Inhofe: Obama Quietly Funneling Billions To UN For ‘Climate Change’ Redistribution



Of course it is. All about money, I mean. Was there ever any doubt? After all, this is the same corrupt organization that is pushing the obscene “billionaires tax” – by which it envisions stealing an estimated $46 billion per year from the world’s billionaires and redistributing the stolen money to – wait for it – “developing” countries. Part of its perverted logic? “They’re so rich, they’d never miss it.” (Who does that remind you of?)

(Memo to “developing” countries: If you haven’t figured out how to “develop” by the 21st century, it ain’t gonna happen.)

Anyway, on to the UN and climate change. It’s no surprise that this debased group of miscreants has also sought global wealth redistribution by blatant exploitation of the man-made “climate change” myth.

(Incidentally, have you noticed how the environmentalist wackos no longer refer to their made-up cataclysm as “global warming” – since that whole thing didn’t work out so well? Solution: “climate change.” Covers their asses in either case.)

As the much-ballyhooed (by environmentalist wackos) 2012 United Nations Climate Change Conference wrapped up Friday, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on the “developed world” to pay its fair share take responsibility for its continuing wanton destruction of the planet as we know it:

“The climate change phenomenon has been caused by the industrialization of the developed world. It is only fair and reasonable that the developed world should bear most of the responsibility.”

Barack Obama (along with ghostwriter Al Gore) couldn’t have written that any better himself.

Speaking of Barack Obama, where exactly does he come down on all of this? Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe, a past conference attendee, who also believes the conference had more to do with money and less to with climate change, says he knows exactly where O stands. Inhofe suggests one need look no further than the UN’s “Green Climate Fund” (UNGCF), which aims to collect $100 billion from industrialized nations – ostensibly to bolster efforts to get “developing” nations to use renewable, non-carbon energy rather than coal and oil in their development. (Again, who does this remind you of?)

In a video recorded for climate-change-theory opponents at the Doha conference, Inhofe referred to the Green Climate Fund as the “United Nations Green Slush Fund”, saying:

The focus of this year’s global warming conference – like all the conferences before – is not the environment. It’s about one thing: spreading the wealth around.”

Inhofe also claims the Obama Regime has already quietly sent billions of dollars to the UNGCF and plans to send billions more – even while the US struggles with trillion-dollar deficits:

So how much has Obama funneled to the UNGCF? A Bloomberg New Energy Finance white paper said the U.S. had pledged $2.4 billion to the fund and actually paid about $1 billion, but Inhofe thinks the figure is much higher. Given the cast of characters involved, I gotta go with Inhofe.

While it should surprise no one that Barack Obama would be all over the UN’s climate change initiative like PETA protecting a puppy, the intentions of the UN should also be clear: UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres said it best: “Transformation” directed by “a centralized policy perspective.”

“This is the top UN climate chief,” Inhofe said. “She sees herself as the overseer of ‘transforming’ the lives of everyone on the planet.”

Barack Obama seen furiously nodding in approval.

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3 replies

  1. Seriously Rat, I don’t see us making 4 more years.

  2. “Things could be worse,” he said, and sure enough…
    The U.N. is run by hotshots from the world’s most corrupt places and if our Federal accounting is laughable, that of the U.N. still hasn’t discovered double entry bookkeeping by comparison…And its climate of corruption is beyond change.
    What better place for an American politician to dump our money?

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