Rush Limbaugh On Hillary’s Benghazi Testimony: ‘Flat-Out Bullshit!’


I hate to admit it, but I couldn’t stop myself from watching Hillary’s Benghazi testimony before both Houses of Congress yesterday. Not because I expected she’d actually come clean – or that Republicans would be able to paint her into a corner from which she couldn’t escape – but because I wanted to see her lie, deny, obfuscate and pass the buck. I wasn’t disappointed – and can sum it up in one sentence:

I have never seen a politician NOT answer direct and incriminating questions so arrogantly.

Nearly as disgusting was the pathetic slobbering and fawning of Democrat after Democrat as they pretended to question Clinton – carefully phrasing their comments and questions as they worked their asses off to bolster her case and save her image. But, hey – that was to be expected; back to Hillary.

One of my favorite exchanges began when Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) repeatedly asked “Hill” whether the attack was carried out by an organized group of terrorists or whether it was a spontaneous riot caused by an anti-Muhammad video — as she and the Regime had initially – and repeatedly – claimed. (In later questioning, Clinton had the astonishing audacity to say she never blamed the attack on the video.)

“We were misled that there were supposedly protests and then something sprang out of that, an assault sprang out of that and that was easily ascertained that that was not the fact and the American people could have known that within days,” Sen. Johnson said. “And they didn’t know that.”

A bristling Hillary was not happy with his line of questioning:

“With all respect, the fact is we have four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans?”

She then shouted:

“What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator.”

I guess you’re right, Hillary; what difference does it make that you and the Regime misled the American people – from the beginning – on the death of four Americans – and continue to do so until this day?

Rush Limbaugh also took umbrage with Hillary’s performance – challenging her claim that she did “everything in her power” to help Ambassador Steven:

“This is flat-out bullshit! What did she do to save anybody? Can anyone cite a single thing? She didn’t do anything to save anybody!

The ‘difference’ is that you were lying through your teeth about it, Mrs. Clinton, and you knew it!

What difference does it make the administration lied to the American people?

What difference does it make the president lied to the American people?

What difference does it make Jay Carney lied to the American people?

What difference does it make that Susan Rice lied to the American people on six different shows (or five)?

What difference does it make that Hillary Clinton lied to the American people?”

Here’s Rush’s commentary in its full glory:

A Republican friend suggested this morning that we should have “a fair amount of compassion” for those in public service – given the often-thankless jobs they do. Yes, we should – and I do. BUT.

The day we fail to hold public officials accountable (which has happened from the early days of the Regime) is (was) an ominous day for America. This administration was not only guilty of gross negligence that led to the deaths of four Americans; it has misled the public on Benghazi from the beginning. The Bipartisan Senate Report said as much – and proved it.

And Hillary took “responsibility.” What does that mean, Madam Secretary? What is responsibility without consequences – particularly when you fell asleep at the switch – or worse – and have covered it up ever since?

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  1. Typical of the left, sell out, deny it, finally take responsibility when it costs nothing, and then wonder why responsible people detest you. Gag.

    • And still, she – and multiple Democrats – suggested several times yesterday that Congress was at least partially responsible due to reduced or denied funding. The only problem? State Department officials are on record as saying the lax security had ZERO to do with funding issues. Disgusting hag.

      P.S. She failed to mention the State Department’s $1.2 billion CLIMATE CHANGE budget, huh?

  2. She took responsibility by not actually taking responsibility. That’s the Democrat way.

  3. Hillary fell on Obama’s sword for him. My question is, what is she getting in return? What was the agreement, the deal? There had to be a reason SHE took the fall, when she was not in direct line for any of the decisions made, and not someone else. Hillary is way too smart to take that sort of heat without getting something out of it.

    • There was no deal. These people know going in they may have to become suicide bombers. This was easy for her since she is on her way out. Where it may bite her in the butt is if she does run in 2016. She took this post to fill in that blank on her resume regarding foreign policy experience which is what killed her in 2008. This just blew 4 years of falling on her sword like a cat with nine lives. This has not been the first time she has had to do it.

      • Foreign policy experience was a problem for Hillary? Would that be the same as “Nomad” Obuttman’s experience? Or any experience at all on Obuttman’s resume.

      • Hillary is the only member of the cabinet who could have done it and not have it stick – and none of this was her doing. There had to be a payoff. That’s the way it’s done.

      • Yeah, that “What does it matter?!?” will show up in campaign ads should she decide to run. Although, given the “progressive,” low-information status of 51% of the electorate, what the hell will it matter?

  4. As I understand her campaign debt was paid in full on the day she testified, or the day after. Meanwhile the big cankled one keep right on being the “hag” that she has always been. She tore up how many WOMEN, declaring them liars/sluts/whores when the stories about her loving Hubby’s infidelity broke. Even the ones he sexually assaulted. No surprise here, and the drooling over her being one of the best Sec. of States was just as bad. And how about one simple question, which of the lot of you inept, liberal, bully MORONS knew what and WHEN, and who decided to do NOTHING.

    • Kathy, you said: “Foreign policy experience was a problem for Hillary? Would that be the same as “Nomad” Obuttman’s experience? Or any experience at all on Obuttman’s resume.” If you’ll recall Obama had the same attack leveled on him by not only Clinton but Biden, Kerry and the others. The difference was that at some point the puppeteers decided that Obama’s inexperience and his color trumped his inexperience or Clinton’s gender. It was Obama’s “clean slate” that allowed him to win as everyone assumed he was what he said he was.


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