Restoration, Not Revolution

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years from certain elements of the Right about ‘revolution’. It’s a topic and occasional cry usually heard around every lost election and particularly when a Democratic president is in office. It permeates many discussions on Facebook and the various comments sections on a large number of blogs. In many ways, it’s a very disturbing jump from the normal, but often heated, debate and jostling of the political process.

The rhetoric I’ve been hearing as of late, since the re-election of President Obama, is very similar to the mutterings of some on the Right during the Clinton presidency when the once vaunted but ultimately paper tiger ‘militia movement’ roared upon the national scene. The pushing and shoving of those close to the line quickly evaporated as soon as someone actually crossed the line at that time. The weekend warriors and pretend, wannabe revolutionaries quickly scurried for home.  The whole movement and events surrounding it did nothing to advance the cause of liberty and the restore common sense and constitutional concepts to the political process or the operation of the federal government.

As conservatives we should seek the restoration of Founding Father’s vision for this country, not a physical revolution to bring it about. Blasphemy you say? Revolution is not doable, not desirable, and would only trigger the very boogie man scenarios that we often hear uttered. If you actually fear FEMA detention camps being used against right-wing patriots, the round-up of conservative minded citizens, mass confiscation of firearms, implementation of emergency decrees and martial law, restriction on other constitutional rights like speech and assembly, government seizure of control of the internet etc. then by all means try to wage war on the federal government. There would be no quicker way to bring about the reality of what has up to now been mostly fantasy, than by trying to start some doomed from the start civil uprising by the Right. Such an action would be so quickly maligned and rejected by the general public that it would fail miserably while forever dooming any hope of restoring the Republic and all that we hold dear.

The armchair generals and keyboard warriors do not realize that one does not win an armed uprising during the halftime of  Thursday Night Football or in between slurpee runs to the corner convenience store. Put aside any visions of glorious, flag-waving, gun-blazing replays of 1776 and face reality. It is a bloody, nasty, horribly vicious business and as we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan, even when practiced by the most hardened, fierce, brutal, and fanatical fighters in the world it does not guarantee success against the world’s most technologically advanced military force.

That’s right. Any true attempt at armed action against the federal government would not only quickly feel the brunt of the myriad of domestically armed federal agencies (remember Waco?) but very soon the full might of the US military.

I believe every man should be armed to the teeth and practice his 2nd amendment rights with zeal. And such an armed citizenry brings about because of it an inherent hesitancy by government to not overplay its heavy hand too often without fear of reprisal. The right of self-defense of the citizenry should also be something a government fears as well. And a well-armed and liberty educated populace helps ensures its constitutional rights just because it exists.

But in reality, the true revolution should not be fought by armed bands in the streets, but in the hearts and minds of its citizenry and for control of media, academia, and popular culture. We must restore what remains for the Republic, not revolt against it.

If it ever comes time for armed action, be ready for it, but let the other ‘side’ trigger it. It must not be the Right who begins it. We just need to be prepared to be the ones who end it.

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  1. Well, when I take over, I’ll fix all these things…but until then…
    Maybe a real, physical revolution looks like fun after the second or third beer, but revolutions take a substantial supporting public. Most of what bugs me and I think, many, is in reality, social change that is in fact pleasing to most of the citizens. Rising against it with revolutionary violence would be to imitate what the Moslem fundamentalists are doing in their societies, but with much less support, seems to me. When more of the bills for our ongoing changes start to arrive, that may change. Or not. But for now…the idea of revolution…should be revolting.. .

  2. I never take the “revolutionaries” too seriously. They’ve been talking “blood in the streets” for years from behind the safety of their keyboards. I think it makes the rest of us look bad, and sometimes I wonder if these folks are leftist plants masquerading as conservatives, writing outrageous things to make all conservatives look loony.

  3. Restoration can only come through a spiritual renewal that returns us to our roots that drew the water fo life from the Word of God. Even then our founders ultimately came to the conclusion that revolution was their only option. I pray only for restoration personally.

  4. But HOW do we restore it, when our elected representatives will do NOTHING! Nothing for those who truly love this nation and it’s Constitution! The elected trample it every day! Even those who claim to be TEA party Republicans! So what else can we do?

  5. The posts here seem to be made by thinking educated people. No useless profanity, name calling or other meaningless threats. I agree that an armed rebellion, which may sound adventurous, is not the answer now. That may change in the future but we should not jump blindly into a situation where defeat is certain.


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