Rat Droppings From Planet Looney Tunes: Business As Usual

llBeen awhile since the last edition of Rat Droppings. So, please “enjoy” – or at least try not to throw up in your mouth – as Rat gleefully brings you today’s business as usual from Planet Looney Tunes.

NARAL: Getting an abortion is just like getting a haircut. The pro-abortion group NARAL has just launched a bizarre new video that equates abortion with getting a haircut, picking out a sweater, going for a jog or chewing gum – which are all, according to NARAL, things that a woman can “choose to do with her body.”

All this by way of introduction to their new “Choice Out Loud” campaign, or as they like to say, “experience.”

Too bad the murdered babies don’t have a say in what to do with their bodies. The morality of America continues its trip to hell in a hand basket.

Little Mikey Bloomberg: Joe Biden’s “got a set of balls.” Pretend-Republican thin-skinned, egotistical bastard New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Crazy Joe Biden:

“You know, Joe Biden – you can joke about him all you want, but he’s got a set of balls, and he says what he believes. And he forced the focus on gay marriage. I’m sure the president was evolving and was about to do it anyways. But Biden deserves the credit. He should be the hero of the pro-gay marriage community.”

P.S. Mikey’s got a set of balls, too. He surrounds himself with armed guards while calling for the virtual disarmament of the American public. Hypocritical jackass.

Democratic Senator: Screw Congress and the Constitution, “much of the progressive agenda is going to be driven” by O’s “executive powers.” Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown (Ohio) believes O will drive the “progressive” agenda forward in his second term with a more aggressive use of executive power:

“We’re going to see a president of the United States use his executive powers as much as he’s allowed to under federal law and under the Constitution – in a more aggressive way than last time.

Unfortunately, Comrade Brown is right. As I said yesterday, el presidente is behaving as if he won all fifty states and carried the popular vote by 20 points.

Hillary compares Republicans to Jihadists who carried out Benghazi attack. Poor Hill is still pouting over the awful treatment she received at the hands of the big, bad Republicans during last week’s Benghazi hearings – whom she recently compared to Muslim extremists:

“It has been increasingly partisan. You can be partisan, you can have a strong sense of the rightness of your position, but democracy and certainly legislative bodies require compromise. And you can’t let compromise become a dirty word because then you veer toward fanaticism.

“I mean, we were just talking about extremists who think it’s only their way, they are the ones who have the truth, none of the rest of us have any kind of claim on what is real in their views.

And so it’s important in our democracies – like Australia, like the United States – that yes, be passionate, be intense about your feelings, but at the end of the day you’ve got to serve the people who sent you there, and that requires compromise.”

Hey, Hill – remember that whole “vast right-wing conspiracy” thing you talked about during Bubba’s Monica Lewinsky mess?

Race-hustler Al Sharpton demands O support a “black agenda” as payback for support. Here’s the “reverend” speaking earlier this week:

“We’re serious about this – a black agenda that we are raising from the civil rights leadership and this is convened by Mark Morial of the National Urban League and Ben Jealous of the NAACP and Melanie Campbell of National Civic Participation and myself from National Action Network.

Now, there are gonna be others with agendas and that’s fine, but we wanted to come with a concrete agenda to say to the president, say to the Congress, these are the areas from jobs across the board that we want to see dealt with and how we want to see it [sic] dealt with. In the first term of this administration we met on jobs and worked toward the jobs bill passage.

We dealt with education, we dealt with the question of voter rights, but now we want to deal with it as [sic] a collective way. We think a lot was done on [sic] the first term and a lot was done that directly dealt with some of the issues in our community. Now we want to deal with it collectively.”

Dude sure has a way with words, doesn’t he?

CBS’s Charles Osgood: “Is the U.S. Constitution truly worthy of the reverence in which most Americans hold it?” CBS’s Sunday Morning not only gave air time to  ultra-left-wing loon Georgetown University law professor Louis Michael Seidman this past week, but actually teased the segment by asking, “Is the U.S. Constitution truly worthy of the reverence in which most Americans hold it?”


“Is the U.S. Constitution truly worthy of the reverence in which most Americans hold it? A view on that from Lewis Michael Seidman, Professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown University.”


