So…Is Gun Control A Red Herring?

Foxes pistols drawnIn the last week as the gun control debate has heated closer to boiling with Americans lining up on either side of a mythical old school battlefield shouting at each other, more than one online post floated the idea that the entire debate, legitimate as it is, might well be a red herring of sorts.

As important as the 2nd Amendment is, a red herring for what? Well, maybe it’s worth asking. There’s an awful lot of other potentially explosive issues being ignored while gun control is occupying al lot of attention and consuming a lot of conservative energy.

Federal Budget Talks – the Debt Ceiling and Fiscal Cliff drama for Federal spending at the end of 2012 was only the beginning of the financial issues that Congress needs to tackle. The deal expires at the end of February. Then what? Another showdown at the deadline? Are there any discussions going on now for thoughtful working out of the issues?

Gun Appreciation Day – 2nd Amendment supporters executing this the day before the inauguration may well be a factor of conservative sorts already filtering into Washington as the Pro-life March is three days later after a long weekend, but it has the potential to overshadow what the Occupier of the White House says in his speech. Well, and the behavior of the rest of the occupiers who are having trouble finding hotel rooms. (That could be a story in itself.)

Pro-Life March – every year more people show up for this event in Washington risking pneumonia whether there is cold, rain, sleet, snow, ice or sun, and every year only C-Span and EWTN seem to cover it. The left doesn’t want to admit it, but more people attend this rally annually than any of their events.

Hillary Clinton’s Bengazi Testimony – hmm, is it a coincidence that this appearance just happens to be the same day as the Pro-Life March? Could that be used as an excuse to cancel the hearing? Or could it be buried behind the first MSM coverage of the Pro-Life March in decades?

Income and Payroll Taxes – it’s that time of year. We all will suddenly be paying attention as we try to figure out just exactly what all those new fangled tax laws have done to our withholding and deductions. On top of it, TurboTax changed its equipment level requirements and Mac users with aging machines will be forced to upgrade or seek an accounting pro to do their taxes for anything over a 1040EZ, especially retirees with income from multiple investment tools and social security. The tax code is now so complicated, a flat tax could be sold pretty easily.

“Healthcare” Collapsing – we’re not there yet, but the rumblings of long waits, doctors’ offices not answering the phone or returning calls are starting. When the level of service declines, we’ll see just how wonderful ObamaCare really is. And then there’s the state exchanges that aren’t materializing.

Violations of Religious Rights – gay “marriage” is just the beginning of trying to dictate to people of faith how the Church can conduct Herself. Since marriage of a man to a woman is the one thing that all Judeo-Christian faiths have in common, that was the place to start. Defending Church teaching on what is clearly stated in the Bible is now called “hate speech.” The lawful right has been characterized by members of the Obama Administration as the Right to Worship, but that is only a part of religion. And we are free to PRACTICE it, which is a form of worship, in this country. At least we used to be.

Exporting Battlefield Technique – it was news to me to find out that U.S. Army combat units are involved with anti-terror training in 35 countries of northern Africa – a move that happened on Christmas Eve. Really? Why? Northern Africa has never been all that great a source of allies for us, and the Barbary Pirates are one of the primary reasons the Marine Corps was founded. They still want bribes. And we still won’t pay them. Why are we now training them in our battlefield tactics? There’s no good reason for US troops to get involved in the diamond wars. Afghan opium conflicts are bad enough.

Potential UN Takeover of the Internet – yes, it’s still out there. The USA is one of a minority of countries that allows a free internet and the speech that goes with it, even if everything we post can be indexed somewhere. If it comes down to a world-wide vote with every country having one vote, we lose.

New EPA Regulations – SURPRISE. It’s 2013, and all the EPA regulations sitting in limbo regarding greenhouse gases, carbon, fracking, stormwater runoff, wood-burning stoves, importing cement, farm dust, coal ash, and a whole lot more go into effect. Aside from making energy much more expensive and limiting the use of firewood as a means of heating homes (and permits for fire pits in backyards), tens of thousands of people will end up unemployed as the coal and cement plants where they work are closed. Not exactly the change workers were hoping for.

Secession Talk – the White House says it’s not possible, not feasible, illegal or something, probably based on the actions of President Abraham Lincoln, which were questionable 150 years ago and still are. While there is no provision for leaving the union in the Constitution, if Obama’s going to ignore it, so can we. For the last 10,000 years governments have come and gone, and republics fall really fast when they turn into a dictatorship. If we want to leave….

Chuck Hagel’s Not So Republican Views – Obama’s choice for Secretary of Defense wants to shrink the size of the military and Pentagon budgets, and is not sympathetic to Israel or their opposition to Iranian nuclear capability. Not that the average American on the street totally understands how the Fox with fish bonesthree are tied together, but no popular media outlet is trying to explain, either.

There’s other issues out there: objectification of women, well all citizens, really, Michelle Obama’s lavish vacations, George Soros, Valerie Jarrett…but with all the gun control vitriol, it’s all being drowned out.

So, that begs the question: why? What are we missing?

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  1. This uber-Teflon administration has used D3 throughout it’s reign (deflect, detract, demonize) and successfully with a statist media “cahooting”. Newest D3 action? … blaming the Flu epidemic for our economic woes. Obama organ has gone so far as to say that because of the Flu, we MAY go into a Recession. Now that’s Teflon on steroids. Spot on article, Cultural. When will people stop drinking the Kool-Ade?

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