Texas Got It Right

A couple of months ago I received a package in the mail which I was not expecting.  Opening the package I found a colorful book titled “Texas Got It Right.” * It is an interesting book if for no other reason than it is about Texas; written by Texans, Sam Wyly and Andrew Wyly.  This father and son team is successful as individual entrepreneurs.  I think Walter Isaacson who wrote the foreword sums it up best.

Those of us who hail from Louisiana have always been fascinated by the outsize ways of our neighbors in Texas, with their wildcat economic style, ten-gallon-hat personalities, and colorful populist politicians of both parties.  So it’s particularly exciting for me to have the Texas mystique explained by a native Louisiana guy who became a true Texan, Sam Wyly.  His coauthor—son Andrew—is also a true Texan by choice, but one who hails from California, which is a state that serves as a counter example to the Texas model.”

Having grown up in the oil patch of west Texas, I like Mr. Isaacson’s use of “wildcat economic style” which describes it to a “T”.  I’m not sure Mr. Isaacson meant for this analogy to be taken from the contrast of what California has done in comparison to what Texas has done but I like to think of this as a contrast of a socialist state (CA) and a capitalist state (TX).

In many short chapters, the book does a great job of covering all of Texas.  I do not agree with every thing these two Texans say, but they got most of it right.  Course, I’ve been told I will argue with a fence post but then in Texas some times the only up right thing to talk to is a fence post.  Even for a fifth generation Texan, I learned a lot about today’s Texas.

President Obama likes to talk about “green” energy.  I wonder if he knows this information from page 90 in the book. Every one knows Texas is choc-full of oil but few know that Texas is the leading wind energy producing state.  In 1999, California was leading with almost 2,000 megawatts of wind generated power being produced.  In 2011, Texas lead by producing just over 10,000 megawatts of wind generated energy.  You can see tall metal wind generators all over Texas.  Last week I saw wind generator in the front lawn of an individual residential home.  We also use sun panels to furnish the electricity for industry and residential homes.  The beauty of this for the individual is that all the excess electrical energy their house or business produces is fed into the electrical companies lines and the house becomes an electrical producer.  The electrical company will send these home owners a check for the energy the company receives.

If you want to see the comparison of the socialist verses capitalist ideologies, get the book and read it.  I think you will be surprised unless you are a socialist then you will be depressed.  In the last chapter, the Wyly team gave their ten easy steps for a state to become like Texas.  I wonder how many states will follow our lead.

*Texas Got It Right.  Sam Wyly & Andrew Wyly, Melcher Media, Inc.

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5 replies

  1. Not nearly enough but, we (the rest of us) need to keep trying.

  2. Love it! Some of the really green people I know would never stand for a wind turbine on their property, though.

    • Actually it didn’t look that ugly. I was just shocked because I never thought it would happen. It was slightly taller than the house and the yard was large. I can assure you that if it was an eye sore, the neighbors in that area would have raised cane. If cuts the $500 plus summer electric bill, it may be worth it.

      • The “Texas Got It Right” book came to our little Lutheran chruch as a free gift for members. I don’t know who sent them but, I sure do appreciate the book. My great-greatgrandmother was born in Denison, Texas so except for brief forays into Arkansas we have been here ever since. I knew we were doing something VERY right, just didn’t know all of the things we were doing in such great detail. Sean g is just jealous. I just hope as that bunch from up North in “Yankeedom” crowds in on down here, they will leave their looser ways behind.

  3. it is a colorful book for a reason, it needed pictures for all of you conservatives to be able to understand it..

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