (The reason being, the Chip needs body heat to keep it Powered, and those are the 2 beat places on the Body that is easily accessable to a Scanner) Hmmm? Didn’t the Bible also say something like that?

      • Uh, I’m pretty sure the Bible says nothing about body scanners and chips. lending money at usuary, OTOH….

      • If you had done as Jesus Commanded, and STUDY TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED, you would have known that He DID talk about the Mark of the Beast being in the Right Hand and Forehead.

  2. It will be Your Choice where to put the chip. Right hand OR Forehead. If you don’t believe me, check out a company called APPLIED DIGITAL SOLUTIONS. They are the ones who Engineered the BIO-CHIP

  3. Yeah…some folks are hot to eliminate all physical money, reducing it to information only, for all sorts of noble reasons. The actual reason is (Ron Paul is Right, END THE FED!) that such a policy will guarantee fiat money forever. And the existence of fiat money has put us where we are today.

    And yeah, power corrupts or perhaps, we’re already corrupt and thus susceptible to power. Regardless, governments exist and will exist and we need to do what we can, as said. So: Can the Teafolk be strengthened and expanded?

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