Shame on You, Mr. Bill Cosby

800px-Bill-Cosby star wikimedia commons public domain

I am deeply saddened that you, Mr. Bill Cosby, someone I have greatly admired for your clean humor and family-values series, would jump on the race card bandwagon and imply that we all must like and support someone just because of their skin color. 

At the risk of dating myself, I grew up in a time in which the country was still struggling with desegregation and recognizing equality between the races. I also grew up in a staunchly Democrat, hard-core racist family. Despite the way I was raised, everything in my heart screamed it was wrong. Before I ever heard the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech in school, I felt it in my heart and to the very core of my being.

I grew up in a city with a large black population and at one point in time, for a short time, attended an elementary school in which I as a white child was in the minority. I didn’t care and I do not recall anyone ever making an issue of it, outside of my family. I was not allowed to have the friends I made there over to my home, nor was I allowed to go to theirs.

Some of my favorite shows growing up were Sanford and Son, Good Times, The Jeffersons and What’s Happening. Then, along came your show. I was familiar with you from the first comedy album I ever heard-your “The Best of Bill Cosby”. I rolled with laughter each and every time I listened to it.

I watched The Cosby Show regularly and it filled my young heart with all the support I so desperately needed to know I was not wrong in feeling so very differently from the way my family did. It helped me “be ok” about being different from my family. I was so grateful to you for that and for the great thing you did by helping to teach all of America what you enforced in me.

Fast forward to now and I find you participating in the rampant race-baiting vitriol that has become so ingrained in liberal politics, Hollywood and the current administration. You, of all people! You, the man who filled my young heart with courage and conviction-who gave me the strength to continue on in my beliefs of racial equality now was condemning me and people like me because we have an issue with someone in politics. You, of all people, imply that we must worship at his alter simply because of his skin color. Excuse me?

Shame on you, Mr. Cosby, for setting back all the great work you accomplished in giving people a new way to look at the races in a time when this country was still learning how to do that. Shame on you also for supporting a man who does nothing but divide this nation by race, class and political leanings. And mostly, shame on you for breaking the heart you once filled with hope.

Shame, shame, shame!

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  1. Well, perhaps Mr. Cosby isn’t as young as he used to be. Like Barry Goldwater in his older years… I’ve heard Cosby speak on race, sounding a lot like Thomas Sowell. A shame, perhaps; a loss in any case….

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