Violence is Increasing, Shooters are People and Guns are Tech Gadgets…Even in Connecticut

WANTED: Dead or Alive!

WANTED: Dead or Alive!

You’ve heard by now of the 27 dead and 3 injured at a Connecticut elementary school, all shot by a college kid whose teacher mother was among the victims.  Conn. School Murders will fill you in if you wish more. You’ve likely by now also heard the knee-jerk gun haters rising crescendo of gun hate, aimed actually at disarming the American populace to make it less frightening to governors but unwilling to say that. Allowing Gun Violence  will update you on that as well. The idea is always that making gun owning illegal will reduce violence, thus saving us all. Sure…

We know that guns aren’t violent, people are violent. A Chinese Knifeman just stabbed 22 kids and an old woman at a school, reprising a series of such attacks from 2010 which killed 20 and injured 50. No guns allowed in China… And people set afire reports 3 men who, when the apartment renter answered the door, used a garden sprayer to set her afire with gasoline, then entered and burned more people. A gun ban makes anyone with a gun into a criminal the state can punish or shoot but does little to stop violent people from expressing their violence. The gun haters know that, one of the first statements today was Swiss Gun Control, which ruled out using Switzerland (where most households have military weapons) as an example of the productive results of general gun possession. The Swiss are living denial of the gun haters message; they must not be allowed in the dialog. Again: Guns–and knives and garden sprayers–aren’t violent. People are violent. And I’ll leave this aspect with a question: If the lives and dollars spent to date in the War On Drugs haven’t deprived anybody, including school kids, of the drugs they want, how will you deprive those who want guns for illegal purposes? Conclusion: The only real purpose of gun control is disarmament of the law-abiding.

But let’s add the missing ingredient, the factor usually left out of these arguments: the growing, tolerated violence in our society. We just saw a union thug sucker-punch a Fox Newsman in Michigan…well, we saw that on Fox News and a few Internet sites; not if we depended on the rest of the media who claimed it wasn’t news. We read regularly of packs of teens assaulting and on occasion, killing random victims on the street. Three teens cadging cigarettes from a 22 year old woman on the street were told to get a job; they killed her. A state legislator this week predicted “blood” in open debate if the Michigan legislators approved a right to work law. An 85 year old woman was severely beaten in an elevator. We now practice convenience abortion. The point is: Our post Judeo-Christian society is become more violent than its Christian predecessor and that increased violence is tacitly accepted. Road rage now is no surprise; three decades back it was unheard of, did not exist. People controlled themselves, they didn’t ‘let it all hang out.’ We have sought new independence and freedom in tossing the restrictions of Christianity in a reprise of the age-old human failure to distinguish liberty from license. And we are beginning to see the inevitable bills coming in; nothing is free, right? The guns of today are no more violent than the Constitutionally-protected guns of our Founders…but we are more violent than our recent forebears. That needs attention, the guns are a distraction.

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  1. To each his own, but it seems a bit too soon for this discussion. They children killed haven’t even been fully identified. I’m with you intellectually, but in spirit I can’t even get close to this galaxy. So sad and so numb.

    • It may be early, but the Left is already having it. We are just trying to keep up.

      The liberal mindset is a childlike one. Kneejerk in reality, and unable to provide true solutions to real problems. They are the ones who have helped create a culture that mocks respect, self-control, and personal responsibility while devaluing human life. We wonder why society and culture are spinning out of control and yet it is their value system that has been in control of popular culture since the sixties. Everytime I see tragedies like we have recently witnessed I can only think ‘look what progressivism hath wrought”. For that is the truth that no one wants to speak about. You break it, you own it.

    • I”m going to agree with Dave. I’ve spent the last 24 hours on facebook trying to get the point across that all the well-intentioned laws are not going to make an impact on socio and psychopathic people who should be identified and institutionalized for everyone’s safety. The fact that all of these tragedies happen in gun-free zones involving young men with mental issues should start to show a pattern, but all the lefties want to do is ban guns. Since last night, I’ve had to take a crash course in crime levels in places where firearms are banned to counter all this. The UK may not allow guns, but armed criminal action is UP 35% in the last year.

      The life/original sin/needing to look deeper into human nature doesn’t seem to be registering. This incident is going to be used as a power grab despite the fact that it happened in one of the most restrictive “gun control” states in the union.

