Obama: The Man Who Would Be King

By Jon Matthews, Right & Wrong Radio  

” ’And you will cry out in that day because of your king whom you have chosen for yourselves, and the LORD will not hear you in that day.’”  Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Samuel; and they said, ‘No, but we will have a king over us, that we also may be like all the nations, and that our king may judge us and go out before us and fight our battles.’ “  (1 Samuel 8:18 – 20)

I doubt there was a conservative alive on election night that didn’t have to pick their jaws up off the ground at the realization Barack Obama had somehow in spite of all that had been so confidently believed otherwise managed to secure a second term.  It’s not difficult to imagine the scenes that played out in living rooms, election parties and of course at pundit’s keyboards all across our Republic, all sounding something like Dick Morris’ tweet around 8 PM (PST), “Somebody count the damn votes”, accompanied by more than a few expletives minus their Twitter acronyms once they realized the votes had been counted.

I’m sure the main question asked to the only true God above was precisely the same as mine.  “How did this guy get re-elected to a second term given the facts no President aside from FDR has been re-elected with unemployment over 6% and none have been re-elected with a job approval rating below 50%.”

How did exit poll numbers that showed only 4 in 10 saying they believed the economy is getting better, with less than one quarter saying they are better off than four years ago and with over 50% saying the country is headed in the wrong direction overall equate into a victory for the very architect responsible for these conditions created by yet another failed experiment in Keynesian economics?

How is it that In the face of almost everything this President does whether nationalizing our economy and health system (including mandating contraception and funding abortion), endorsing homosexuality, using Executive Orders to usurp our legislative and appointment processes, covering up the deaths of citizens due to foreign policy mismanagement and using crisis after crisis to detract from numerous scandals involving perhaps the most corrupt administration we have witnessed in our lifetime and perhaps our history all while taking an excessive number of vacations be recorded for posterity as yet another “historic” feat in the plus column?

It’s mind boggling.  Yet regardless of how it was accomplished the fact is once again Barack Hussein Obama has defied the experts and his opponents who stacked odds against the most inept President ever to occupy Pennsylvania Avenue aside from perhaps William Harrison who died from pneumonia after only 31 days in office.  Even Jimmy Carter has been redeemed in the face of Obama’s record and anti-American leftist ideology.

Yes, once again we are going to be forced to watch him stand beaming down on his followers just as he did on this election night with that smug narcissist smile from ear to ear that has come to identify progressivism knowing he had duped an ignorant electorate one more time.  We will have to deal with another 4 years of his messianic gloating toward those of us who are on to him while having to listen to whatever his teleprompter dictates as “moving forward”.

I could waste so many words detailing why I do not like Obama (perhaps I already have), his ideology, his methods and the people he surrounds himself with.  But if we are honest we cannot pin the cause of our woes to Obama’s ideology, agenda or actions.  Obama the man is in reality just a vassal, the guy walking point for those who defecated him through the diseased bowels of leftist community organizing.  Nor is the problem with Democratic leadership.  They too are excreted into the same cesspool and are just doing what they were created for.

The reason for Obama’s re-election now stands exposed, no longer concealed within the stealth language of liberal doublespeak.  The reason Obama was re-elected is our electorate, our fellow citizens if I can still use this word rather than comrade.   Like sheep fattened through Obama’s political pandering first term they have been led once again to their troughs and ingested another bucket of Obama’s false promises of Utopia that if just given enough time to finish what he started all will be well.  All that remains now is the slaughter.

How did so many not see through this?  Well, like the Israelites of Samuel’s day as quoted at the top of this article a majority of our nation has determined that since those appointed to serve us are incapable or unwilling it is time to demand a king; “…that we also may be like all the nations, and that our king may judge us and go out before us and fight our battles.”

Rush Limbaugh recently said it well when he stated: “…a growing percentage of our population would just as soon vote itself a lifestyle it doesn’t care to make the effort to earn.  And Obama knows it and is willing to play off of it.”

