Idiocracy In America: Barack Obama Style


“Idiocracy,” courtesy of Merriam-Webster: a form of government in which a country or territory is run by fools. Example Sentence: “Democracies can turn into idiocracies depending on election results.”

Remember the bumper sticker? “Don’t Think, Just Vote.” Sadly – and ominously – that’s exactly what happened. Twice.

O relies on a sychophantic media that never holds him accountable, covers his tracks when he screws up and attacks all those who oppose him – often with charges of “racism.” He counts on an almost cult-like following of low-information voters in whose eyes he can do no wrong. Moreover, most of them cannot even come close to articulating the logic and wisdom – or lack thereof – of his most basic beliefs and policies.

And how does all of this affect Barack Hussein Obama? His arrogant obstinance is like that of a spoiled child who knows he’s mommy’s favorite. Little Barry Soetoro can do no wrong; it’s always the other kid’s fault.

Spending problem? What spending problem?

Toward the end of the recent fiscal cliff negotiations, Obama and Speaker Boehner met at the White House with the hope of agreeing to an 11th-hour budget deal; the meeting flopped. Afterward, a flabbergasted Boehner reported that at one point Obama looked him squarely in the eye and said: “We don’t have a spending problem.”

If you have half a brain, you’re probably wondering: How could O possibly say that? After all, his own Debt Commission stated clearly in its final report that the U.S. has a serious spending problem that is the driving force behind the nation’s debt crisis:

“Even after the economy recovers, federal spending is projected to increase faster than revenues, so the government will have to continue borrowing money to spend. Over the long run, as the baby boomers retire and health care costs continue to grow, the situation will become far worse. We should cut all excess spending – including defense, domestic programs, entitlement spending, and spending in the tax code.”

Yet, did you hear O’s ridiculous statement questioned by “state” media? Did any of your Obamabot friends point out the fallacy and irresponsibility of his comments? Of course not. Crickets.

The next country to tax and spend itself to prosperity will be the first. 

Greece. Spain. Portugal. Nanny states, one and all. And all on the verge of collapse – give or take. Yet Barack Obama – who yearns to recreate America in the image of the failed states of Europe – doesn’t get it. More frightening, neither do the tens of millions of Americans who gleefully head to the permanent underclass being created for them by our socialist-wannabe president. Moreover, additional tens of millions of Americans are more than happy to help them get there – and stay there – courtesy of the taxpayer, of course.

Greece? Hell, what about the failed experiment of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union?

Here’s the problem in a nutshell: Liberals (socialists, communists, etc.) suck at math. Particularly when it comes to the economy. Add to that their failure to grasp a simple truth: the government doesn’t make a dime. It generates no income. It creates no wealth. As a result, it can only give money to one group by taking it away from another – which brings us back to the math problem. Liberals can’t get past addition and subtraction; subtract from “rich” and add to everyone else. They fail to understand that the scary concept of multiplication is required to grow and sustain a free-market economy.

Contrary to liberals’ stubborn adherence to Keynesian economics and O’s ridiculous notion of growing the economy “from the middle, out,” the multiplication of wealth – which begins with job creators – is necessary vs. the tired, old European practice of taxing the rich until they’ve either lost the incentive to work or left the country. (See: Gérard Depardieu)

And why do liberals cling to these disproved concepts? Because “it’s fair,” of course.

“Gun control” is out; “the prevention of gun violence” is in. Oh, and the NRA is a bunch of Nazis.

Two tried-and-true tactics of liberals: Carefully label things. Vilify the opposition. According to the results of a Gallup poll released this week, a majority of Americans oppose stricter gun-control laws. Yes, the percentage of those in favor of stricter laws has increased somewhat following the Sandy Hook shootings, but a majority of us oppose strict new gun laws. Furthermore, a majority of Americans have a favorable view of the NRA.

Neither of these facts sit well with the Regime and low-information, emotionally-driven liberals. The solution?

1. Change “gun-control” to “the prevention of gun violence.” This new term has not only been circulated within the highest levels of the Democratic Party and the liberal media for weeks, it sounds “fresh” and so “post-Sandy Hook,” doesn’t it?

2. Refer to the NRA as “Nazis” and “right-wing nut jobs” who are responsible for not only the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings, but for any and all other gun crimes committed in America as well. Oh, and you get extra credit if you call for the murder of Wayne LaPierre and other NRA members.

As far as I can tell, Wayne’s most egregious crime was his call for armed guards in U.S. schools – a luxury enjoyed by Barack Obama and many liberal elites, by the way.

P.S. Contrary to the derision heaped on LaPierre by the left, there is already a substantial (and growing) presence of armed guards in America’s schools.

Liberal lemmings and the lapdog media. 

I’m always amused when confronted by a liberal with the silly “Fox lies!” comment. It gets even funnier when I ask for an example – the answer generally being: “Everything!” Of course the liberal – now flustered – not only fails to provide the requested example, but either tries in vain to change the subject or storms off in a huff. Yet, most of these loons love Rachel Maddow – for example – and see absolutely nothing wrong with Tingles Matthews, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell and the rest of the MSNBC sock puppets shilling for O on a daily basis. Go figure.

Incidentally, the transparent attempt by some liberals to cast Fox News and MSNBC as some sort of polar-opposites is preposterous; those who do so are either naive, don’t watch Fox News or believe that by pretending to throw MSNBC under the bus, they somehow gain credibility in their attack against Fox.

The real problem? In the mind of the lemming-liberal, dissent is not to be tolerated – especially when that dissent is grounded in logic and reality.

Idiocracy in America. Who woulda thunk it? ObamaPhones for everyone!

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  1. The classic manifesto for American Liberal methods and behavior that is so well laid out in this post, was that implemented, seems to me, by a leader of the National Socialist Workers’ Party in the early 20th century. He was raised in a strict, Catholic family and ended in charge of his government’s public face. His very successful program is followed today almost to the letter by U.S. government and others. His name was Joseph Goebbels; he was Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, though I no longer recall his proper title.

  2. I’m beginning to think in terms of tin pot dictator when it comes to the Occupier.


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