  2. “Many people blame school violence on the availability of guns, leading them to crusade passionately against firearms. There’s no doubt that adolescence and guns make a volatile cocktail, but that will not explain what is occurring today. Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president of Toward Tradition, said there was a time when boys in most American schools brought guns with them to their classrooms. They left them in the cloakrooms until the afternoon, when they retrieved them to go hunting. The firearms were not a problem. Now there is violence in almost every school, not because the guns have changed but because the boys have changed. And why have they changed? Because popular culture has taught them that violence is manly.”

    – James Dobson – Bringing Up Boys

    • Defending others with force if necessary is manly and to do that young men do need to learn the basics. Just fighting to fight is thuggish.

    • Indeed so, I got my first rifle for my tenth birthday, after a few training sessions in firearms safety, it was mine to use whenever, as the local varmint and aerosol can population soon learned. But I was a responsible, if boring, kid, who understood what it was to kill, even an animal. My high school parking lot was a favored was a favored place to compare our new rifles. It’s not the guns; it’s the people and I very much agree with CL on this.

      • I learned by shooting rats under the corn crib, I was shooting Rat Shot from a 22 rifle. I was not allowed to have a gun of any kind by my Liberal parents. The school wanted me to have to take some kind of pill, but I didn’t take them. I believe after seeing what kind of meds are out there, and after having taken some of them, and quit takeing them because of the weird Mind F**k they put me into, that that and every other kid that went off the edge and picked up a gun to do harm, was messed up from the meds.

        And while I’m ranting, I believe all these First and any other shooter video games are teaching the children it’s OK to Kill. Those video games can take control of a person. I bet if you look, that kid has some kind of Shooter Video game he played ALL THE TIME. and with his DDHD meds, turned him into a Semi Trained KILLER.

      • I don’t have enough information (or kids) to agree with you on the meds but, I suspect you’re correct.

        The video games, I agree, they’ve become realistic enough, without danger to the player, to do such things. When I was a kid, we’d have BB gun wars but, in those we all got shot (luckily not in the eye) and so we understood the risk.

      • Back 40 or so years ago, I was suffering from a form of Autism. I could not communicate with people so I avoided them. The Meds they wanted me to take, messed up my head, and had my Liberal parents had a gun, I may have done the same thing, but to my own family. My step father used to beat me till I almost passed out, and I hated them both for that. He beat me for no reason, whenever he had a bad day, with a short piece of Hard vinal gargen hose, so it would not leave marks. My Uncle in Georgia was the one that trusted me with his guns. He even tought me how to do firecrackers. Then when my mother saw me throwing them, caught my hand just before I threw one, and it went off in my hand. She said SEE, That is WHY you don’t do that. However, it was her fault it went off in my hand, not mine or anyone elses.

        Parents are one of the main reasons kids go off. Yes, the Meds have something to do with it, but the way the Parents treat the children are one of the main reasons they go off. NOT the GUNS FAULT. It was the Parents that pushed the kid over the edge.

      • I certainly won’t argue with experience. And absolutely on it not being the gun’s fault. A tool does what it is meant to by the hands holding it, it’s all personal responsibility, the shooter’s, perhaps his parents, but not society and not God.

      • Sorry to say it, but my parents used to treat me Horrifically. They beat me, abused me and a lot of things I choose not to talk about, all because of my inability to communicate with spoken words. And if I had had a gun, I may have taken it and used it to liberate myself from bad people. That didn’t happen, I ended up getting kicked out on the streets to fend for myself. And by that time, I was not taking the mind F*c* drugs anymore. I learned how to talk by learning how to type.

        All I can say from experience is that there are a lot of factors that would drive a child to do Bad Things to other people. Drugs are certainly one of the most effective ways to cause the mind to do strange things.

  3. Well, the culture has indeed, changed. That bell has rung; who will unring it? But beyond that, the Founders explicitly provided the 2nd Amendment to strike fear into government…fear of the people. And every government on record has done its best to disarm its citizens so they could best be controlled. And THAT is why the Left wants guns gone from the citizenry according to the Founders, and I believe they were right. All the rest is opportunistic hogwash. People, not guns, kill people. Admit that, though and you can’t disarm the public…

  4. It is interesting to note that the rash of school shootings and mass killings did not really begin in this country until the mid-60’s and then on into the seventies. Just as the ‘progressive cultural revolution’ had taken root in this country. And it has continued ever since. Coincidence? You be the judge.

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