Business As Usual For The Regime: More Layoffs, Drilling Bans, Regulations And Revelations


Let’s be honest, shall we? Barack Obama is a disingenuous liar. Yeah, I know that sounds redundant – but here’s the deal. Unlike Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, who could famously look steely-eyed into a television camera and lie their asses off simply to protect themselves, the community organizer is much more calculating. Obama has honed faux sincerity to a fine art; often purposely speaking in a simple-sounding, unsophisticated manner – with full intent of deceiving the less-than-informed among us – as he says, for example: “I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask folks who make more to  pay a little more.”

While he thinks he comes off as an “aw, shucks” kind of guy, he is – like his father before him – an avowed socialist hellbent on “righting the wrong” that is America. Determined to undo 236 years of America’s wealthy and industry becoming successful at the expense of the middle and lower classes. Committed to seeing America rightly receive its long-overdue comeuppance in the world. This is the real Barack Obama.

The hell of it is, not only does he lie; nearly everyone who supports him knows he lies – and he knows they know he lies. He also knows they don’t give a damn; in fact he knows they welcome it – as long as he continues his never-ending campaign against “the rich,” big business, conservative Christians and “old white men” – the most recently vilified target of Team O and the Obamabots. After all, all is fair and love and war, right? Only it’s pretty much just about war these days – class war. Not only is it real war, America – it is ominous.

Barack Obama won a second term very much like he won a first term – by running against all that is “unjust” in our country, its upper class, institutions and principles that made America uniquely special. Long gone are the hollow speeches read from teleprompters with promises of ending divisiveness, reaching out to the other side and promises of reconciliation and civility. Make no mistake; Barack Obama despises American Exceptionalism – and all it stands for.

Now that the election is over, the relentless ideological war continues for Obama. It continues because it’s all that the community organizer knows how to do. He must always preach to the choir, curry favor with organized labor and Hollywood – and get back to the campaign trail to rally the continually rally the troops as he prepares to do battle with the House Republicans.

Yesterday’s pep rally with Richard Trumka, Bono and company apparently gave O a needed boost. After all, this was a meeting which amounted to nothing more than a stick in the ribs of Congressional Republicans prior to their upcoming visit to the White House this Friday. This was quintessential Obama strategy: “Hey, Boehner, you better not mess with me; I’ve got Trumka and Bono on my side!”

Not only is it business as usual for the Campaigner-in Chief; within a week of the election, dozens of companies have announced thousands of layoffs and closings. More are on the way, as more and more companies face the reality of rising healthcare costs and an uncertain tax code.

In a beautiful twist of irony, the Stryker Corporation – a company which contributed millions of dollars to Obama’s reelection campaign – has announced that it will close its facility in Orchard Park, New York next month – eliminating 96 jobs. It will also counter the medical device tax in ObamaCare by eliminating 5% of its global workforce – an additional 1,170 positions.

After months of lying to the electorate that he would increase oil-drilling and exploration, Obama announced last week that he would shut down 1.6 million acres of federal land to oil shale development. The land had originally been slated for drilling under President George W. Bush. More to come. Remember – not only did the community organizer pledge more than four years ago to bankrupt the coal industry – but that under his policies, the cost of energy would “necessarily skyrocket.” These are promises Barack Obama intends to keep.

Then of course – on cue – we have hundreds of post-election rules and regulations – spewing forth at an average rate of 68 per day – which the Regime deliberately held off implementing because they would be politically unpopular – many of which favor environmentalists, labor unions, and the harsh new reality of Obamacare. From the National Journal:

Industry lobbyists and environmental lawyers estimate that the EPA is currently sitting on about a dozen new major regulations, completed, and ready to roll out the door, but on hold until after the election. Nearly all of them will have a significant impact on the coal and oil industry.

Some of these regulations would increase gasoline prices, which the Obama administration did not want to do in the months leading up to the election. Others are expected to hurt the coal industry even more.

According to the Journal, new ObamaCare “regulations are critical for implementation,” but “many have unpleasant political ramifications”:

Rules specifying how and when the federal government would run state insurance markets would likely raise cries of “government takeover.” And insurance industry regulations with the potential to raise premiums or eliminate existing insurance products could inspire criticisms that Obama was dishonest when he told people that, under his law, ‘if you like your plan, you can keep it.’

