“Hygiene” for Women in Combat Still in Play (Feminists Not Thinking Yet Again)


(I take it the above image is the dream.)

Since the feminists have brought girl parts and all that entails into the open in clinical terms trying to get their way when it comes to “women in combat,” allow me, a fellow woman who would be considered ineligible to serve in any military branch due to genetics (short and busty with one leg longer than the other) to explain a few facts of female life to them.

“Contraception can be used to regulate periods or get them down to two a year, so hygiene is not a viable excuse.” – some dingbat, ex-Army feminist.

[Why is The Pill and artificial hormones the feminist answer for everything?]

Well, ladies, hate to be the one to tell you this, but a significant percentage of women cannot tolerate artificial hormones.  This is not a secret by any means.  Neither is the little tidbit that there have been class action lawsuits against the makers of artificial contraception systems continuously for the last 50 years due to blood clots, breast cancer, heart disease and all sorts of other medical issues that would require a woman in a field combat unit to be evacuated if something adverse would happen.  That would put the entire operation, let alone unit, in jeopardy.  (Somehow I think this would defeat the supposed triumph of women in combat.)

How do feminists propose to solve this issue?

While that is being considered, there’s more.

Of those who can tolerate the Pill, I understand that systemic regulation doesn’t always happen.  What then?  I knew girls who got totally out of whack and were flowing at all sorts of different times while on The Pill.  That doesn’t solve the hygiene problem by any means.

On the issue of less menstruation: seriously, is only two periods a year really good for you?  Toxic shock syndrome, anyone?  Placenta needs to be expelled by the body unless it is supporting a baby.  Read the inserts of that monthly box.  There’s a reason why disposable feminine hygiene products are kept at a certain size and only so absorbent.  A few decades ago women were dying from a completely preventable toxicity simply due to a product not allowing the poison out of the body.  That’s yet another condition that would require evacuation from the field.

And to top it off, any woman of child-bearing years who has animals knows that our pets, males in particular, are drawn to our scents during certain times of the month.  This requires vigilance for those of us who live with dogs, large and small, in keeping the bathroom waste can and our laundry AWAY from the paws and teeth of our furry friends.  These are domesticated animals that are not scent hounds, too.  Imagine what wild animals and actual scent hounds would do when coming across what my cute and charming tyrants try to steal out of the trash.  Regulated or not, that’s still a reality.  The scent is totally trackable, and it’s a dead givaway to dogs used by the enemy.

So, short of major abdominal surgery to remove girl parts for no good reason, the hygiene issue remains a viable argument AGAINST women in combat.

Sorry, feminists.  Try again.

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  1. 1. Females who are not Democrats are not women and may be disregarded or at need, booed out of the auditorium.
    2. Females who allude to uncomfortable, contradictory or make-you-sound-like-an-idiot FACTS are covered in Category 1. above…

    You nailed it, CL. And you can add that some very tough, athletic women are hors-de-combat during their periods. I was present when a figure skating pairs team lost a title from exactly that. Good thing it wasn’t a military battlefield that day, huh?

    • I hate to be disgusting about it, I really do. But, the bratty feminists are not being adult about this and thinking things through. “hygiene” has become the euphemism for the entire topic, which is nowhere close to as simple as feminists are making it out to be. There really should not be a need for it to be spelled out.

      • Exactly. However, I will say that I think you addressed the issue without unnecessary crassness. (Maybe that’s just me, but I think that.) I also appreciate your willingness to speak bluntly to a difficult topic.

      • Somebody has to do it. Adults know the facts of life. There’s no reason to be completely gross, but in the end, that’s what it is. Female hygiene, in the end, is a legitimate issue in the entire argument of women in combat. It’s not just that it happens. There’s a lot more involved and feminists just don’t want to admit it.

  2. “….so hygiene is not a viable excuse.”

    I love the fact that she used the word, “excuse”, as if women who don’t want to go into combat are just making excuses. Feminists are already gearing up to force women into combat against their will.

  3. I had a very nice visit with a Marine just back from Afghanistan this week. According to him, they expect to be fully integrated by September. Women are already being reassigned from desk jobs to the front lines. The purpose is to achieve integration. No special training is being provided to the women to prepare them for what they are heading into. It is assumed that they are Marines and so will be able to handle anything. The Marine I spoke with relayed that problems have already started, with a female Gunnery Sergeant becoming pregnant after a “liaison” with a Lance Corporal. The Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps allegedly visited a forward base to have chow with the enlisted men. He asked a newly promoted enlisted man if he approved of women in combat. The enlisted man replied that he did not agree with it. That enlisted man lost his promotion as a result. I don’t know if any of this is true or not, just what I was told. However, I have known this Marine for a long, long time and he has never lied to me before, so i will what he says as truth.

    • Oh, I’m sure. And when it backfires, something other than the obvious will be blamed, like the guys being unfair, just like a high school friend of mine said happened to Danica Patrick at the Daytona 500 on the last lap. You want to play with the big boys? Then you have to accept what is going to happen without whining.

  4. I have absolutely NO idea what this article is about, however, I did notice a picture that I use posted on your site. Red Warrior is her name – and while she is other-worldly, she isn’t a dream.

    Women are warriors too. HimeBushido – Japanese for “The Way of the Warrior Princess.” We protect our home. Sadly, feminists do not realize that our job is one of the greatest honors.

    Just because we don’t live in midieval times doesn’t mean we don’t still do similar things. Feminists just want us to believe that.

    My greatest honor is being the wife of my husband, and the mom of my children, caring for all of their needs (still learning) and protecting my brood. If danger comes in, don’t think this momma won’t turn into a Mighty Warrior to save her children – or even her husband if he needs it. And yes, sometimes they need it. Think Erwin, the niece of King Theodan of Rohan from Lord of the Rings. When he was crushed and one of those big flying dragons (forget their name) was about to eat him, she chopped his head off. It’s rider said to her, “You fool, no man can kill me and live.” To which she fiercely took off her helmet to reveal her long blond hair and said, “I am no man!” And she killed him.

    So yes, we too are on the battlefield and are warriors. They just look different. Furthermore, if you’re a Believer, then you really should know that we are all warriors (Ephesians 6:10-19).

    Sorry for interjecting here. Just couldn’t help myself.

    Songbird, Red Warrior, White Tigris

  5. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on hygiene for women in combat.

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