Rolling Stones Reporter On O’s Press Corps: ‘When They’re Near Him, They Lose Their Minds’


Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings hooked up with MSNBC’s anti-American, pro-socialist, Martin Bashir yesterday to hawk his book on the 2012 campaign. Not a surprise.

Hastings admitted that “journalists” (I use the term loosely here) who covered O during the campaign became so overwhelmed by his presence (aura) at times that they would “lose their minds” and even “swoon” over him. A surprise.

Not the behavior of the liberal media lapdogs – the fact that Hastings would actually admit it.

Hastings said a Wall Street Journal reporter once even tried to conduct an interview with O using a “sock puppet” – how appropriate – demonstrating just how cozy Dear Leader is with the sycophantic media.

Hastings explained (vomit alert):

“But that’s the presence of Obama, even on the press corps – even on the people who follow him every day – when they’re near him, they lose their minds sometimes. They start behaving in ways that are juvenile, and amateurish, and they swoon.”

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Hastings, who first met O in 2006 and admitted that he consciously decided to ask the then-senator “soft” questions instead of hard ones, was asked by Bashir if he, too, gets caught up in O’s presence:

“Oh, I do. Oh, man.”

And liberals try to tell us with a straight face that the media isn’t biased. You can watch the clip here.

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  1. “Exactly so”, quoth me. And now that the electorally overwhelming majority responds to propaganda and the manipulation of feelings in place of evidently outdated conservative facts and logic, courtesy I suppose of decades of public education, we may well need more Righteous disciples of Goebbels and Lenin’s methods to get across to them. So far, reality doesn’t seem to be doing it…

    • Jack you really are one wise guy whoops, I meant owl. There is a phenomenon within some (now mind you I only said some) New Age Religious elements who are looking for a human “savior” to come. When Hitler came into power some of the Theosophists thought he was their New Age Messiah. Obama is exactly this to some people.

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