Heavy, Heavy Hangs Over Thy Head…(If You Ignore It, Will It Go Away?)

Has the U.S. Prez authority to off anybody, in his sole discretion, that he thinks is a threat? Yup, or anyway, his attorney told the Federal Court so, in a 6th Circuit case arising from drone assassinations.  So far, he hasn’t been shot down, mostly (so far as we know) to the detriment of a bunch of Taliban. Pop Quiz: When and where did the Taliban attack the U.S? Dunno, myself. Yeah, they hosted Bin Laden, just like Pakistan. Our leaders knew where the Osama was in Afghanistan, just as Prexy Obama did in Pakistan. Why didn’t the U.S. just send in a hit team to Afghanistan back then instead of wasting all those years of lives and dollars invading? Dunno that, either. Sure smells funny, though. But that’s history; this is about what’s coming.

We wrote a while back about Congress ordering the FAA to set up drone regulation for U.S. skies ASAP. Orlando is now experimenting with drones for its police; a Florida Sheriff is following: Florida Drones will explain for you. Other law enforcers elsewhere are also interested. And of course, interest isn’t limited to law enforcement. An eye in the sky has wide appeal… no not only for voyeurs, though I think I hear the sound of salivating. Privacy activists are alleged to be concerned about all this, for some reason.

A few simple questions have popped into my simple mind, too. When we look up ans see all these empty (we hope) radio-controlled model aircraft over our heads, how will we know who is watching and why? How will we be assured that they’re all legal? And how will we know they’re all, as we’re promised by the Florida Sheriff, unarmed? Yeah, my thought, too. Drug cartels are already  using drones elsewhere, they say. Murphy never lets up, right?

So now we’re filling U.S. skies with anonymous little (and some not so little) aircraft that may or may not be killing machines. We know the government and presumably the cartels, already use them for assassins. The official line is that they’re for our safety; when you look up at some anonymous drone circling over you, you’ll feel safer, right?

You may know, if not, you should be pleased that smaller drones needn’t be expensive; you can obtain one for some $300 or so, as Drones Are Here will inform you. Flying drones won’t be an extravagance! There is some conspiracy stuff floating around that says this is a plot by the Moslems to convince women to cover up so they’re unidentifiable and get men to grow full beards for the same reason. I doubt it myself, but one must admit that it’s logical. Or maybe it’s an attempt to resurrect the hat industry… Depends on what you want to believe, I suppose. What I believe is: Murphy rules!

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