Mr. Obama, It’s Matrimony, and Changing It Is NOT an Option

Here we go again. Barack Obama and whoever is pulling his puppet strings think that by civil law they can usurp God, Natural Law, thousands of years of human civilization tradition (not just the Judeo-Christian version) and the purpose of the building block of society. The regime is trying to force people of faith – and the Catholic Church in particular – to accept without complaint an altered definition of marriage to suit their purposes.

Not so fast. When it comes to matters of God and faith, in the United States, NO ONE answers to the government, and no civilization has tried to elevate sodomy and lesbianism to the level of procreative marriage, either. What this regime is up to has never been done before because even most pre-Christian pagans rejected the idea that same sex physical relationships are the same as marriage. There’s a really good reason for this.

No matter what the popular version of events is, marriage – the man and woman version – in every civilization since records have been kept has been about producing the next generation. Same-sex unions, whether they were tolerated or not (only in Ancient Greece and Rome, actually) were not considered to be at the same level as marriage. It was a sort of sanctioned, glorified living arrangement. There was no exchange of money or property, no dowry to protect the wife in case something happened to the husband or they divorced, as was frequently contracted with a real marriage. The reason: there is not a union, and as such no possible way for children to naturally result. There’s no need for the money.

Regardless of how “modern” people subvert fertility, ultimately, progeny is the natural and sacred purpose of marriage. In the Catholic Church, marriage is considered to be so important that it is raised to the level of sacrament, and to an extent what we call a vocation, a Divine call where we serve God. Yes, married people are supposed to serve their spouse, offspring and other family, but it is God who has called one to be in this state. (Just as a way of explanation, as we see it, when there are no purposeful barriers to procreation, if there are not children, or if the couple is beyond natural ability to reproduce that is a matter of God’s will and a mystery to be accepted. Same with the results of disease. It was not intentional.)

Like all of the sacraments which have common vernacular names, marriage has an official title that actually says what the sacrament is: matrimony. Matrimony literally means “the status of being a mother”. Unlike Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Orders, which are only received once and leave a mark on the soul, Matrimony is a state which can be received multiple times over the course of a lifetime, so long as the man and woman are free to marry. It is the same with Eucharist, Penance (Confession) and Extreme Unction (Anointing of the Sick).

These seven sacraments are not changeable by any civil authority anywhere. They are not even changeable by those of us who are members of he Church. Over the centuries, the ages one received each of them has varied depending on the accepted age of reason (and a fair amount of human failing, to be honest), but they and their function and purpose have remained the same. We believe, by Sacred Tradition and the commissions in the Gospels, that Jesus Christ, founder of our faith and church, gave these sacraments to us as a way of being closer to Him here on earth and the practice of them is to help us get to Heaven when our temporal life has ended. That is our primary purpose in living, as this life is but a step on the way to being with Him for eternity.

In Faith, any faith, serving God should lead to productive civil life, not the other way around. As such, government has no place in dictating how we live so long as it does not disrupt order and cause civil disobedience. Any action by any government that is a direct contradiction to bedrock tenets of any faith that cannot be changed at any level, let alone with local representatives, forces the people serving God into civil disobedience and lawlessness. This is where we Catholics are in the “who will pay for my health insurance and pharmaceuticals” fight, and now where we are with the call to redefine marriage, which we believe to be a sacred duty to God to populate His Church. We are forced to break man’s law, because God’s law comes before it. (Moral dilemmas of war and government leadership are for another time.)

Mr. Obama, it may well be the case that two people of the same sex are physically attracted to one another and have a deep, abiding friendship where one completes the other in the way that many married people do. Personally, I have relatives and many friends who have these relationships. But, what they have is not marriage. They cannot truly join, but only bond, as electrons in the valence shells of same elemental atoms do, not as the male end of an electrical cord plugs into a wall socket completing a circuit to bring electricity to a lamp thus giving light. It is not the same. It is not natural and certainly not as God ordained when He sent His only Son to us to explain the Kingdom of God. That you, or any other other civil authority on earth, cannot change. And we WILL NOT entertain the idea that what is not marriage is, simply because a government sanctions a contract.

Matrimony is more than a contract, it is a vocation, a way to serve God, not the state. No servant in civil government should ever forget that.

(In the last 2,000 years, there’s been some serious persecution from civil authorities and wealthy individuals who thought they knew better than the collective wisdom passed down from Christ and elaborated over the centuries, but this one is new. And for those who have no use for the Catholic Church, don’t be fooled. It will not end with us.)

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  1. Here is a CLUE for all the readers. The Bible talks about a Userper, and raiser of Taxes as being the ANTI-christ. It also states that he will think to change Laws and Times. What is president Obama doing Right Now?

  2. This regime has a penchant for advocating things that will turn the best elements of the country into criminals, if they continue, it will end badly, for everyone but, especially for them.

    • At some point, they are going to seriously overreach and get slammed back to reality and I suspect it’s going to be over “gun control.” No way a repeal of the 2nd amendment gets supermajorities in Congress let alone 38 states. Plus, the people you want on your side in a fight are armed against them,.

