The Best Of The Walking Dead

the-walking-dead-logo-7097Love it or hate it, the AMC hit The Walking Dead features some of the best songs of any television series in recent memory. I’ve provided a decent sampling of the very best for you below. Is there anything that AMC touches that doesn’t turn to gold? I’m still eagerly awaiting the second half of the last season of Breaking Bad to commence. And, let’s be honest, Hell on Wheels isn’t half bad either. The Swede still gives me the creeps.

I believe the appeal of shows like The Walking Dead as well as series such as Doomsday Preppers is often subconscious at times. There is a vast undercurrent of suspicion, unease, paranoia, division, worry, pain, and even trauma right underneath the surface of the national consciousness. And I believe it is manifested by the popularity of such shows and the concept of the “doomsday” scenario in general in popular culture. The feeling that things are unraveling and coming apart is a constant theme in social media and shared by vast swaths of the population, not to mention visualized in everything from backyard bunkers to The Walking Dead.

The political system has been dysfunctional for decades and the country seems to have become functionally insane since the attacks on 9-11. The fears and rage unleashed that day has, in turn, unleashed a fast-growing and aggressive slew of government agencies, policies, and powers.  Two unpopular wars and the eventual election of the most intellectually bankrupt, corrupt, radical, and  left-wing President in American history has only further divided an already deeply divided nation.

Did I mention that the once powerful Republic is basically bankrupt and the financial system living only on borrowed time and credit or that a myriad of  federal agencies and vast numbers of the citizenry are frantically arming themselves and stocking up on ammunition in a frenzy that shows no sign of abating? The country increasingly has no sense of itself and is flooded with everything from vast hordes of illegal immigrants to bitter cynicism while the traditional pillars and institutions of the State and society are under unceasing attack from all sides. The once proud partners, logic and common sense, lay rotting in the gutter having been slain by our progressive comrades when they were perhaps most needed.

As the vastly powerful American Empire begins to totter and its societal norms and internal cohesiveness unravels, the New Rome begins to mimic the Old. And when the greatest empire of the ancient world did fall it ushered in an era of darkness that lasted nearly a thousand years. Perhaps such unconscious fears and realizations by the populace of what their society, culture, and nation could possibly undergo (economic collapse, dirty bombs, bloody revolution etc.) is mirrored in the depictions of a final, gory, and horrible apocalypse on screen.

The Walking Dead Theme Song

The Walking Dead Season 3 – “Hold On” – Beth Sings – Tom Wait

Jamie N. Commons – Lead Me Home (The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 12)

Wye Oak – Civilian (Lyrics video – The walking dead Music / 18 Miles out)

The Walking Dead – Invaders Must Die

The Walking Dead [Losing Our Humanity]

The Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer Music (Kari Kimmel – Black)

Clutch Regulator – The Walking Dead Soundtrack

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 13 Arrow on the Doorpost Soundtrack

The Walking Dead || BLACK

Beth & Maggie Greene – The Parting Glass

This is my favorite song of the series and I find it hauntingly beautiful.

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  1. Was introduced to the “Walking Dead” by my son, and I am a huge fan, so thanks for the clips “sage” will be sharing with son hopefully it will encourage him to be a “conclub” follower. Good piece, and thanks for sharing the music clips.

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