It’s About Priorities, Stupid

So, the other day I wrote here about how there’s an ongoing and tremendous problem with a lack of leadership in D.C., and how the lack of accountability shown by our “leaders” contributes to (causes really) the inaction, gridlock and continued disfunction of our Government. Well, Jason Miks over at CNN sees the same problem at work in this whole sequester debate:

That Washington has been unable to act on such advice is a damning indictment of the way in which our government functions these days. Indeed, these cuts are less about immediate economic impact than they are about the stupidity of American government and the failures of the political system to put the country’s long-term interests first.

Well great. We’ve at least identified the problem, Washington is “stupid.” There’s no leadership. More importantly, what can we DO about it? No one is taking responsibility, many–including Fed. Chairman Ben Bernanke–simply want to kick that can down the road some more…

..less than a week ago, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke warned that the budget cuts risked slowing the U.S. economy. He suggested that the best solution would be not to do the cuts now, but to phase in larger cuts – presumably in entitlement programs – later.

Great Ben. Later? When? When we’re all dead and don’t have to be around to live with the consequences of IN-action? Are you sure we have that long to wait?

Last I checked, “waiting” to make the necessarily tough choices as to whom to disappoint is EXACTLY what has gotten us into the dire circumstances we now face. One would expect better from a man who has studied the “Great Depression” more than Pavlov studied dogs.

And where is the GOP “leadership” in all of this? Where are Boehner et al with spending reductions we can ALL agree upon? I’m pretty sure that Internet access in AFRICA is not on the same level of priority as USDA meat inspection, or FAA air traffic control in AMERICA. I’m also pretty sure most Americans would agree that releasing $250Million in aid to Egypt to “support the country’s “future as a democracy” is also pretty low on the priority list.

Making certain our food is safe to ingest , or that our commercial air traffic is able to maintain it’s OWN airspace without running into each other, are certainly more important concerns than foreign aid, no?  Or maybe I’m wrong about the priorities of the people we’ve sent to Washington represent the people of this country? If I listen to “leaders” like our new Secretary of State, John Kerry, I’m left to wonder?

“The United States can and wants to do more,” Kerry said.

We “can” AND “want” to “do more?”  Then why are we forcing ourselves to cut, even a little, in such important areas domestically? If we aren’t able to prioritize spending, we’ll never be able to prioritize reducing that spending. All in all, a pretty difficult mission with NO budget to guide us. If we don’t begin to right this ship soon, and allow our politicians to continue talking about a “revenue problem” vs a spending problem, we’ll ALL be broke.  But maybe all won’t be lost? Maybe the Africans will at least allow us to use their WiFi?

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  1. Republicans who complain about spending every minute, control the House, which has voted to appropriate every-single-dollar that the Administration has spent, is spending or will ever spend. They do this in complete peace and quiet; nobody says ‘boo!”

    Perhaps I passed Poli Sci 101 on my professor’s oversight? I am not smart enough to understand this…

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