Aware of this, the Regime essentially put the Health and Human Services Department on lockdown before the election:

Several people who work closely with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the agency at the Health and Human Services Department responsible for most of the outstanding health care regulations, say they’ve been told the delays are due to political considerations, not technical difficulties. One Congressional staffer who works closely with CMS said they had been told the agency is on “‘lockdown.”

One wonders how many Obama backers will complain about higher energy and healthcare costs – not to mention the rising cost of everything else – in the months and years to come. And worse? None of this is a surprise; he’s told us exactly what he intended to do for years. Congratulations, morons.

And finally, the now-daily revelations – or should I say, the lack thereof? I coined the term “incremental full and fair disclosure” some years ago. The Regime would have us believe that none of the obvious dots in any of its scandals – from Solyndra to Fast and Furious to Benghazi – can be properly connected. The Regime only tells us as much – or as little – as it thinks it can get away with. Will the Petraeus scandal finally be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Let’s hope so; there’s reason to be hopeful.

I suspect there is much more to be learned about Benghazi – from the possibility that Libyan militants were indeed held at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi – against Executive Order – to the Regime holding the sex scandal over Petraeus’s head when he went to Capital Hill on September 14 and described the attack as “something befitting a flash mob,” “where the militants showed up spontaneously with RPGs.”

These are major scandals that would have brought down any other president at any other time in our history. Unlike the days of Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward working tirelessly to unravel Watergate – and ultimately bring down Richard Nixon, today’s liberal media does its best to protect the Regime; to do its bidding; to aid in multiple cover-ups by refusing to follow obvious leads, ask pertinent questions or even cover the scandals. Richard Nixon should have had it so good.

The only good news about the last four years is that it provides an excellent primer for the next four years. At least we know what’s coming. Too bad it can’t only be visited on those who voted for the community organizer. Twice.

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  1. Oh, yeah and the mandate he claims he had for all the evil he is about to inflict, 95% of the black population voted for him, or kinda, someone used their names to vote for him at the very least, and all of these people voted because of his fiscal policies? I think not. Oh and General Ward 3 star general who was caught stealing money fo furnish his house, take he and wife on lavish shopping trips, roars thru DC in a motorcade and he doesn’t get fired. He gets retired 3 star general status. Ooopsie forgot to mention he is “african american”. And now Jay Carney the jester for the boob states: Obama insist on raising taxes on the ‘wealthy’ becaue the revenue (from higher taxes) is needed to ‘invest'(spend) in crucial areas” of the economy. Ooopsie I thought those taxes were to pay down the debt, and deficit. Oh no, Boob boy caught in yet another lie?

  2. Excellent stuff! You dialed in the president to a tee–hell bent on stripping our national identity, by whatever means possible. And for that, he was rewarded. I’ve wondered, as Jon Matthews also mentions in his piece, how quickly O will trash presidential term limits. This, too, is his MO, imho.

    • On the Wall street Journal show on fox news tonight, one of the commentators mentioned with the EPA have so much power and their never ending battle against coal and oil, that it appears that Texas is in the cross hairs to lose up to 200 THOUSAND jobs associated with both industries.

      • Maybe O will find jobs for them with solar panel companies in China.

      • And carbon-based (as in cheap) energy-producing America is a threat to the President’s worldview. In my opinion, based on his writings, rhetoric, and policies, he sees a strong, leading nation as an “imperial” power. Texas “should be” in his crosshairs.

      • I agree Donna, but he should also be warned that if they think the Texas Nationalist movement on secession is a problem wait until the jobs are gone. Texas during the Obuttman economy has created more jobs than all of the other 49 states combined. Obuttman and EPA are treading on thin ice, and will be rewarded with a big old Texas slap across the face if they continue. p.s. I am not of the secession movement just stating that I have never seen the people and their movement get so much support, and signatures as they did the day after the election. Maybe they are not of the secession movement, but there are a whole lot of peeved Texans.

      • If only such unrest were anathema to the President’s vision for America…

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