The Left Is Right, The Right Is Left…And Never The Twain Shall Meet

The Teafolk fuss when called ‘extremists’ by the Left; conservatives aren’t used to the label. The Left on the other hand, is used to it since it dumped its conservative Democrats following the Clinton Administration. But today, the label fits both. The Left wants to change society by force of government, moving it further down the ‘Progressive’ path; Conservatives want to change society by force of government, moving it back down the Classical Liberal path. Neither accepts society as it is; both want to force their changes by governance. To me, that’s extreme. And both are bullies when they are provided the opportunity. That’s politics, isn’t it?

The Republican leaders are in the process of dumping their Tea Party folk, paralleling the Democrats’ earlier move to the left. GOP hired gun Karl Rove has been fronting the move. The Tea group though, stronger than were the Blue Dog Democrats, aren’t fading away; they’re going after Mr. Rove and likely at the next election, GOP leaders opposing them. The GOP sees them as an fading, older demographic that clings to beliefs hard to sell to younger voters. The recent election found the Teafolk staying home following the cramming of Governor Romney of liberal Massachusetts down their throats in the Republican primary, a sit-down strike that may have made the difference in the election.

Various observers with tender feelings have trouble understanding why the Dems and the GOP can’t compromise and are absolutely mystified by the division among Republicans. The explanation for the first issue is simple; neither party is willing to share power. For the GOP’s division it’s equally simple; first, the leaders of the party and the leaders of Classical Libersl bent are not the same folk and neither are they willing to share power. Add to that, two very different and contradictory resulting party platforms to complete the estrangement. How do you reconcile pro abortion with pro life? Amnesty for illegal aliens with limited immigration? And what power-seeking politician is willing to remain an ineffectual tail on someone else’s kite?

Both parties lost voters compared to 2008, the Dems lost whites but gained with blacks, Hispanics and Asians; the GOP lost the Teafolk and the election. Dumping the Teafolk overboard carries a risk; if the move leftward fails to pick up young and female voters to not only replace the Republican conservatives but to add to those numbers, the party may be out of power for quite a while. The joker will be, whom is blamed as the economy worsens? Neither party is innocent in reality but elections react to perceptions as much or more than to facts.

The President has introduced the full-time, permanent campaign as his mode of governing; a spotlight therefore shines on him while Republicans tend to be shadowed. That may focus blame more easily on the President. Or not. He’s been an artful dodger to date.

At this point then, the Dems and the GOP leadership would move the country further left. The Teafolk are being orphaned if they can’t take control of the Republicans. Are there enough Classical Liberal voters to support a new, third party to return to the Founder’s values? The ability of the Teafolk to capture the Republican leadership will answer that. To date, that answer appears to be, no. Beyond that, is there a possibility for a moderate, status quo party to form? Given the declining quality of the status quo, that seems doubtful. And with some 21 months ahead to supply new and more appalling crises of all descriptions, it seems hazardous to guess.

Summing up the present then: The Left has its hands right on the levers of power; the Right is left out of the power equation while ‘moderates’ regardless of party, drift leftward. The country’s soap-bubble financing is about to pop and disappear, taking all bets with it.

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