      • That is what I think the flash point will be as well. My worry is that it will get out of hand, it’s a dangerous and very deep seated belief, and your right that it is unwise to turn the armed and trained segments of society against you. I’m going there tomorrow.

      • Going to Washington or to train unarmed segments of society?

        There are so ,many issues here all rolled together. Chaos. And it’s not controlled by any means.

        Some days it really does feel like the whole world has gone nuts.

  3. I personally think most catholics today do not care about what our faith means. In our parish/school there are many moms who support same sex marriage and believe that those of us who do not are bigots. This is what I see posted on facebook. They do not care about the mandate being forced onto religous institutions, when I would make comments about it in discussions on facebook my comments were ignored or deleted. I tried to make them see what is really going on but they did not want to hear it.

    I am very dissapointed with catholics and the church too for not doing more about telling people what this administration is trying to do.

    Right now there is a petition on the White House web site seeking to name the Catholic Church a hate group.

    • This is not the first time this has happened. At the end of the 12th century and into the 13th, things were not good and many people were flaunting various teachings, although not so much on “same-sex marriage.” Then, in short order, St. Simon Stock, St. Francis of Assisi, and St. Dominic all received their vocations personally from Christ and His mother: found the friars – Carmelites, Franciscans (and all the off-shoots) and Dominicans. By the end of the 13th century, they were everywhere just as they are today. From them we have quite a legacy, including St. Thomas Aquinas. It would not surprise me if Christ has something in mind that we just don’t know yet, because frankly, catechesis in the 80’s, when I would have learned it, sucked. I had to learn it myself.

  4. Seems to me, the Western society has been increasingly abandoned and the churches too as part of that. Progressives deny the Declaration of Independence with its Godly specifics and now they are starting to deny the Constitution as a recent NYT article has done. We are a post-Christian society; Obama and co. are grabbing for total power, attacking churches to subjugate them to the state. Why not, without God on the field, the only player left is government.

    Amen, this isn’t the first time; it happened to the Biblical Jews, too. And so far, Judeo-Christianity has suffered and come back better for it. (over piles of martyrs, often enough). But today, biological advances that seem to favor determinists appear likely to require a lot of adjustment in religious thinking to handle. I can’t see from here what we’re headed towards…but the trip won’t, I think, be an easy one.

    • So long as the Church is alive, Christianity is. It’s always only a generation away from dying, but has not gone to the catecombs yet. Christ promised us His Church would never die. And frankly, many of the people who claim Christianity aren’t very Christian. I’m not sure I would want to be a member of the same organization if I hadn’t learned catechesis.

      We’ve done this before. Every four hundred or so years, the Church rebuilds. The destruction this time actually happened from within, not just from the outside, and it was far worse in the 12th century, actually, when even Church leadership openly flaunted Church teaching. The rebuilding has started, believe it or not, It just doesn’t look like what people might expect it to.

      My point is that in the Church, marriage is more than just a lifestyle choice. It’s something sacred and beyond the touch of the state. Not just here, but France, Holland and any number of other countries where the progressives are in control.

  5. We are a post-religious society, not just a post-Christian society. By the 1970s church membership and attendance began to wane and it continues to this day. It is no wonder that changes in what society accepts as the norm is more broad than ever before. But I am one who welcomes some of this change, especially as to gay “marriage” or unions or whatever one wishes to call it. It IS a civil rights issue since our government has granted legal and government regulated benefits to married couples. Had we not allowed government to meddle in marriage in the first place with “civil” marriage, then we wouldn’t have this argument. But we did and now non-religious and the LGBT community wants their share of the pie as well. They should have CIVIL marriage rights. That in no way forces any church to recognize any civil marriage nor grant a religious service to anyone who demands it. And that is the right of the church. The day that changes is the day I will stand and fight your fight.
    Now as to the ObamaCare mandates to churches and their affiliations, it is wrong to force them to supply birth control, abortion services or any other coverage which goes against their beliefs. They should only be required to inform employees, students, or others that the heakthcare insurance provided them does NOT cover these items and refer them to a source where they can personally buy an insurance rider which does offer this coverage.

    • Actually, the current demise started in the 60’s and if one believes what came out about communism after the wall fell, it was a communist plot. It’s been all about a return to pre-Christian paganism, much of which has no basis in history or natural law despite popular opinions.

      This government is severely overreaching. It’s happened before, but not on this particular topic. It was usually on things like who to appoint bishop someplace.

  6. Ms. Stowe sees clearly and speaks straight, I think. But in a pure power struggle as between church and state, being right somehow seems to disappear a lot of the time….

    Not sure religion has been abandoned, though Judeo-Christianity has been. Looks like we’ve replaced the churches with deification of the Almighty State, which is ongoing religion of a sort. But it’s just how one chooses to define things, not worth an argument.

    • Church and state have always had a tension of sorts, but usually they’ve worked best with clear deliniation of duties. This government wants to be everything to all people and that just isn’t going to work.

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