The Builder-in-Chief: What Is Obama’s End-Game?

What you are about to read is discomfiting. It may seem unkind or clash with your worldview. Neither is the intent. The goal is truth.

Can we remain free without asking questions? Can we assume that our freedoms will never be lost? No. The freedom of the past will not—and cannot—inoculate us against tyranny, not even in the U.S.A. Now is not the time to bury our heads in the sand. We cannot “hope” that our leaders will govern with integrity and benevolence, especially when they send clear signals to the contrary.

I’m no prophet, but I know this: the prophets of old were ridiculed. The people mocked their “crazy” ideas, refusing to believe that destruction could touch them. But those “crazy” warnings came to pass, and generations suffered unimaginable torments.

This is my earnest plea for all Americans to be vigilant.

As you read on, you might be tempted to call me a conspiracy theorist. You might even cast me as one who “clings to guns and religion.” You’d be missing the point, but you would also be partly right: I won’t surrender my second amendment rights and my trust is in Almighty God.

What I and others are is watchful. When we raise concerns, it is not from fear, but common sense and love of country. Like anyone, we have more on our plates than politics. In my case, a small business keeps me hopping. I love the work and am thankful for it. But I don’t have gobs of time to monitor world events.

Nevertheless, I’m not oblivious. I am watching…and praying. I have done more of both since 51 percent of voters reelected Barack Obama. His dismal performance should have warned them away. It did not. He succeeded in selling a story that defied reality. But fantasy is not conducive to democracy. Instead, it is a hallmark of deception, a precursor of oppression.

Forty-nine percent of voters rejected the Obama narrative. For them, soaring rhetoric could not disguise the strange fire rising from Chicago and D.C. They refused to swallow the memes and the murk. Whether the occupant of the White House was an old white guy or the first African-American President, integrity mattered.

What a shame that this historic presidency turned so rank. It should have been a zenith in our arc of history, a boon to racial harmony and national unity, a healing balm for centuries-old wounds. Who could have imagined the complete opposite results—top-down race-baiting, seething polarization, and a ruthless shredding of the American fabric?

Really anyone could have—anyone who honestly considered this fact: the first president of color just happened to be possessed of an extreme countercultural vision that sees America (the very idea of America) as “the problem.” Black or white, vision matters.

How could the vision prove so potent? Simple: most Americans refuse to believe that such a vision could ever find embodiment in the Oval Office.

But it has. A remnant stirred its ashes long enough, until just the right “messianic” figure came along. He or she would have to supremely charismatic, able to sweeten the vision by concealing its ramifications; able to sell it with a straight face and a soothing twist of “compassion”; and willing to own the stone-cold rapacity to stuff it down half the people’s throats.

It grieves me to say this—it should not have to be said—but this is the stock and trade of Barack Obama. He embodies and beatifies the vision. He acclimated the people like so many eggs tempered and coaxed into a custard. So many found his biography irresistible (crafted though it was). The “meat” was so tasty, they were willing to swallow the “bones,” too. When the time came, they did everything but lay down palm branches to usher him across the threshold of the highest office in the land.

They hoped and even trusted that the phantasmagorical story they bought would pay off. And when the promises fell to the ground? The well-tempered flock mimicked the shepherd: they doubled down on something that didn’t make sense, but somehow sounded “right.”

The reflex to excuse the deceit you swallow is powerful. You scratch your head and say, “This stuff doesn’t add up. I guess the guy didn’t know what he was doing. Or maybe the problems were just too big. Or he was sabotaged because his skin is brown. He’s a great guy. He just needs a little more time and he’ll fix it for us.”

If only it didn’t add up. If only all this were due to utter ineptitude. But it does add up, and the “smartest guy in the room” can hire the best of the best to get things done right.

Yet nothing “right” has happened in four years. Sure. Mistakes have been made. They always are. But they’re not the issue. As Glenn Beck warned four years ago, “They’re building something.” The Obama vision is big. And it’s spiked with deflections and distractions. What seems herky-jerky and accidental is intentional, in this writer’s opinion. We hurtle day by day through seemingly disconnected issues. They pop onto our radar screens, raise our hackles, and set us at each other’s throats. Just as quickly, they force us to forget yesterday’s bizarreness and move on.

“It’s just politics,” we say. “The guy is trying. After all, he’s one of us.”

The frenetic Obama scheme has kept Americans off-kilter and seeking comfort in rationalization, even as the building and the tearing down continue. Our political system, form of government, and even our national DNA stand in the way of this President’s scheme. So while new structures are erected, an equally brazen dismantling must make way for more. Health care goes up; freedom of religion is sliced away. The “antidote” for mass murder is erected; the right to bear arms is decimated. Debt skyrockets; personal wealth is systematically confiscated.

Policy isn’t everything. There’s the tearing down of people and of our traditions of honor and respect. Key groups—The Enemies of the Scheme—are demonized. Small government hawks, people of faith (specifically, adherents of Judeo-Christian tenets), lawful gun owners, income tax payers, the self-sufficient, job- and wealth-creators, the “rich,” and those who cherish our founding documents are selected for ridicule and slander. Monstrous motives are projected onto them. Why? Because scapegoats are necessary to the scheme.

The Builder and Dismantler in Chief has fixed The Enemies of the Scheme in his sights and in the public consciousness. This is not a tactic, but a strategy. The goal is to call ordinary citizens, lovers of the American way, defenders of the Constitution, believers in economic freedom into complete disrepute so that The Friends of the Scheme (including unwitting ones) feel empowered to treat them like enemies, too. By making some Americans the problem and incentivizing dependency among others, Obama castrates the first group and turns the second into a concrete coalition of acolytes willing to swallow whatever he dishes do whatever he suggests.