“I’ve got a simple idea: Let’s give up on the Constitution. I know, it sounds radical, but it’s really not. Constitutional disobedience is as American as apple pie.”

Isn’t it cute how the Obama Media Group pretends that it’s credible?

Al Gore: Why no, I’m not a hypocrite for selling Current TV to Al Jazeera. Really, Al? When you look up “hypocrite” in the dictionary? Yeah – there’s your picture.

Gore showed up on the Today Show this week to push his latest book (title purposely omitted so as not to give the bastard any more publicity) and denied that selling his failed network to a Qatar oil sheik was hypocritical. Here’s an excerpt from his idiotic book:

“Virtually every news and political commentary program on television is sponsored in part by oil, coal and gas companies.”

Astonishingly, pretend-journalist Matt Lauer asked Gore if the sale of Current TV to a network owned by the emir of an oil-funded Middle East country (Qatar) didn’t smack just a wee bit as contradictory. Gore:

“I certainly understand that criticism. I disagree with it. Because I think Al Jazeera has obviously long since established itself as a really distinguished and effective news gathering organization. And by the way, its climate coverage has been far more extensive and of high quality than any.”

And this guy nearly became the President of the United States.

Loyola University professor requires students to attend self-proclaimed communist Van Jones lecture. Former Regime official Van Jones was not only a guest speaker at Loyola University last week, but at least one professor required that his students attend the lecture.

Not to disappoint (left-wing loons), Jones strayed a tad from the marketed title of “2013 MLK Celebration,” instead encouraging students to embrace a “new patriotism” and the “ugly-unequal founding” of America. An excerpt:

“Allegedly this country is founded on an idea – America, the best idea, possibly in the history of the world. But at the moment of its founding there is a problem. There is a founding reality that is ugly and unequal.”

By the way, Loyola is the same university that banned Karl Rove from speaking on campus in 2010, later relenting after months of controversy.

Kids discussing toy guns cause school lockdown; heavily-armed guards called. This kind of liberal lunacy is occurring almost daily now:

A Bronx school was put on lockdown when two children were overheard talking about bringing a toy gun to school. Parents were told that they could not retrieve their children and were forced to wait for school officials to give the “all-clear.”

You ‘spose it was an “assault” toy gun?

Liberal moonbat Christie Hefner ties Chicago’s murder rate to climate change. On MSNBC (where else?) this morning, Center for American Progress’s (and former CEO of Playboy Enterprises) Christie Hefner claimed that Chicago’s atrocious murder rate could be blamed on – wait for it – climate change:

“Yes, last year we hit a record number of murders from guns [in Chicago]. And this year we are already outpacing last year’s numbers.

Now, there are contributing factors that are not under anybody’s control and may seem odd, but it is factually true. One of them is actually the weather.

There is a dramatic increase in gun violence when it is warmer. And we are having this climate change effect that is driving that.”

Memo to Christie: Um, I grew up in Greater Chicagoland. If my memory serves me right, it’s not real warm up there in January. Can you please enlighten us as to why this month’s murder rate is the deadliest in 11 years – when it’s colder than a witch’s – oh, never mind.

Finally, the best Notable Quotables of 2012 – courtesy of Media Research Center – including this gem from MSNBC’s ever-bitter Melissa Perry:

“The land on which they [the Founders] formed this Union was stolen. The hands with which they built this nation were enslaved. The women who birthed the citizens of the nation are second class.

This is the imperfect fabric of our nation; at times we’ve torn and stained it, and at other moments, we mend and repair it.

But it’s ours, all of it: the imperialism, the genocide, the slavery – also the liberation and the hope and the deeply American belief that our best days still lie ahead of us.”

Something tells me that Melissa’s vision of “our best days still lie ahead of us” and that of most freedom-loving Americans is quite a different picture.

The loons never fail to disappoint, do they?

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  1. Gee, when you gang up a batch of them like this, it’s overwhelming… like having to swat individual mosquitos, swarming. We should have expected this when they were all turned loose with just instructions to take their meds…

  2. An outstanding gem of an article. I have to say is that there is no way, ever, that I could possibly surrender, let along convert, to such a screwed up ideology as ‘progressivism’.

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