Pro-Gay Marriage Obama Rejects ‘Ill-Advised’ Conscience Protection For Military Chaplains


What a golden opportunity for O to kill two birds with one stone. Utilizing a signing statement – which he called unconstitutional and an “end-around” during the Bush Administration, our hypocritical president rejected several provisions of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), including a conscience protection provision for military chaplains which he called “ill-advised.” From CNS News:

President Obama issued a statement Wednesday rejecting several provisions of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), including a conscience protection for military chaplains that he called “ill-advised”.

Section 533 is an unnecessary and ill-advised provision, as the military already appropriately protects the freedom of conscience of chaplains and service members,” he said in his signing statement.

Obama made clear that his administration would remain unmoved by the NDAA’s conscience provision, stating that the Department of Defense would continue to implement the repeal of the military’s ban on homosexual service members.

“My Administration remains fully committed to continuing the successful implementation of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and to protecting the rights of gay and lesbian service members; Section 533 will not alter that.”

Section 533 of the NDAA provides legal protections for military chaplains, barring the Defense Department from forcing them to perform services which violate their moral or religious beliefs:

“No member of the Armed Forces may — (1) require a chaplain to perform any rite, ritual, or ceremony that is contrary to the conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs of the chaplain; or (2) discriminate or take any adverse personnel action against a chaplain, including denial of promotion, schooling, training, or assignment, on the basis of the refusal by the chaplain to comply with a requirement prohibited by paragraph.”

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So, let’s get this straight: Protecting the “right” of gays in the military to be married by military chaplains supersedes protecting the right of those chaplains to refuse to perform ceremonies that conflict with their religious and moral beliefs? Or, are gay rights just more important to this president?

This, after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces removed the judge from the Fort Hood Shooter’s trial who had insisted, based on military regulations prohibiting facial hair, that the defendant shave his beard. Nidal Hasan’s reason for refusing to shave? His beard is a requirement of his Muslim faith.

Isn’t it awesome how a ruler who rules by diktat can not only issue a decree enforcing the “rights” of one group while simultaneously trampling on the rights of another – but do so based solely on his own moral compass – or lack thereof – as well?

Must be good to be king.

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3 replies

  1. Well, “Consistency is the bugaboo of little minds” does date back a while, right? Maybe we shouldn’t hold politicians to the standards to which we hold ourselves; it’s evident they don’t…

    No doubt it’s good to be the king; are there any who have said it’s good to be kinged over?

  2. Anything is more important to our ‘sleeper cell President’ than protecting his fellow Americans’ First Amendment Rights.

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