This is not news. Can you name one press conference or other staged event in which this dynamic was absent? We are being set up for the classic divide-and-conquer mechanisms that precede all moves toward tyranny. Eventually, every citizen either becomes a “victim” of seething hatred, or a victimizer of other Americans.

The Divider in Chief has already accomplished much of this ground-laying. You might think he’s on your side, but he’s not. He’s not in this for you or me or the poor or the middle class or anyone else. He is in this for something big—really big. So big, I doubt that the building will end in January 2017.

So here are some thoughts. Rationalize them if you feel you must. But see me in 2017 and we’ll revisit them then. If I’m wrong, you can get some licks in.

I pray to God I am wrong. But the President has sent up too many flares and trial balloons. And his overall conduct? It is aimed at the nations’s viscera. Surely you see that. If you don’t, I question the filters through which you choose to see him.

How I would love for Barack Obama to challenge my assessment and prove me wrong. He won’t because, in my opinion, he can’t. So he strikes preemptively, over and over again, to destroy The Enemies. If he succeeds, he can build anything he wants.

The President has pushed every envelope, stretched every boundary, drained the hopes of millions, upended freedom of the press, and threatened every soul that opposes his scheme. He has promised to work with or without Congress. (Does that not tell you all you need to know?) He has forced law-abiding citizens into a series of untenable positions by challenging their civil liberties and economic freedom. He has marginalized whole swaths of the population.

All of this is wrapped in the time bomb of crushing national debt and intractable spending. No budgets, no cuts, no entitlement reforms, no desire or attempt to right the ship or avert economic collapse. The man who swore to protect us is heaping wounds upon us. Might his strategy be tailored to make America into the dream of his father, a place not American at all?

How else can Barack Obama’s ways make sense? Do his actions not contradict his purported values—his care for the people, his “love” of country, his desire to “protect the middle class”?

And why has his campaign machine been converted into a long-standing army ostensibly armed to push his second-term agenda? Since when do presidents retain personal lobbying groups; and how hypocritical is it for the guy who pledged to kick lobbyists out of the White House to birth his lobbying group from within?

I ask you: why wasn’t the Obama campaign team disbanded? Why haven’t they moved on with their careers? What is this President really planning? Does any of this comport with common sense?

If you’re honest, you’ll admit that something stinks.

So how did we get here? I submit that we arrived via a disconnect in the American psyche. The disconnect occurred somewhere between the President’s intent (as revealed by his actions) and our unwillingness to admit that his intent is inherently anti-American. We overlooked the facts as they were presented.

Were we not listening in 2008 when Barack Obama proclaimed his plan to fundamentally transform this country? Are we still not listening? Do we want to adore him that badly? Are we so ignorant…so naïve?

Let’s get this through our “it could never happen here” paradigm—Barack Obama means business. In just four years, he has undone us as a people. How far does he plan to go? Is he willing to push The Enemies of the Scheme to the brink of civil disobedience? Does any Alinsky-ite not realize that, at some point, the people will push back? Isn’t he the smartest community organizer in the room?

Can you imagine Tea Party-type demonstrations beginning anew? And what if gun rights’ folks show up? What kind of field day would the President, the media, and the rest of the Obama Adoration Society have then? Can you hear the chants of “Nazi” and “Racist” rising again?

Could it be that this President, the hip-pocket friend of radicals who live for just such a moment, sees personal benefit in social upheaval? Is he stone-cold willing to exploit it? What leverage would he gain to further marginalize The Enemies, to incite his Friends, to extend his incumbency, and to further restrict civil rights?

You tell me. But let me tell you one more thing: if you can’t imagine anything like this happening here, think again. Unless, of course, you can explain the President’s actions some other way.

I’m listening.

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8 replies

  1. It seems you are seeing the same symptoms I have seen from early on in Obama’s presidency. We as Americans should never underestimate the power of propaganda. We have as a witness what happened in Germany leading up to and during WWII. Oh, I know American people scoff when anyone compares them to the Germans of that time. They shouldn’t. What happened there is a witness to the Western World of how a civilized country would tolerate barbarity if told by sources they trusted that such actions were right and good. I use as an example the “bill of goods” many Americans have been sold about abortion. Amazing, isn’t it that gentle, compassionate, delicate women would say such a barbaric act was good. Such is the strength of the ability of propaganda masters to manipulate some people. I rest my case.

  2. Great article Donna, and pretty much lays it on the line. Of course for those who think “facts’ are just a waste of time they will never see with “clear eyes” the destruction that it taking place right here and now.

    • Much thanks, Kathi. I know it seems hopeless…but I was hopelessly Leftist back in the day, too ;)

      • Now we know what was in that creepy closet all those years ago, when the lights were turned off. Back then it was just something occasionally scratching under the bed. Now, with reality out in the open those of us who are willing can see the MONSTERS. but he/obuttman, seems like such a nice guy, he, he, he. We finally voted for the boogie man and freed him from the childhood horror in the closet and under the bed. he has been there all our life corrupting our education from kindergarten thru graduate school.. Now he stand defiantly reelected, lauded by the media, adored by the dependent and the witless and supported by the throngs who seek gov’t answers to their pathetic life situations. Welcome aboard the Train to hell, Satan’s utopia.

      • Most definitely the issue is, at its root, spiritual. Perilous times indeed.


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