Hillarious! Biden working a crowd at congressional ceremony

Some people hate the thought of glad-handing politicians. Other people want to become them. Judging by this video released by Talking Points Memo, Vice President Biden belongs in the latter camp.

Watch and learn.

The video, captured by C-SPAN cameras at the swearing-in ceremony for the senators of the 113th Congress, shows the Vice President putting Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Johnson Treatment” to shame. Biden’s jokes and compliments show a mastery of the arts of flattery and showmanship – perfect for a campaign rally. But when viewed one after another, his encounters with various senators and their families takes on a comical atmosphere.

Biden must have known the cameras were rolling, but he probably thought no one was paying attention to each greeting and photo op. That might explain some of his… embarrassing behavior.

Either that, or “Uncle Joe’s” age is finally catching up to him!

You can read more of my writing at www.dynamopolitics.com, but I found out about the video from another blog called Reason and Politics – Reason is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites; go check it out!

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7 replies

  1. I am not amused. He is a buffoon with hair plugs and he leaves a slime trail wherever he walks.

  2. If it was anyone other than Biden it might be charming, but, seriously, he needs new material. Maybe you had to be there.

  3. So much bull shit was flung in that room you could grow anything you want right off the floor. What a phony.


  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger funniest skit – MADTV | Funny Videos

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