Growing And Remaining Comfortable With The Decision


Time to offend the sensibilities of those subscribed to the prevailing winds as it pertains to the termination of human life.


It’s a powerful word, evoking all sorts of reaction, passion, elevated blood pressure and rage.

I was reminded early on, in this debate – to be careful.

And then, from the blindside, it inevitably conjures memories of sorrow, regret and guilt.

Akin to attending a lecture about eating well because one would really like to do just that, but carrying with you the secret that you just ate a bag of powdered donuts…for the third time this week.

And it’s only Wednesday.

Early in my involvement in opposing abortion – I was not shy, however I was also not a whack job, a close friend – in the tenderness of a moment I shall never forget, told me that in college she had a one-night-stand with a guy, which resulted in pregnancy, and…and…


she had an abortion.


Choking on your larynx, now swollen from the tension of the moment…

I was overwhelmed.

Why would this precious woman be so courageous and trust me so – that she would tell me about her past?  Her pain, sorrow and remorse.

I had no right to know.

I had no business…knowing her business.

She graciously and courageously (simply, willingly) informed me what had happened.

It changed me forever.

It wasn’t so much that I was insensitive, I don’t believe I was.  It was that I was ignorant and operating from the wrong set of assumptions.

That, is a weakness we all share.  It’s why an open mind and an unceasing spirit of inquiry (wanting to know, knowing that you don’t know) are great tools for the fully formed human mind.  (person)

My view of the topic of abortion was shaped by a number of well written books on the subject.   Curt Young’s The Least Of These, Paul Fowler’s Abortion: Toward and Evangelical Consensus, and Hensley’s The Zero People.

The termination of a fetus (the word embryo could also be used) was troubling to and for me.  Many of the tidbits revealed in my inquiry were disturbing.

We are dealing with the most sensitive of subjects, and this remains a keen awareness as I type (choose) each word here…every single thought.



Gender abortion. (aborting the gender not preferred by the parties involved)


Health of the mother.

Right to privacy.


RU 486 abortifacient. (the morning after pill)

I was 25.  This thing was big and I sensed that question from within my soul – what are you going to do about this?

Roe –vs - Wade is now 40 years old and a day.  A crossroad for me, came when it was only nine years new.

I endeavored to check into this new phenomenon the Supreme Court of the United States of America had decreed, in a 7-2 vote: that laws prohibiting abortion were unconstitutional.

Only Justices White and Rehnquist dissented.

7 – 2 isn’t even close.

In the same way that the Scopes trial outcome stunned Tennesseans, so too did the 1973 decision legalizing elective abortion surprise a nation.  (there were places in America, like New York – where abortion was legal, but generally – the procedure was outlawed)

But that was then and this is now.

It is no exaggeration to consider that for every American 40 years old and younger, these citizens know that they survived the womb.  The millions ( …who really knows how many abortions have been performed in America since 1973?  40 million?  50? ) of comrades of theirs who didn’t make it out of the womb are just a statistic.

Who cares?

We speak of the holocaust with solemn regard, lamenting the horror the Nazis perpetrated.



Liberals (labels are always insufficient), perhaps better stated, the Choice camp – builds its argument on the sturdy (their view) pillars of a woman’s reproductive rights, her privacy and her freedom to choose.

It is a sufficient argument if a woman is the only person in the picture.

To facilitate this, the developing child remains unrecognized; thus, has no rights under the constitution of the United States of America.

This premise must be sustained or the Choice camp’s arguments don’t stand.

Example: a woman has the right to fire a pistol as she pleases; perhaps…but if the projectile strikes a neighbor in the head, she has affected someone else whose rights have been violated.  (the right to not get shot)

Now, let’s say the date of the above incident is the late 1700’s.

And let’s say the victim (recipient of the slug) is a negro.

No crime, no consequence.

The negro had no constitutional protection.  No law was broken or violated.

Incomprehensible, indeed.  Of course black people have rights!

But attitudes and opinions and laws change over time, just like people do.

Who wrote this?

 “…it is my personal feeling that the legalization of abortion on demand is not in accordance with the value which our civilization places on human life.”

It was 1971 and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

A recent release by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) disclosed that PP provided a record number of abortions in the fiscal year 2011-2012.

The number 333,964 was cited.

Ahh heck, it’s just a number.

The estimated population of the City of Orlando (Florida) is around 245,000.

Just beans to a bean counter.

And then there’s the money: PPFA reports revenues of $1.2 billion; almost half a billion came from the coffers of governments at various levels.

Grants and funds for operations – “services” I think they call it; birth control, counseling, advice, health care…

Women’s rights.


Anti-abortion terrorists.

Dead babies.

The answer to my soul’s question was decided immediately; only the ‘how’ of it was left to shape and implement.  The route of political engagement would be for someone else, not me.  Friends assisted and we launched (locally) an outreach that welcomed women to receive the help, support and resources most helpful  in her time of crisis.

