Chris Christie Destroys John Boehner, GOP on Delayed Sandy Relief

A livid Chris Christie let the world know how angry he was at the House’s refusal to vote on an aid package for his devastated state last night in a live press conference as cameras rolled. He named names – John Boehner, Speaker of the House, was chief among them.

Boehner, a Republican like Christie, simply refused to have the House of Representatives vote on legislation to give federal funds to help rebuild severely damaged sections of New York and New Jersey. The aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy are still being felt in those states as their governors try to lead reconstruction efforts. Such efforts, however, depend on federal dollars working with state dollars to repair roads, bridges, and infrastructure.

Until last night, Governor Christie thought he would get those dollars. After all, it’s been standard practice to get something from the federal government within about 10 days of a natural disaster, especially one with the size and scope of Hurricane Sandy, which took place almost 65 days ago.

But then Speaker Boehner pulled the rug out from under him. Says Christie:

“I was called at 11:20 last night by Leader Cantor and told that authority for the vote had been pulled by the speaker. Our delegation asked for a meeting with the speaker at that time. They were refused. I called the speaker four times last night after 11:20 and he did not take my calls.

Every day that we don’t get this aid are days that we can’t help people get back in their homes, get businesses reopened, get our economy really moving in our state again. It’s absolutely disgraceful. This used to be something that was not political. Disaster relief was something that you didn’t play games with.”

But it gets uglier:

“I’m not going to get into the specifics of what I discussed with John Boehner today but what I will tell you is there is no reason at the moment for me to believe anything they tell me. Because they have been telling me stuff for weeks, and they didn’t deliver.”

Christie hits the nail right on the head. It’s been 24 hours and the nation still has no explanation from John Boehner or his staff on why they pulled the bill off the House floor last nigth. Was it political retribution for some perceived slight from the states of New York and New Jersey? Is Boehner simply incompetent? Is he worried about losing his speakership?

Who cares? There’s a bigger story here. John Boehner – a Republican – isn’t doing his job, and Chris Christie – a Republican – called him out. That may confuse those who just cowardly tow the party line because both the hero and the villain are from the same party. Allow me to break it down for prevaricators like The Independent Journal Review’s Kevin Danielsen, who, judging by this vague and journalistically worthless quote, is clearly afraid of saying anything his readers might disagree with:

Should he [Christie] be blaming Republicans? Tough question, and there is no specific answer no matter what you believe.

Kevin, you’re wrong. There is a specific answer: this is absolutely fantastic. Christie standing up to Boehner means someone in this party is at least trying to be a leader. Leaders praise good performance but reprimand mistakes like Boehner’s tabling of the bill.

Suggesting otherwise, that we ought to shield someone from criticism because they’re in our party… well, let’s leave that to the Democrats.

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7 replies

  1. FAKE CONSERVATIVE – Tell Mr. Christie to donate a few dozen of the the cheeseburgers he eats every day to a soup kitchen. He should look for the money in his food bill instead of attacking anyone. This man is devoid of an moral compass, and is lucky to not be sitting in a prison cell for all the no-bid handouts he’s engaged in.

    • Rude, rude, rude. I suggest that if you’re trying to convince someone you offer actual data and facts to support your claim. You are trying to convince someone that you’re right, aren’t you? Otherwise, why comment at all?

  2. Shouldn’t states do better at having an emergency fund just for this type of scenario? States should have at least enough set aside to begin repairs considering that getting federal funds might not be instantanious. And can’t New Jersey borrow the money to pay for the repairs to their infrastructure as well as the federal government can? And the people of New Jersey who are waiting with hands out…don’t you have personal insurance to cover damages? I don’t get it…responsible people save money for emergencies and we purchase insurance policies to cover damages to property with deductibles that we know we can afford as well. I always feel badly for people who lose homes and property to these big storms but at the same time, there had to be some personal responsibility here for both them and their states.

    • That’s a good question. New Jersey does have a relief fund and they have been saving more with Christie in charge.

      You bring up the issue of insurance and say it would be responsible for people to have insurance to pay for these things. I agree.

      States also have insurance. The federal disaster relief money is paid into by all states, then they receive payouts when a disaster strikes. In this way, the House is acting as the guys at the insurance company who decide how much to pay the policyholders (the states themselves). Does that make sense?

  3. With the Republicans new Huff Puff Poster Boy, Christie is blathering with out full detail. I understand that he wants “his’ money, I also understand that the bill is laden with pay outs to the Unions, after all NJ stood their ground when many other states and groups offered support in the immeadiate aftermath of Sandy but were told to STICK IT because they weren’t UNION. Also the bill is laden with PORK, thank you very much Harry Reid. And if Christie wants to blow his venom, then he can blow it at the “Republicans” who decided to jump in on the PORK bandwagon. Senator from New Mexico, Senator from Alaska just to name a few. Also Mr. Christie can blow out his large behind any chance of running for President in 2016, when you blubber in the arms of Photo Op Obuttman, you aren’t showing any leadership, you are doing nothing more, nothing less than giving Caesar Barackus Obuttmanus his pound of gold. And please tell me how the debacle and ineptitude of Obuttman in responding to this has been totally left out of any discussion. Your post here is so totally ridicules that it is one of few here on the conclub that I WILL NOT SHARE with my facebook friends.

    • By pound of gold, I assume you mean Christie gave Obama the election? While it may be tempting to blame a Hurricane instead of Mitt Romney’s amateurish campaign and a poorly functioning party for the loss, that’d be willful ignorance.

      The fact is Christie did very little to change to course of the election. There is actually much statistical evidence to the contrary. And Christie is a Republican. Democrats AND Republicans benefitted from that photo op. In any case, I’ll continue to defend a man who willfully dropped into the viper pit of partisan bickering to help his state.

      I’m sorry you didn’t like the article. Opposing viewpoints are to be expected every once in a while – if you agree with everything you read, you’re not thinking for yourself!

  4. No one is doing their job correctly when it comes to this particular disaster. A family member of mine is in the military and this person was one of hundreds sent to the NY/NJ area after Sandy for a PHOTO OP rather than being allowed to help with the clean-up. They were incredibly frustrated that they were there, had the equipment and the people at the ready and could do nothing because it might take a job from a contractor. Christie was just as complicit as Bloomberg and Cuomo. That Boehner waited to pass the relief bill until all the extras were gone out of it, was the best move of the lot.

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