Dear GOP: Your Holy Grail is Right in Front of Your Face

As a former long-time, proud Republican, your desperate scramble for voters has not escaped my notice. I have watched as you have, much like the Democrats, shifted so far to the left you are no longer recognizable.

I have watched as you have, much like Icarus, ignored the wisdom given to you and chased after the sun-those voters on the Left you’ll never reach-and then doomed yourselves and the party to a death of sorts.

I have watched, in horror and disgust, as you have shot yourselves in your collective foot by intentionally attacking and vilifying people like me who still cling to the values and beliefs that were originally part of the Republican Party.

You have alienated the very people who were supporting you and chased after those you will never get. It is beyond my ability to understand why you would insist upon such an utterly self-destructive tact. Yet, you pigheadedly continue on in it, living in some fairy tale land in which the insanity of doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting a different result will somehow work. Meanwhile you have missed the Holy Grail you seek, the Holy Grail that is right in front of your face.

Rand Paul accomplished, quite easily, what you have been unable to with all of your soul-selling, southern-end kissing and spineless behavior. Rand Paul not only got a large amount of support from those of us on the right -the very people you have lost as well as those you still have, but he also pulled in the support of some very hard-core leftist sources. You could learn a lot from Rand Paul. Question is, will you? So far, it looks like you will not as some of you have chosen to attack Rand Paul for the very thing that got him what you seek.

I am not saying latch on to Rand Paul as your candidate for 2016. It is too early to be latching on to anyone as a 2016 candidate. What I am saying is to be smart and learn from what he is doing . . .and replicate it. Stop alienating the right; specifically stop attacking the Tea Party, who is responsible for your wins in 2010, and can help you win again if you would stop demonizing them and start listening to them. Start setting the example of the unification you scream about by actually embracing them . . and becoming more like them-which is what you used to be.

Why do you think the left hates the Tea Party so much? The Tea Party is a viable threat to them. Why do you hate them so much? The Tea Party is not naturally a threat to you-they are an inspirational, powerful segment of your side of the line. The Tea Party only becomes a threat to you when you become like the left in your policies and, like the left, attempt to demonize them in some lame attempt to make yourselves look better.

When you are no different than the left, there is no reason for anyone on the left to switch to supporting you and there is no reason for anyone on the right to continue to support you. Siting on the fence and trying to play both sides only ends up costing you support on both sides-as you have already witnessed.

Come back to the right and come back to what the right stands for: conservatism. Take a stand and pick a side. Differentiate yourselves from the left and you will get a lot further than you could ever imagine.

Or continue to be stupid and lose. The choice is yours.


An Independent Voter and a Proud Tea Partier,

Daniella Nicole

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3 replies

  1. Well said, Daniella. Alas, it is probably a waste of time to say it. We are going to have to start a new party, if we wish to save our country. There is no hope for the Republican wing of the Incumbrepublocrat duopoly. ◄Dave►

  2. Amen, and amen! (Incidentally, this transliterated word [spelled out exactly in another language] literally means, “So be it.”) Excellent, timely, thought-provoking post. Hopefully some who need to hear it will read this article!


  1. America Needs a Good Cup of Tea! | GOD, GUTS,OLD GLORYand AMMO

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