The focus was on mom, not her child.

Women at a crossroad and more often than not overwhelmed at the prospects, often alone – of carrying a child to term.

Women who couldn’t fathom having a child, let alone raising one.

Ladies who needed help.

Women who more often than not were abandoned and left to bear the consequences of an act that involved not just themselves.


Thanks a lot.

Men (boys) willing to take but who never look back; John Doe’s who refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

Heart wrenching situations.

Over the past 30 years, the center has helped thousands of women in crisis.  These care centers exist all over the country, most having been instigated by loving, compassionate friends who want to help, want to aid and assist.

Authors like Kathryn Joyce implicate these centers as clandestine baby brokerages, stealing children for adoption (and profit) under the guise of persuading women not to abort their unborn child.

Angry feminist.

Outraged pro-lifers.

Talking, thinking, speaking about abortion isn’t a very wise thing to do.

The smart person learns to just turn and look the other way.

Don’t go there.

When I was 21 I captured an armed robber who (I didn’t know at the time) had just raped the clerk he robbed.  He lives in a Florida prison, serving five life sentences and 160 years.

Supposedly, he’s not eligible for parole.

I certainly hope that is the case.

The victim got pregnant.

A brutal rape.

A victim impregnated by her barbarian assailant.

Not that it matters, but she was a virgin.

She aborted the child.

I understand.

I’m pro-life and I understand.

Her life was forever marred by this creature.

I often revisit the scene where I grabbed him, threw him to the floor and handcuffed him.

I fantasize taking…well, never mind.

Hard cases are not recommended for consideration in the formation of public policy.

Let that be a valuable lesson for us all.  Those who offer Newtown, Aurora or Virginia Tech as proof that guns are the problem aren’t playing fair, and such reactionary ploys will not result in sound, enduring regulations and laws.

In no place anywhere in America, are individuals who are a danger to themselves or others permitted to own a weapon – of any kind.

September 11, 2001 demonstrated that airline passenger craft can be used as deadly weapons of terrific destruction.  We didn’t ban airplanes; we simply implemented practices to prevent dangerous pilots from accessing the cockpit.

Okay, speaking of airplanes, it’s time to land this one.

Time for that second cup of coffee.

I think I’ll take a walk on the beach, it’s pretty morning.

I probably just lost a few friends.

And gained the appreciation of a few others.

Most probably didn’t even make it this far down the post.

Too many words; too controversial.


One nation, under God.

A land founded upon the dignity of mankind, inalienable rights and the pursuit of happiness.

Our common destiny, however – is no more.  That seems to be decided by chance.  Specifically, whose womb you attach your mass of cells to.

Peculiar how the numbers line up; those 40 and under voters.


They feel right at home with the Democrats.

Go figure.


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5 replies

  1. Reblogged this on DeborahBidwell's Blog and commented:
    being pro-life is a difficult road, I had an abortion, not by choice, didnt even know it when it happened it was a d&c, didnt know till my mom said it was an abortion and on her insurance, in fact it was a miscarriage and the d&c was to clean up from it. I dont agree with using abortion as a birth control, but I do believe there are reasons for abortions, I just choose NOT to have 1 for me. again the right to CHOOSE LIFE

  2. …hard, hard stuff. matters of the heart. thank you Deborah

  3. Not an easy topic at all, but when you realize that more babies are murdered this way every year than have died in American wars combined since 1775, you realize that the world is a much poorer place.

  4. Very nice writing and well considered. Sympathetic.
    Our reality isn’t sympathetic. It isn’t nice and facing it usually, seems to me, isn’t popular. But it’s reality anyway.
    Pro abortion views proliferated when girls got The Pill and set our to play like boys had for eons. For that, the Christian views of life had to be abandoned, and they have been. And while girls, the keepers of social values, did this, the boys were happy to join in.
    If killing an inconvenient baby is ok, so is killing other inconvenient people and human life is a commodity. And who’s definition of ‘inconvenient’ prevails?
    Focusing on the problems of the killer–mom, in this case–does not justify the killing of an innocent. That can be very hard, fortunately, not so often. But that’s life. Justice isn’t served when the innocent pay for the problems of others. And a self-serving decision that a nascent human isn’t a human being is but a pathetic abdication of responsibility. What are they then…duck-billed platypuses?

    The unstated price for Roe vs. Wade seems to me, that it takes the value of human life from the churches and hands it to the state, where it necessarily becomes a commodity. In history, that hasn’t worked very well, which is why the Founders refused to adopt it…
    All of which, while it seems inarguable to me, is an increasingly minority view from what I read….

  5. Once you decide as an individual or as a culture that there is no true ‘sanctity of innocent human life’ then the long slide into barbarism begins. Truly civilized people value and protect even the most vulnerable among us.

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