Pathetic Failure Piers Morgan Continues To Prostitute Himself As Ratings Remain In Toilet


First, let’s put things into proper perspective: On any given evening, Bill O’Reilly draws anywhere from 2.5 to 3 million viewers. Piers Morgan? 600-800 thousand. While viewership doesn’t generally have much to do with who’s right and who’s wrong – it does have a hell of a lot to do with who’s desperate.

Second, by accusing Piers Morgan of prostituting himself, I’m not suggesting he doesn’t believe 100% of the “progressive” ideological tripe that comes out of his mouth. I am suggesting he’s desperately trying to hitch his on-life-support program to the gun debate – strictly for ratings purposes. Why else would he beat the same issue to death night after night? Who else is doing it – wire-to-wire?

Remember when Larry King retired from CNN and the already-failing network launched “Piers Morgan Tonight!” with all the fanfare fit for a queen? (No pun intended.) The program started out slowly – then promptly fizzled out altogether. What a shock: The embarrassing Piers fawns over Hollywood stars and liberal elites like a misbehaved child sitting on Santa’s lap – but can barely contain his arrogant disgust for conservatives and most of the values Americans hold dear.

And CNN wonders why it – and his show – are in the toilet.

Fortunately for Piers and CNN, along came the Aurora theater and Sandy Hook Elementary School massacres. (“Fortunately” – in the context of Rahm Emanuel’s “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”) Just as fortunately, the gun-control (sorry, loons, “gun violence”) debate has reached a fever pitch.

For Piers and CNN, it all screamed: “Go time!”

Normally, as I’m writing an article, I check in with Google for facts like: “How many nights in a row has Piers Morgan shamelessly exploited the gun-control debate?” But guess what? I don’t give a damn; all I know is, it’s been multiple evenings, and that this arrogant jackass manages to say something newsworthy inflammatory against America or American values every night.

Pompous Piers also has a nasty little habit of lying misquoting statistics and making ridiculously false claims like: “I’m sure most decent Americans agree with me…” as if, a: most Americans do – which they don’t – and, b: Americans who don’t agree with him are somehow “not decent.” (Not unlike, I suppose, the Founding Fathers.)

So, as was to be expected, “non-decent” Americans – more than 100,000 of them – signed a petition on the White House website demanding that Piers Morgan be deported for bashing America – and the 2nd Amendment in particular. Not surprisingly, an almost simultaneous petition sprung up in Great Britain pleading with America to please keep Morgan – explaining that it had taken the Brits far too long to rid themselves of the smug know-it-all and that they had no desire to take him back.

Better yet, the sniveling bastard announced that unless America changed its gun laws to his satisfaction, he’d be happy to “deport himself.” On cue, a great collective roar from tens of millions of Americans echoed across the fruited plain: “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!”

No word yet as to whether any country on the planet has put out a welcome mat for poor Piers.

Apparently believing that attacking “only” the 2nd Amendment wasn’t nearly sufficient, Morgan went after the entire Constitution last night. In a now-predictable snotty attack against Breitbart News Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro, Piers dismissed the entire U.S. Constitution, saying: “You brandish your ‘little book’ (a copy of the Constitution) as if I don’t know what’s in there.” There’s nothing quite like the hollow condescension of the British, is there?

Other than the night that Texas gun-advocate Alex Jones (who pulled off the nearly impossible task of looking more like a jackass than does Morgan on a nightly basis) was on the show, CNN’s little three-ring circus has smacked of nothing more than a desperate attempt to prop up Piers to say something controversial and thrust his pathetic show into the headlines.

And, hey – what better way to do it than to attack America, its Constitution and its conservative values? The Obamabots couldn’t be happier.

Not sure how the prostitute’s ratings have been affected, but other than a few more thousand left-wing loons, I can’t imagine anyone jumping onto the Piers Morgan bandwagon.

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3 replies

  1. Now, now, not all Brits are haughty and condescending. I met a London cabbie and his wife while on a trip to Tuscany who were absolutely delightful and declared English food to be “disgusting.” (They’re right.) Piers Morgan is an elitist. That’s an “uppercrust” global outlook that has no national boundries – and then not all the wealthy people out there think like that.

    • Yeah, I know; just most of ‘em. ;-)

      Spent a couple of weeks in France several years ago, and, like most Americans who travel there for the first time, I was warned by well-meaning friends to expect to be treated “less than friendly.”

      However, from Paris to the wine country, I found the French to be most hospitable. In fact, the only dust-ups we encountered – and there were three of them – came at the hands of several snotty Brits.

      At any rate, I didn’t mean to imply that ALL Brits are arrogant and condescending – just the arrogant and condescending ones!

  2. Piers Morgan another homo brit bitter about the loss of empire and status to 2nd class power of a once great country. Can you imagine the England of today standing up to someone like Hitler. What a joke they’ve become as they cling to Americas coattails

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