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Why Firearms are Evil all by Themselves – to a Liberal

These things are all evil to a leftie

These things are all evil to a leftie

Here are some insights gained by watching left-wingers discuss the Second Amendment. Lefties have some weaknesses and rigid mental mindsets that are just aching to be used against them.

How guns absorb and retain evil

TV Channel 5 in Phoenix is really out in far left field with its news organization. While watching a recorded episode of the series “Vegas” (which is pretty good), I stumbled across one of their news anchors, Catherine Anaya, advertising an upcoming evening news story. She was talking about an Arizona gun law and called it wacky or stupid or something similar. So I searched for it on their website, and here it is:

Gun debate brings new law to the forefront

Catherine is much more respectful about Arizona laws during the actual report. The reporter on the scene is standing near a pile of melted down guns (that shouldn’t be in Phoenix). The story is about an Arizona law that requires guns seized in crimes to be sold back to the public within a year of when they were confiscated. This would make sense, to provide discounted firearms for self defense. But to the reporter, the guns are going “back on the street” apparently (in her mind) to be used in other crimes. Here are the Arizona laws they’re talking about:

Arizona Revised Statute 12-945

Arizona Revised Statute 13-3105

The reporter interviews a woman named “Hildy Saizow” from a group no one ever heard of called “Arizonans for Gun Safety.” Hildy is incensed because “crime guns” are being sold back to the public, putting them “back in circulation.” She says there are plenty of gun dealers around who can sell you a gun, so there’s no need to resell these “crime guns.”

The question I would like to ask of the sanctimonious and hoplophobic Hildy is, aren’t all guns inanimate objects? If I have two identical guns, one which was used in a crime and one which is new off the shelf, and I place them next to each other, could you tell the difference between them? If you couldn’t, then what makes the brand new gun suitable for being sold while the “crime gun” is required to be melted down? The only reason I can come up with is that in Hildy’s eyes, the “crime gun” somehow absorbs the evil of the crime into itself, so it is more likely to be used in a crime when it’s resold. So destroying the evil evil gun also destroys the evil it created in the world. Hildy is in favor of the death penalty for inanimate objects. It should be entertaining to try to get a leftie to explain, using only facts, why destroying a used gun is preferable to selling it at a discount to a low income family.

Why lefties cannot accept an armed teacher

I’ve been following the debate about armed teachers after the Sandy Hook shooting, and the discussion has been educational. According to news reports, the shooter was confronted by two unarmed school employees, one of whom lunged at him. Both were killed. The teacher who is lauded as the hero of the event placed herself between the shooter and her students, and she and some of them were killed. The only thing she could do was become a bullet sponge, like throwing herself on a grenade. Rational Americans suggest that these school employees may have made a difference that day if they had been armed. That suggestion sends the lefties flying into fits of irrationality that redefine the word “nonsensical.”

The lefties’ basic response is that “more guns are not the answer” when of course it is exactly the right answer. As Wayne LaPierre said: “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” These mass shootings end in just a few different ways. Either the bad guy decides to stop shooting and turns himself in (rare), his guns jam and he is unable to shoot, he runs out of ammunition, he kills himself, or someone else shoots him. If the teachers have to wait for the police to arrive because no one there can defend themselves, then the shooter can pretty much keep shooting for as long as he wants. If there’s a good guy at the school who is armed, then the shooting spree can be ended before the police get there. But in the eyes of the lefties, adding more guns adds more evil. Even if the guns are carried by trained and dedicated teachers, i.e., the good guys, the cumulative result is that more evil exists in the school. They can’t really tell you why it would be a bad thing to have a shooter taken out by a teacher, but they know that it’s wrong and evil and bad. Lefties will make up wacky scenarios to tell you why teachers shouldn’t be armed. Maybe the teacher is having a bad day and goes on a shooting rampage. Maybe a student overpowers the teacher and takes his gun. Maybe the teacher’s evil evil gun goes off all by itself while he’s handling it. What they are saying is that they would rather see kids killed than see a teacher armed.

Lefties cannot use facts to say why it’s unacceptable for a teacher to shoot a bad guy. This is where we need to prop their eyelids open and force them to look at the issue. It’s such a simple argument. Here’s the armed assailant inside the school. Case 1: No one is armed and able to oppose him. He shoots as many kids as he wants to until the cops arrive. Case 2: An armed teacher shoots the bad guy, ending his killing spree and saving many lives. Presented with a scenario where an armed teacher shoots a bad guy, lefties will invariably deny that such an event could take place. It’s fascinating to watch, like seeing someone who has a nervous tic but doesn’t realize it.

Why lefties need the NRA

Lefties have a hard time framing the gun control argument as a difference of opinion between themselves and the majority of Americans who favor the Second Amendment. Lefties need a Big Enemy to point at, not just Tea Party Patriots bitterly clinging to their guns and Bibles. So the left must redefine the fight as being between themselves and the National Rifle Association. To them, the NRA is merely a big corporation lobbying for gun manufacturers. In the twisted mind of a leftie, American conservatives are unable to think for themselves. We wait like unprogrammed robots to be told what to do by Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and the NRA. Similarly, our elected Congress-critters are unable to hold an opinion on their own, so they must be told how to vote by NRA lobbyists. It’s an evil evil Big Corporation to the lefties, so they try to make a target out of it. But the NRA isn’t a big conglomerate dumping industrial waste into rivers and killing innocent foreigners, like the traditional enemies Dow Chemical and Halliburton. Being a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the NRA has no stockholders, and it’s not owned by a holding company. Basically, the NRA is a private club that has membership dues. When lefties attack the NRA, all they’re doing is attacking its members. So the response to any attack on the NRA should be to ask why the attacker hates gun owners.

For most of us, it would be impossible to think like a liberal, but we can look at what they say and come to some conclusions about what they’re thinking. They are a hive mind with exactly the same opinion about guns, from the lowliest Occupooper hippie all the way up to the Commander in Chief. Like a judo expert, we know what move they will make next, and we can use their inertia against them. They will be flat on their backs looking up at the ceiling and wondering what happened.

How judo really works

How judo really works

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  1. The reason “Hildy” and other lefties are so insistent that guns in and of themselves are inherently evil, is because this ideology/belief of theirs supports their desire to see all law abiding citizens unarmed. And let’s be realistic here, regardless of what gun control legislation is passed (and I am sure that the left will pass some sort of anti-gun legislation), the only ones who will be affected are the law abiding citizens who would never use a firearm in a criminal manner. Those who would do so (ie, the criminals, the mentally unstable) will not be affected in any way by any gun control legislation. They do not obey the law now, and only an idiot could believe that they would obey any new laws. This is why they are called criminals!

    I do not believe that all lefties really believe their own false and circular arguments against guns. They spout them only because they are the only arguments that support their agenda of a complete ban and confiscation of all firearms from law abiding people.

    Just once I would like to see a news article from a “main stream” news outlet that tells the truth about this and is titled, “Liberal Groups Announce They Want To See More Children Slaughtered.” Probably not in my life time, huh?

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