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In the spirit of the Christmas season, I thought I’d provide an opportunity for all you followers of ConClub to take a year-end inventory of your knowledge of our beloved president, Barack Hussein Obama. What better way to do that than with a short quiz? While the quiz is only 10 questions in length, don’t be lulled into a false sense of security; only the most astute observers of O will be able to pass it. Good luck.

1. When the going gets tough politically, O thinks the most effective approach is to:

a: Appear on the View

b: Show up on the David Letterman Show

c: Hang out with Pimp with a Limp

d: Sit down for a hard-hitting interview with People Magazine

e: All of the above

2. As it relates to Fiscal Cliff negotiations, O believes the best strategy is to:

a: Negotiate with John Boehner in private and avoid criticizing Republicans in public every chance he gets

b: Realize that a majority of Americans believe major spending cuts are necessary to solve the country’s budget woes

c: Consider alternative ways of raising revenue other than stubbornly obsessing about increasing tax rates for “the rich”

d: Tell Harry Reid to shut the hell up

e: None of the above

3. During the 2008 campaign, O promised to “reach across the aisle” and to become the president of “all Americans.” He has best demonstrated his commitment to this pledge by:

a: Referring to Republicans as “our enemies” on a Hispanic radio show

b: Suggesting that Republicans would only be happy with “moats full of alligators” on the Mexican border

c: Circumventing Congress with executive orders when votes haven’t gone his way

d: Incessantly pitting the rest of America against “the rich”

e: None of the above

4. O believes the most effective way to keep Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon is to:

a: Continue to disagree with Israel in public over the urgency of stopping Iran before it’s too late

b: Announce to the world the date he thinks Israel may strike Iran’s nuclear facilities

c: Allow Iran to develop “peaceful” nuclear energy

d: Continue to beg Iran for one-on-one meetings

e: All of the above

5. Whenever O speaks in public (including during eulogies for late-senators), his favorite word is:

a: I

b: Me

c: My

d: All of the above

6. The most obvious sign that O doesn’t suffer from a lack of self-confidence is:

a: The way he trots up the steps to a podium like he’s a starting quarterback running out of the tunnel at the Super Bowl

b: His belief that he’s at least the fourth best president in history

c: Dude is the only president in history with a LOGO

d: All of the above

7. O best demonstrates his “unwavering support” for Israel by:

a: Saying “no one suffers more than the Palestinians”

b: Throwing Bibi Netanyahu under the bus every chance he gets

c: Announcing that Israeli-Palestinians peace talks should begin with the 1967 borders as a starting point

d: Fawning over Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood

e: None of the above

8. Whenever the stress of the office gets to be too much to handle, O’s favorite escape is:

a: Golf

b: Golf

c: Golf

d: Golf

e: All of the above

9. The Obamas love to talk about the difficulties facing millions of Americans during hard economic times. They best demonstrate their empathy by:

a: Vacationing in Hawaii

b: Vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard

c: Vacationing in Spain

d: Taking weekend trips to Chicago for “date night”

e: None of the above

10. When in need of expert economic advice, O usually turns to:

a: George Clooney

b: Al Sharpton

c: Rachel Maddow

d: Jay Z & Beyoncé

e: All of the above

Grading scale:

10 right: Congratulations, you’ve paid at least a modicum of attention over the last four years.

1 wrong: You’re either a clueless Obamabot, delusional or both – but thanks for playing.

Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. I’ve always thought that the office of President deserves respect, even if the person holding it doesn’t. But these days even the office itself has started to look underhanded and weak. Congress and SCOTUS need to wield their portion of Constitutional powers more often to keep us from being overwhelmed by Executive Orders and foreign policy proclamations.

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