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WWJD: Is God A Conservative Or A Liberal?

“Jesus said to him [Philip], ‘Have I been with you so long, and yet you have not known Me, Philip? He who has seen Me has seen the Father; so how can you say, “Show us the Father?” (John 14:9)Image

One of the most common accusations presented today by Godless progressives and certain Christian factions is the claim conservative Christians are legalistic elitists who spend our time chastising society from our self appointed positions of judge, jury and executioner.

Godless progressives recite talking points in unison with their self-serving activist comrades having embraced humanism as proselytes of the “choices are actually right and/or entitlements” doctrine.  Their method of reasoning (if indeed we can call it reasoning) is based on arguments of empirical evidence that discount anything outside the senses as having any basis for belief. A simpler way of saying it is they fall prey to pseudo intellectualism  boasting of their ignorance like the Emperor without clothes.  The best example of this is their lack of understanding as to what claiming the mantle of liberalism actually means within its original definition.

On the other hand factions of the Christian Church are in many ways just as ignorant but more destructive than progressives.  Congregations who frequent churches like those of Jeremiah Wright (you remember him, Obama’s mentor who apparently did not become a racist until AFTER Obama decided to run for President) rattle off ecumenical heresy using Scripture much like the hymns they memorized in their youth, never actually hearing their words or the words of their leaders as they proclaim Christian conservatives have absolutely no understanding as to why Jesus gave His life for the world.  Entire congregations like those that proclaim Black Liberation Theology mock God with their Marxist doctrine of the eradication of poverty and racism through His shed blood (How many blacks do you read of in the Bible who were disenfranchised in the days of Jesus?).

The Word of Faith movement has arguably turned more souls into apostates than atheists could ever aspire to through their bastardized prosperity message that preaches a soft sell “name it and claim it” Gospel complete with self-help sermons that draw people to Jesus not to escape the judgment of God but to fulfill a purpose driven life of wealth and Utopian bliss in harmony with the spiritually dead of this world.  Once they realize becoming a true Christian (called a Disciple) is a commitment that brings with it persecution by the very folks they seek to find common ground with and testing by the very same God Who has saved them from hell they run for the hills to return to the worship of their idols in the high places.

Just as effective in trampling the fields are the denominational entities (Catholicism, Lutheran, Methodist, etc.) and cults like LDS that claim salvation either through exclusive affiliation with them or non-affiliation with others who adhere to doctrine that offends them.  Members of these associations garner a deceptive humanistic comfort that comes with believing one can earn their way to heaven through their dogmatic doctrine that negates the need for grace from God through Christ.

It is with this understanding of these segments of society in mind I often ask my Christian brethren and fellow ministers, “Is God a conservative or a liberal?”  I find myself often chuckling silently as they are “punked” by their perceived seriousness of my question.  Most know how involved I am in political activism and caution me I may become or have already become obsessed with finding answers to questions like this to such a degree I may be depriving myself of all that goes with being a “King’s kid”.  They fear I believe I may fall from grace.

Of course God is not a registered Republican or Democrat nor does He ascribe to the tenants of lawless Libertarianism or the fickleness of emotional Independents.  But given the fact many think the Church is a club for self ordained saints and not a hospital for sinners (a description credited to Dear Abby) or that the DNC thinks conservative Christianity is enough of a threat to remove any mention of a Judeo-Christian God or His chosen people from their platform the question deserves some serious thought.   What would Jesus say regarding God’s political views if He were to be among us today as He was in Jerusalem over 2,000 years ago?

Would He appear on MSNBC and tell Chris Matthews or Rachel Maddow that indeed wealth redistribution is a Godly mandate and that rendering to Caesar that which belongs to Caesar (regarding the paying of taxes) mean that Caesar has sole authority to determine how much is his and how much is everyone’s fair share?  Even more important would Jesus condone removing the tax exempt status from His Church for speaking against issues like these and other social issues due to the imaginary wall of separation the left has placed in the thought of mainstream America?

For instance, would Jesus state aborting babies is an acceptable option because He understands those who become pregnant through negligence shouldn’t “be punished” as our President once stated, with having to raise a child they weren’t ready for?

Would Jesus say we should not only be tolerant of homosexual behavior but embrace it as an acceptable life style because God tells us to love others as we love ourselves? After all isn’t love simply love? Does it matter who you choose to copulate with as long as you are faithful to that person.

Would Jesus tell us that personal responsibility and accountability are now blasé and outdated principles because He understands that not everyone gets a “fair shake” in life and there are too many that have far too much while there are far too many that don’t have enough?

These are the claims the progressive make against conservative Christian reasoning.  And there are just as great a number claiming the Christian mantle that indeed Jesus’ words are the foundation of Socialist/Marxist doctrine exemplified in His command to love the world as He loves His Church.

But let us consider that God states emphatically in His Word that He “…changes not” and that Jesus is the “…same today and forever.  Isn’t that the literal meaning of the word “conservative”?

