It’s Time To Tell RINO Chris Christie To Stuff It


If you’ve followed the New Jersey governor at all, you’ve surely figured out by now that Chris Christie is all about…Chris Christie. Remember his nomination speech at the Republican National Convention? One would have thought he was accepting the nomination instead of Mitt Romney. I didn’t do an accurate count, but the governor – never afraid of the camera – must have mentioned himself at least 10-1 over Romney.

(Hmm, whom else does all of this bring to mind?)

And then, of course, there was the pre-election photo-op visit by the community organizer to Sandy-stricken New Jersey. Christie was embarrassing. I thought he was going drop to his knees at O’s feet. But with the typical bluster we’ve come to expect from the governor, he lambasted anyone and everyone who would dare suggest he might have been a bit too effusive in his praise of Obama’s visit to the Jersey Shore, which everyone on the planet knew O did strictly for political purposes – due to the close election at hand.

Following John Boehner’s decision Tuesday to put off a vote on the Hurricane Sandy relief bill – which the New Jersey governor deemed “inexcusable” – Chris Christie went Chris Christie, calling House Republicans “absolutely disgraceful” as he complained about the “toxic internal politics” of the House majority. As the governor sees it, it’s the Republicans who are “playing politics” while people suffer:

“Our people were played last night as a pawn and that’s why people hate Washington D.C.”

Really, Chris? Seriously, dude, did you read the bill? The truth is, Governor Know-It-All, the $61 billion Senate bill – crafted by Democrats – which was sent to the House for a vote was packed with more than $21 billion in unrelated spending (pork) that had nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy relief – let alone, New Jersey. With all due respect governor, stuff it.

Let’s take a look at some of the pork in the Democrats’ “Sandy Relief Package”, shall we?

• $58.8 million for forest restoration on private land.

$10.78 billion for public transportation, most of which is allocated to future construction and improvements, not disaster relief.

• $33.2 million for eight projects in Nevada – the home state of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, including: $25 million for rural Nevada; $1.5 million for Truckee Meadows; and $725,000 for Tahoe Regional Planning.

• $16.8 million for seven projects in West Virginia, including: $2.5 million for the Greenbrier River Basin; $325,000 for the Parkersburg and Vienna Riverfront Park; and $150,000 for Island Creek at Logan

• $12.9 million for 11 projects in the state of Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Pete Domenici (R-N.M.), including: $5 million for central New Mexico; $250,000 for Santa Fe; and $180,000 for the Southwest Valley, Albuquerque.

Perhaps, Governor Blow-Hard, you might have chastised Senate Democrats for exploiting Sandy – which devastated your state – to feather their own nests. After all, if Democrats were so concerned with writing an emergency aid bill, why would they have appropriated more than $21 billion of that bill to unrelated spending in other states?

Maybe I’m missing something, governor, but isn’t it the Democrats at whom you should be shooting off your mouth?

Lest anyone think Christie didn’t know exactly what was in the Senate bill, of course he did. You see – like Barack Obama – Chris Christie is not only all about himself; he’s also overly fond of sticking his finger in the air to determine which way the political wind is blowing.

Christie knows – in the eyes of low-information voters – Barack Obama can do no wrong. Conversely, he also knows that Republicans can do no right. Moreover, the governor has already hinted he’ll be “ready” in 2016. Connect the dots.

Chris Christie has jumped on the Obama bandwagon – with both feet and a loud thud – and there he’ll remain until the political winds blow in a different direction.

Hopefully, enough conservatives will have figured out the RINO governor by then to keep him in New Jersey.

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  1. This is totally wrong. First, you call Christie a RINO. Why? Because he makes Speaker Boehner – who many on the RIGHT have wanted to remove for a while – look bad when he screws up? Because he asks the President of the United States (who you call the “community organizer” for some reason) for help? Because he’s genuinely trying to help out his state?

    Christie has balanced budgets, busted unions, and cut taxes. Democrats don’t do that, yet you’re saying he is one. If your main concern is media optics and not policy, perhaps there’s an opening at MSNBC?

    Second, this was money that Christie needs to rebuild his state. He doesn’t get a dollar of out-of-state pork. So the implication that he wants it passed so he can get the pork makes no sense.

    In sum, this article has ADHD. It focuses too much on what the media dialogue looks like today, and not what’s actually happening, or has happened, or will happen 6 months from now. Don’t be too petty to look at the big picture. We have to be better than this to beat the Democrats.

    • You’ve obviously not paid much attention to Christie’s past actions nor the details of the bill at hand, have you?

      And the dots you connect in your comment? Ridiculous:

      “Christie has balanced budgets, busted unions, and cut taxes. Democrats don’t do that, yet you’re saying he is one.”

      As to the accomplishments you listed, yes he has, and if you had taken the time to look back at my previous articles, you’d have seen that I’ve given him quite a bit of credit since he became governor. As to your silly “yet you’re saying he is one” comment? Um, no, no I didn’t.

      “Second, this was money that Christie needs to rebuild his state. He doesn’t get a dollar of out-of-state pork. So the implication that he wants it passed so he can get the pork makes no sense.”

      What “makes no sense” is your comment. I neither said nor implied anything of the kind. What I DID say was that he should have recognized that the bill was full of pork – before he shot his mouth off – and should’ve been AT LEAST as vocal about the Democrats sending such a pork-laden bill to the House – with so many people waiting so long for help.

      I might add, that while I totally disagree with your analysis in the article you unfortunately posted just before mine, I didn’t find a need to foolishly attack it – or you – did I? Perhaps next time, you can respond with less emotion.

      P.S. My assessment of Chris Christie stands alone from my similar assessment of John Boehner, although I’ve never heard Boehner purposely misrepresent a bill before Congress.

      Zazu 2.0?

      • I’d welcome any comments on my article. I’m trying to be objective in my assessment here. Calling someone’s comments on your article a “foolish attack” sounds sour.

        You call Christie a RINO. Unless you’re implying that he’s politically independent, you’re saying that he’s actually a Democrat in disguise. I’m defending his conservative credentials, and directly challenging your premise that he’s a Republican In Name Only.

      • I suggest you go back and read your initial comment.

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