Major O Campaign Donor Wins Contract To Supply Smartphones To The Poor


Well now, this comes as a complete shock. Oh – wait – no it doesn’t. In fact, it’s business as usual for the community organizer from Chicago; remember this little story from the Daily Beast last fall?

An investigation by the Government Accountability Institute found that more than half of the most politically active 50 campaign bundlers for President Obama were either appointed to a presidential council, committee, board, or other White House post. Many bundlers’ businesses or relatives’ businesses also received millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded federal contracts, grants, loans, or other crony perks.

When asked to comment, O replied, “meh.”

Wasn’t this the guy who, in 2008, relentlessly criticized political spending by “special interest groups” and was going to end “politics as usual” in Washington? Good job, O.

Now comes word that yet another major O backer has scored a fat contract – to supply smartphones to dumb the nation’s poor. From

A cellphone company run by a major Democratic donor and President Obama backer has extended its foray into government contracts, from the so-called “Obama phone” to a project intended to provide high-speed Internet access to low-income families — amid criticism its product is ill-equipped.

Critics also suggest TracFone Wireless CEO F.J. Pollak used his Obama connections to help his company get one of the 14 contracts.

At issue is a $13.8 million pilot project by the Federal Communications Commission that attempts to find the best ways to increase the broadband access rate among the poor and help improve their digital skills – to eventually help them manage household finances, look for work and do other tasks.

The contracts were awarded late last year, though it’s unclear how much went to TracFone.

Pollak and his wife, Abigail, are major Obama bundlers and Democratic donors. The couple hosted a $40,000-a-plate fundraising dinner in June at their Miami Beach home. And Abigail Pollak alone raised at least $632,000 for the Obama re-election effort, a total $1.56 million for him since 2007, according to a financial documents obtained by The New York Times. Continue reading…

Did you catch the part about the TracFone not being up to the task? Wait – neither was (or is) the community organizer. Never mind.

No word on whether the ObamaPhone lady is on the waiting list to get a bright, shiny new smartphone.

Okay, maybe she should just stick with her original ObamaPhone. I wonder if it has an oversized keypad?

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