Look up that passage in Jeremiah where He says, “Before I formed you in the womb [conceived] I knew you…”.  Or better yet listen to God’s own words as he states homosexuality is, “…an abomination.  And spend some time objectively examining Jesus’ reference to Caesar’s taxes and you will see plainly He was referring to placing our priorities in proper order in regard to the love of money and our relationship with God.  Now tell me God is not a conservative?

Of course God is also liberal in that He allows us to choose those we want to represent us.  He doesn’t vote nor does He stand outside the polling place and tell us who to vote for.  He doesn’t visit talk shows and tell us why a candidate is good or bad and I doubt He cares how much is spent on campaigns.

He is basically a populist in that He gives us what we ask for.  God places everyone in power.  And He does it in response to what we seek.  If you don’t believe that try reading about King Saul.  That is the lesson before us today.  We get what we ask for. We reap what we sow.  And in that regard that is probably the most conservative aspect of God. He changes not and neither does His choice to let us choose our own path.  We are the ones that need to change.  And it better happen soon.  Because another thing that has not changed is the Day of Judgment.

Jon Matthews is the Producer and Host of “That Radio Show” which airs Monday – Thursday from 7 – 8 PM (PST) on Blog Talk Radio. He is also author of the soon to be released book, “The Day The Music Died; How Apostasy & Liberalism Have Destroyed Our Republic”.  You can reach Jon at jon@rightandwrongradio.com.

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10 replies

  1. Excellent Post !
    Now lets take a Breath of Fresh Air……….
    The following scriptures should bring forth the Reality of the Truth of G-d.
    and of the things that man desires through the False prophets.
    1 John 2:15-17….Love of the world.
    1 Timothy 6:10….Money.
    John 4:24….The Spirit of Truth…a Reality we MUST except !

    Be Well…Be Safe…and in all your ways pursue the Love of G-d !

  2. It’s easy enough for me to agree or disagree with the pronouncements of others; much more difficult for me to decide words to put into the mouth of God anent those pronouncements.. All the churches seem to me to agree on one thing: their version of things is the truth and all others are in varying degrees, wrong. Being unable to sort most of them from each other, I’m happy for their (mostly) edifying presence in the civilization we have built upon precepts generally shared among them and unhappy to see the population abandoning those for humanistic relativism, which for me, inevitably ends with worship of the state since it is the only remaining source of power.

    Whether God would approve of Democrats (who get Catholics, Jews, and many Protestants and atheists) or the GOP (which gets Presbyterians, many other Protestants and atheists) seems to me necessarily moot as both are groups of politicians, folk that, along with the Devil, are famous for quoting scripture for their purposes…I expect a genuine Deity to do much better than either… So I’m of no help in the discussion, though I enjoyed reading it and the resulting thought as well.

  3. Jack, thanks for taking the time to reply. I can only say it was not my intention to attempt to speak for God or pigeonhole Him as approving of one ideology over another. I was merely drawing comparisons from a biblical perspective to point out how much we as one nation who claim to be founded on Christian principles have strayed from them. All are as guilty as the next because rebellion in God’s realm is nor proportional but either is or isn’t. But I do thank you for the thoughtful comments.

  4. What I can say in all confidence is that what You think You know about the staituion by comparison to the realities of US inaction would fit quite keenly as a suppository for a gnat.This murder and mayhem has gone on unabated for 19+ Days and could have been resolved in under 72 hours but for the Consultations and outright dithering. Again, What You know is less than what is ground truth and what You can speculate upon is what is frankly above your pay grade. Everyone is an expert when You have nothing at risk. so get Yourself a cup of sit down and STFU while others that could have nipped this in the bud early on were told to do the same. Take a dunce cap out of petty cash. You earned it.Reply

    • Mahmoud, thanks for taking the time to reply. As for a response I would gladly give one if I had any idea of what you are saying and it had anything to do with what I wrote. You apparently have some axe to grind about the U.S. and so I say feel free to grind it. I might suggest you re-read the piece and post something other than some profane pseudo-intellectual babble that means nothing in context to what the point is in this piece. That would be that we have become a nation that tries to dictate to God rather than the other way around and will pay the price should we not repent.

  5. It’s an interesting post. We as Christians get ourselves into trouble by saying “God wants this…,” “God does that…” Our job, if you are a believer, is to abide in His Word. If you do just that alone, you’re okay.

    All churches, all denominations, every single layman, in one degree or another, wants power of some sort. It’s why we have thousands of divisions in Western Christianity, and a handful in the East, too. So many headaches these days…

  6. Simple, God is neither conservative nor liberal. He is a monarch, the great Ruler of the world. No, God doesn’t give us what we ask for. He gives us what He thinks is the best for us. I know that doesn’t mesh with some peoples’ theologies.

    • Brenda, I was NOT claiming God was anything other than God. I believe I specified that. I was trying to point out how progressives 1) try to rationalize and justify their sin and 2) how they attempt to silence those that disagree, including God. And if I were to take it a bit further I would also point out how we conservatives that claim to follow Jesus and believe in God remain silent to a great degree on what we know to be their motive.

  7. Everything worth anything is a Zionist plot. Moses was the first Zionist.

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