Poll: Americans Oppose Assault Weapons Ban

Despite the shooting deaths of 26 elementary school students and teachers in Connecticut and the recent murder of two firefighters responding to a call in New York, Americans continue to oppose a ban on military-like assault weapons by a 7-point margin.

Nearly 51% of respondents to a USAToday/Gallup poll opposed enacting a ban on assault weapons, while 44% said such a ban would be a good idea (margin of error: +/- 4%). These numbers are almost unchanged from a similar poll in October 2011, which found that 43% supported a ban and 51% opposed it.

It’s worth noting, however, that 58% of Americans do want stricter gun control laws in general. That’s up from 43% in October of last year.

Gun poll

The desire for tighter regulations has almost certainly grown out of a wave of high-profile mass shootings in the last 13 months, including the wounding of Arizona Representative Gabby Giffords, the attack on a Sikh Gurdwara in Wisconsin, and the Aurora theater shootings in Colorado.

It comes as no surprise that Americans are divided on solutions to this disturbing wave of violence. Gun control has always been a divisive issue between liberals (many of whom inhabit large cities with high gun crime rates) and conservatives (many of whom live in rural communities and view firearms as a form of protection and a way of life). While the shift on regulating firearms in general may cheer gun-control activists, pro-gun advocates still see support in the number of people who oppose a ban on assault weapons.

President Obama recently commissioned a panel led by Vice President Joe Biden to examine the causes of gun violence in America and propose actionable solutions. That commission is due to report to the nation in January of next year.

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  1. The simple fact of the matter is gun control does not work. It cannot work. At best the most they can accomplish is the disarming of some law abiding citizens, but not all of them. Nor will they be able to disarm many (if any) criminals. Nor will they be able to confiscate all of the firearms in the United States (excluding law enforcement and military). It is simply impossible, and anyone with even a modicum of common sense should be able to see this. Therefore, my question is, do they so-called anti-gun people have another agenda at work here? Exactly what do they hope to accomplish?

    • The Answer to your question is YES. They DO have an Agenda. They are working towords a One World KING or Messiah, and they believe their Gods, one of the Super Rich Elite, will one day be that god over the world. And Let me ask you this. How can the World Police implant a tracking chip under your skin if you are armed?

    • I think they’re misguided. None of the liberals I know are evil, but sometimes they’re hopelessly misinformed. If we advance our cause and explain our case to them we can begin to correct that.

      • My Grandfather once told me, He said, ” sunny boy, once a Dog tastes the neighbors Chickens and that Fresh Blood, you might as well Shoot Him, because Nothing you do will Sway him from Catching them and Killing them.

      • Your Misguided Liberals have Tasted Blood, and they like it. Nothing you do from now on short of kidnaping them and brain washing them, will change their minds.

      • Um, no. For example, the guy who lives next to me is a liberal and one of my best friends. I’ve changed his mind on a couple of things like welfare-to-work. Maybe the reason you don’t think liberals can be convinced is because you’re not using effective techniques to persuade them?

      • Thank You for making my Point.

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