University Of Minnesota Symposium: Bigger, Better, More Orgasms For Women

Woman having an orgasm

From the “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” department: The University of Minnesota will host a symposium this spring specifically designed to help its female undergraduate students achieve bigger, better and more orgasms. Seriously.

“Orgasm aficionados and beginners of all genders are welcome to come learn about everything from multiple orgasms to that mysterious G-spot,” reads the description posted on the school’s official events calendar.

“Are you coming?” it asks.

The university’s official online description of the event, entitled, “The Female Orgasm,” describes it as open to both male and female students, according to Campus Reform.

“Whether you want to learn how to have your first orgasm, how to have better ones, or how to help you girlfriend, Kate and Marshall cover it all,” it adds.

The symposium will be taught by “sex educators” Marshall Miller and Kate Weinberg, who have conducted similar programs at other universities across the country.

Their website explains that their programs “use a mixture of interactive activities, lecture, discussion, multimedia, funny stories, and question and answer.”

Good to see there will be hands-on experience. You know how people learn best by “doing.”

“Nothing embarrasses us, and no topic is too basic or risqué,” it adds. (Of course not.)

The description of the event, which is hosted by the university’s Office of Diversity and Equity’s Women’s Center, does not say whether there is an age requirement. While the average age of undergraduate students is 21, it’s not uncommon for students as young as 17 to enroll at the university.

While there will be no cost to symposium participants, please be advised: batteries not included.

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11 replies

  1. I could just say so much here but I won’t. Heh. (:

  2. Well, obviously they won’t exclude those under 21 (who’ve been getting sex ed since 2nd grade) as there’s so much they can contribute to the demonstrations…they aren’t yet jaded like the 21-year-olds…

    Can’t help recalling the report of the dad who took his 12-year-old aside and said: “Son, you’ve reached the age where we have to have a little talk about human sexuality.” And the son replied” “Sure, Dad, what do you want to know?”

    And that ancient and unrefuted pronouncement: “He that sows the wind, shall reap the whirlwind.” Or the updated version having to do with free lunches…

    And the nicest part, the sign over the door pointing to” “Your taxpayer dollars at work!”

    (Couldn’t resist the fat pitch, could you, Rat?)

  3. Gee, Rat, didn’t know you were moonlighting at Cosmo and Men’s Health.

  4. Geez, a must add to your resume when you are out looking for that job you won’t be able to get. Make sure to sign up for the “Piercing and tatooing of every part of your body” course while you are at it. Top on the list for the Human resources department when reviewing you job application and resume. Bet their is no need for “studying” since everyone will get an “A”, or an “O” for being “orgasmicalicisious”.

  5. Its a one day event, for 2 hours…..not a matriculated course.

  6. Personally, I’m not married, nor am I envolved in any sexual conduct with a woman. I have sworn a vow of celibacy.

    Normally I don’t dream much because I have learned how to direct and control what I dream. However, lately I have had some dreams that would entice a priest into having sex, if with no one else but him self. This night being one of them. But I with stood, and decided to get up for some coffee and to read a little.

    My point is, the Devil is Real, and he wants to entice as many of the Elect to be sinners, and not ready for the Messiah to come as he can. And the Messiahs return is close at hand. The Anti christ himself has been revealed, and it IS BARAK OBAMA.

    Sex outside of marriage, and wrongfully even in your mind, is a SIN. Say you are with your wife having sex, and the whole time your seeing the cute little teen age girl next door. Well your committing Adultery in your heart.

    I know many of you will want to refute what I have said, and I am not going to comment further or try to defend what I have said. But in your hearts, you Know I am Right.

    The Lord is not coming back for a Stained Bride, but a Chase and Spotless Bride who has made herself White in His Blood, Inside and Out. It is the Inner Man that we can make Chase and Perfect, as He is Chase and Perfect. The outward man if flawed and will never be perfect.

    The Devil Seeks to keep the Young people from being made ready for the return of the Messiah. If he can get into their minds, he can curse them and their hearts desire. making then Un Clean.

    The Devil wants people to die, and Not be with the Messiah, because he once wanted and still does want to be God, but we are on a rung of the ladder to Gods Throne a few steps higher then him, or than he would have been, simply because he didn’t posses the Holy Blood line as we humans and saved individuals are. We posses the Holy Blood line from Adam. You see, God made Adam using his own DNA, and that alone gave us a place closer to being his natural born child, then Lucifer was. So naturally, Lucifer felt he had been cheated out of the birthright of becoming GOD. And that is why he Hates Humans so much, that he seeks to deceive as many as he can from ever becoming a child of God.

    I know all this sounds a bit much, but it’s a lot more complicated then you can imagine.

    That is WHY all this is happening. Seek his face and Pray, that you would be considered Chase and Perfect even as He is Perfect.


  1. The G spot shot will pep up your sex life and your orgasm. Or will it?

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