Will The Tea Party Fail Again?

Will the Tea Party Fail Again? The Teafolk represent the remnant holding the Founders’ classical Liberal, Christian beliefs. In the 2010 elections, Tea Party influence replaced a significant number of Congresspeople and some governors. Though this was accorded success, it accomplished little in terms of altering the policies in Congress. But it was a beginning.

In the recent Presidential (and Congressional) elections, the Teafolk seemed quiescent while the GOP neo-conservatives and liberals controlled the Republican party machinery and selected the nominee for President, a liberal Republican governor of left-leaning Massachusetts. Though inactive, the Teafolk seemed unwilling to support a liberal nominee, staying home on election day. Though a lot of Democrats stayed home too, the withdrawal of this portion of the GOP base gave the election to Barack Obama, as all now know. The Tea Party failed to influence the course of events in its favor for the second time.

This outlines the shifting values of the Republicans as well as those of the country. The Democrats, with their overt attacks on the churches and now on gun ownership and due process (drones) are clearly a post Constitutional as well as post Christian party. Excepting its Teafolk, so are the Republicans, if to a lesser degree. The Teafolk are neither, but so far, have failed to exert enough influence to affect the Republican platform and policies.

February 23rd is a new Tea Party rally: The Day of Resistance. It centers on the onslaught of anti-gun legislation around the country and aims to assert the Second Amendment. It’s organized, as we’ve been told already, around a website accessible via the link above. This is the first significant post-election act in support of the Constitution and the Founder’s belief intended to make an impression on a large scale. Is there still a Tea Party to answer this call?

Whether the Tea Party, heretofore older, more conservative citizens, reached its peak in 2010 and has disintegrated, a burned-out, fallen rocket in the political sky or whether it simply stayed home to teach GOP leaders that erstwhile Republican principles cannot be discarded without a price has yet to be seen. Liberal Republicans are urging the GOP left to collect younger and minority voters, seeming not to notice that Democrats have already done that. The Teafolk may now burst back onto the scene on the 23rd or they may stay home again, turning the GOP over to the Republican Left, as happened with the Democrats after Bill Clinton.

The 23rd then, if successful, will be at least a two base hit tor the Teafolk; if unsuccessful, it will be their third strike. And of course, an out for all who share their and the Founders’ views. It’s going to be a big day, one way or the other.

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  1. I’m not sure the Tea Party has failed. These folks are not political activist. For the senior members, they have had little experience in protesting. There was little reason to do so when they were young. During the sixties they were the ones who just doing their business, living their lives working, making families, etc.
    It seems that they worked last fall to not influence the big picture to show certain individuals that they did have enough force to remove them from office. In Texas it was behind our new senator which could be what allowed him to beat a long time powerful Republican.

  2. I’m not sure either. I expect to find the answer one way or the other in the upcoming “Day of Resistance” and any subsequent events. If the Teafolk cannot replace the GOP;s leadership nor alter the course of the ship of state, that’s a reasonable definition of failure, seems to me. No bets, either way…


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