And like the people of Israel in Samuel’s day this cannot be accomplished by honoring God’s principles, the ones this country was established on.  A Republic requires individual effort, responsibility and accountability.  Socialism does not.  It is no mistake nor is it coincidence liberals were successful in removing God and Israel from their platform at this year’s DNC convention (though its leaders forced them to back off).   This is the culmination of 40 years plus of progressive maneuvering and activism transforming the civil rights movement from one of racial equality inspired by belief in an impartial (and accountable) God to social anarchy under the guise of economic justice in which God is now said to be unjust and therefore irrelevant.

Progressivism has never been about equality in the sight of God but seizing superiority from Him accomplished through a systematic forcing of their views and ideology upon a world that opposes it.  The progressive activist’s strategy is to not present a reasonable viable argument for their views but by the destruction of those who oppose their mission to license sin. Their method is through the world of political correctness accomplished through intimidation, deceit and when possible force.

But there is another segment of our electorate who I believe are even more responsible for Obama’s success.  And nowhere have progressive methods been more successful than against this population.  That would be God’s people, the Church.

You see, the real reason Obama won was that the Church didn’t show up.  Statistics show that there were 17 million less votes cast this election than in 2008.  Many were Democrats and Independents but many were also Republicans.  Since Hispanic numbers were up (we now know Democrats have figured out how to get undocumented Democrats ballots) and blacks showed up in larger numbers than 2008 this indicates that there was a large loss of votes outside these blocks.

That would the Republican ranks who cast fewer votes than for McCain in 2008.  For whatever reason, whether it was Romney’s Mormon faith, disgust with corruption or single issues like abortion or homosexual marriage the Church hid within the walls of their white washed tombs absorbed with their self-help programs and celebrity Pastors turning a deaf ear to the noise outside.  Given the fact that Obama won by 2.5 million votes in the popular vote nationally (and a mere 374,000 by some counts in swing states) one can only speculate the outcome had the 3 million that voted in 2008 had cast their ballot this time.

I do not see it out of the realm of possibility that Obama will move to rescind the 2 term mandate and attempt to make himself king. After all isn’t that what America wants?  Let us hope the Church will now pay attention to their responsibility to God, tear down the wall of separation between church and state, retake this Republic and re-establish it one nation under God.  That is of course, unless like in the days of Samuel God has decided not to hear our voice and let us be ruled by our king. In that case then, woe to us.  Saul was not a nice guy.  Read it for yourself.

Jon Matthews is the Author of the new book: “The Day The Music Died; How Progressivism & Apostasy Have Destroyed Our Republic” due to be released in early 2013. . He is also the Independent Producer and Host of Right & Wrong Radio a conservative talk show that has aired across numerous streaming sites. You can hear show archives at rightandwrongradio.com

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8 replies

  1. The media got Obama re-elected.

    Four years of propping him up and only reporting negative,misleading reports of The republicans,the Tea Party and the right wing in general.

    You had the combined efforts of Jon Stewart at the Daily Show,Saturday Night Live,Hollywood,Facebook,Google and the legacy media combined.
    And you add to that all the questionable activities at the polling places on election day,plus he got nearly 10 million fewer votes than in 2008 and it’s amazing that he just squeaked by with barely over 50% of the vote.

    • Ebayer, Thanks for taking the time to reply. Your point is well taken but the fact remains had the Church shown up none of the things you listed would have mattered. 3 million Republicans stayed home. Obama won by a little more than 2.5 million nationwide and very marginal numbers in swing states. That was the difference Obama “squeaked” by on.

  2. Well, the truth has many faces in politics…and one in need of added attention seems to me, the rift wrought by the GOP leadership with its Tea Party Republican traditionalists. I suspect they never bought into Romney and voted with their asses by sitting on them on the 6th, though I’ve not researched that.

    The general economic degeneration will provide a Herbert Hoover moment, likely by the next cycle, I suppose. Have to wonder how the GOP will succeed in blowing that one!

  3. jack, good point especially when you consider that the biggest saboteur in the establishment GOP is Rove who always tries to appear conservative yet undermines the Tea Party ideology on the sly. I find him more evil than Obama ‘cuz at least we know what Obama is. I would not be surprised to find out Rove voted for himself as a write-in.

  4. An elegant synopsis of the otherwise inexplicable. Thank you for capturing my heart cry and that of so many others, succinctly and without equivocation.


  1. Born Again Baby Boomer Ex-Lefty American Gal

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