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Red Dawn: Obama’s Continuing Change For America

by Jon Matthews, Right & Wrong Radio

“Well, what started it?”  “Two toughest kids on the block — sooner or later they’re gonna fight, especially if one’s a bully and the other lets him be.”  “That simple?”  “Maybe not. Maybe somebody forgot what it is like.” (Exchange between Major Andrew Tanner, USAF Pilot and Daryl Bates of the Wolverines in “Red Dawn”, 1984)

You may recall the above scene in the 1984 release of “Red Dawn” with a future All-Star cast that included Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheene, Lea Thompson, Jennifer Grey and Powers Booth among others, too many to list here.

The plot was simple.  America, apparently lulled into believing the Cold War was at a virtual standoff relaxed their guard to the point that Russia, in an alliance with their ally Cuba was able to not only penetrate U.S. air space but succeeded in putting enough troops on the ground to virtually cut America logistically and militarily in half.  Virtually within hours entire cities were under Russian control, their residents either executed or placed in makeshift concentration camps.

For some reason this scene immediately came to my mind as I began to scan the headlines along with the rest of America in yet another onslaught of Constitutional Terrorism (aka media coverage) in regard to their exploitation of the tragedy that took place last week in Newton Connecticut.

In their never ending pursuit of “breaking news”, drama and fear mongering for ratings albeit advertising dollars (apparently the only practice of corporate capitalism accepted among socialists) we are once again (and all too often) reminded of the unholy alliance between the Godless whores of the airways and the likes of their pimps like Barack Obama, his leftist regime and other American hating socialists and communists.

Whereas the first reaction by many to this tragedy were questions like, “How could this happen?” and “What is happening in this country?” my first response was, “How is Obama going to use this to advance his agenda of destroying America?”  Some may call my response insensitive or unfeeling. I call it dealing with an all too real reality that has existed far too long.  Only a patriot would understand this.  I don’t give a damn what the rest think.

And true to form it was not even an hour after this terrible news hit cyberspace the media terrorists were already prepping us for what may prove to be perhaps the beginning of a final showdown between those who would recall the many verses of song that expound on the necessary price of defending our freedom by any and all means necessary and those who would, while sharing a Coke, “… like to teach the world to sing in simple harmony”.

Not missing a single goose step, Caesar Barackus Obamanus wasted no time in joining the socialist chorus employed to walk point for him once again proposing at a quickly assembled press conference (ever notice how quick he can get in front of his teleprompter when he wants to?) the necessity to undermine yet another Constitutional right of Americans everywhere in his quest for the perfect Utopian society.

While claiming once again we need to get past the politics of government at the vigil for those who were killed Obama made it plain the only politicizing that should be tolerated is that which is perpetrated by his regime on behalf of all potential victims that find may someday find themselves in the crosshairs of a maniac.   Initiating the preamble that marks the beginning of any of Obama’s campaigns to destroy America he called once again for “Change” now promising to work night and day to make America tragedy free.

The point being of course that along with the need to redistribute the wealth of greedy, war mongering racist capitalists in retribution for their evil we now need to disarm America because after all there is no longer any need for private citizens to be able to defend themselves when it has the Peace Maker – In – Chief to fight our battles.  I can actually hear Obama’s cabinet popping the cap off Cokes in the lunchroom after this speech humming in unison our new National Anthem (see above) in expectation of yet another propaganda victory.

Let us remember that Obama once touted the Constitution as “a charter of negative liberties”.  His belief that we became the most powerful, prosperous nation through greed and racial oppression unmatched by any nation or empire before us because of our Constitution becomes more evident with each event in which he decides can be used to his political advantage.  In light of that belief he also understands that to finish us off as a Republic he needs to neutralize those of us that would still fight for our freedom.  Yes, we may find ourselves real soon facing our own “Red Dawn” giving credence to that play on words of Oliver Perry by Walt Kelly (creator of Pogo), “We have met the enemy and he is us.”  It may be time to “lock and load.”

on Matthews is the Author of the new book: “The Day The Music Died; How Progressivism & Apostasy Have Destroyed Our Republic” due to be released in early 2013.  He is also the Independent Producer and Host of Right & Wrong Radio a conservative talk show that has aired across numerous streaming sites. You can hear show archives at rightandwrongradio.com

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2 replies

  1. Good post and good points.

    Man, I really loved that movie. Wolverines!

    • Not to be too nit picky, but the Coca Cola song was not “teach the world to sing in simple harmony, but “perfect” harmony. I only remember that, because I had to sing it in chorus back in middle school. . But I digress. Red Dawn was such an awesome, take you by the shoulders and “shake you” kinda movie! I agree with you 100% about the whole Red Dawn parallel! Since Obama came into power, this movie has come to my mind more times than I care to admit, especially the last couple of years. When I first saw the film, almost 30 years ago, I thought, “Boy, am I glad that could never really happen in my country or in my lifetime”! And if, for some reason, it ever did, I would fight just like the Wolverines. It seems our Red Dawn, may actually be at hand. Sadly, in our version of Red Dawn, it’s not the Russians and Cubans, taking us over, but our own, and I use the term loosely, countrymen! I AM still ready for the fight, if it does come to that. This is my counrty, land that I love. I will stand beside her and guide her to the right, with a light from above!

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