Day of Resistance, Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tea PartyEver heard of “Day of Resistance” aimed at explaining to Barack Obama and the people of Capitol Hill that we the people of the USA are NOT happy with the gun grab or any of the rest of the totalitarian moves coming out of that plot of land that used to be a swamp known as the District of Columbia?

Before Tuesday, I hadn’t either, but courtesy of their website,, this announcement video is available:

And this press conference from Western PAC co-founder Roger Stockton:

It looks like the TEA Party is setting up the next set of demonstrations nationwide. A state by state listing of rallies is available on the website. Not all states or metropolitan regions are covered as yet, but I expect to see that change in the coming days. There are two weeks to go.

It’s on, people. We have no interest in violence, but we do think that civil conversation to work through solutions to the issues facing our country without violating rights is possible. Time to see if the other side will talk.

Time to do it. Time to show off the power of the people.

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  1. It’s time and past time! Onward!

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