What if the Politicians Promised…and Nobody Paid?

The hippies used to ask: “What if they gave a war, and nobody came?” Another idea with merit, that didn’t sell. Today’s version is more like: “What if they promised benefits, and nobody paid?” After all, the goodies promised the voters by the politicians are paid for by the voters…or their kids. Euphemisms can’t cover the fact that the whole scene is simply pols promising voters other people’s money taken by threat of force.

Ukrainians starved by the millions and even more Chinese starved to prove that confiscating farmers’ crops simply shut off production. Money is just another commodity; it works the same way. But Stalin and Mao didn’t care so long as they got what they wanted and no more do the pols in Washington care so long as they get what they want.

Regular Constitution Club readers know some 9 million souls (Some actually disabled, I hear) collect Social Security Disability with some 7 million more receiving unemployment compensation. The recent food stamp count was 46 million. And a lot of people collect Social Security. Then, there are the Medicare users and those on standard welfare. And those, plus our world-wide military adventures, cost us just about the annual deficit.

Which is why the Dems (and GOP) don’t actually wish to stop spending more than they have, right? We’ll get around to that later…when the opposition is in office, maybe. Let them defund all the widows and orphans (and generously donating government contractors). Meanwhile, the Fed and the remaining lenders can provide the money… So the richest country ever heard of is hanging above Wily E. Coyote’s canyon floor, forty feet past the cliff’s edge in mid air. And we just reelected the folks who’ve perpetuated it. Can’t end well, right?

Stop a minute and consider for yourself: What happens when the government stops sending out all those goodies? It’s 1932 again! Except, a lot bigger. And back then, the government didn’t already owe a quarter of a million or so per taxpayer, plus interest. And the people weren’t facing huge tax hikes and declining wages as all but government and union workers seem to be now. We have great economic management in Washington…

Unemployment will run out first; it has an expiration coming up. The Dems will extend it…and with being unemployed becoming a perpetual income, who will struggle with a tough job market? The GOP wants that, too but hate to admit it. They’ll quietly vote for it, though. So they’re ramping up spending in the face of deficits from both sides. Prez Obama’s proposed budget (causing all the fuss in Congress) calls for over 2/3’s of his new taxes to be used for new spending, per reports. And regardless of what they say, the majority GOP in the House continues to pass all the appropriation bills that fund the overspending. Four of them, every year. The government can’t spend a dime unless they do that first. Media seems not to be aware of it though…public school grads, mostly, I suppose.

If you’ve struggled this far with me, you’ve got the scene, no spin, just facts…well, along with my opinions, of course. Nothing on earth is free, right?  Especially, politicians’ promises…

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