LA Times: Illegal Aliens Will Reduce Global Warming


Who knew?

I was hesitant to write an article about the moonbat LA Times for a second day in a row, but this one was just too good to let go. How good? Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, good:

LA’s newspaper of record ran an op-ed yesterday, written by Middlebury College Professor Bill McKibben, proclaiming that allowing millions of illegal aliens into America will reduce – wait for it – global warming.

Welcome back to Crazy Town.

(Middlebury is a small liberal arts college in Vermont – which should tell you all you need to know. In excess of 30% of its students are minorities.)

The distinguished (ahem) professor:

“I feel it’s urgent that we get real immigration reform, allowing millions to step out of the shadows and on to a broad path toward citizenship. It will help, not hurt, our environmental efforts, and potentially in deep and powerful ways.”

Left-wing “dot-connecting” is truly a sight to behold. Remember when MSNBC guest, Christie Heffner, former CEO of Playboy, claimed that global warming was responsible for Chicago’s catastrophic murder rate? By applying liberal “logic,” we can now clearly see that continuing to allow millions of illegal aliens to flood America will solve Chicago’s murder problem! The brilliance of liberals is mind-boggling!

The wisdom of Professor McKibben, via

For environmentalists, population has long been a problem. Many of the things we do wouldn’t cause so much trouble if there weren’t so many of us. It’s why I wrote a book some years ago called “Maybe One: An Argument for Smaller Families.” (I didn’t realize McKibben was Chinese.)

And many of us, I think, long viewed immigration through the lens of population; it was another part of the math problem. I’ve always thought we could afford historical levels of immigration, but I understood why some other environmentalists wanted tougher restrictions. More Americans would mean more people making use of the same piece of land, a piece that was already pretty hard-used. (Not to mention, more people taxing the system by illegally entering the work force, evading taxes, and taking advantage of social services and other government handouts.)

One thing that’s changed is the nature of the ecological problem. Now that global warming is arguably the greatest danger we face, (um, no, Bill, no it’s not), it matters a lot less where people live. Carbon dioxide mixes easily in the atmosphere. It makes no difference whether it comes from Puerto Vallarta or Portland. (Sure it does; automobile exhaust and carbon emissions from efficient plants and factories in America are far more preferable to those in China and third world countries, are they not? No? Have you checked out the pollution in Beijing or Mexico City late, Bill?)

It’s true that the typical person from a developing nation would produce more carbon once she adopted an American lifestyle, but she also probably would have fewer children. A December report from the Pew Research Center report showed that birthrates in the U.S. were dropping faster among Mexican American women and women who immigrated from Mexico than among any other group. (Liberals are tricky with statistics – “rate of decline” vs. “total number” is a false argument in McKibben’s case. If an immigrant Mexican family decides to have four children – vs. a similar family in Mexico having eight – how is that better than a white American family choosing to have two children vs. three?)

At this point, there’s no chance we’re going to deal with global warming one household at a time – scientists, policy wonks and economists have concluded it will also require structural change. We may need, for example, things such as a serious tax on carbon; that will require mustering political will to stand up to the fossil fuel industry. (Al Gore seen fondling himself in the corner.)

And that’s precisely where white America has fallen short. (I KNEW it was white people’s fault!) Election after election, native-born and long-standing citizens pull the lever for climate deniers (truth tellers), for people who want to shut down the Environmental Protection Agency, for the politicians who take huge quantities of cash from the Koch brothers (no liberal diatribe would be complete without the requisite bashing of the Koch brothers), and other oil barons. (Excusing, of course, Al Gore’s sale of Current TV to the oil sheiks of Qatar, right Bill?)

By contrast, a 2012 report by the Sierra Club and the National Council of La Raza found that Latinos were eager for environmental progress. (Really? It doesn’t get much more “fair and balanced” than the Sierra Club and La Raza, does it?)

77% of Latino voters think climate change is already happening, compared with just 52% of the general population; 92% of Latinos think we have “a moral responsibility to take care of God’s creation here on Earth.” (This is why Mexico City is the pristine hellhole that it is.) Continue reading…

Anyway, I knew it. It’s all the fault of white people. But – then again – isn’t everything? Clearly, we need more illegal aliens to flood the country and rescue us from our irresponsible ourselves.

Yes, now that I’ve been enlightened by the professor, it all makes perfect sense. If evil white Europeans (environmental terrorists) had not invaded the land and raped and pillaged it beyond recognition (including God’s own country – Aztlán), America – or whatever it would be called – would today be a shining example of environmental responsibility for all the world to see – and emulate. “America” would save the planet. The world’s carbon footprint would be no more.

Al Gore would be proud. Oh – wait – he wouldn’t be here, would he? Bring on the illegal aliens.

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  1. If I read what I think I read yesterday, things may get better. I think a read a report that the Koch Brothers are thinking of bidding on the Times, actually all the rags in the Tribune bankruptcy. If so, I think Col. MacCormick would approve.

  2. Do you ever get the impression that the leftist mouths have a magic 8-ball with “Global Warming” “blame white men” “Immigration”, etc., and they just keep turning it over until they have a sentence?

  3. Oh Rat! Dear Rat! My dear, dear friend. Clearly you do not see the obvious logic in Professor McKibben’s rationale! It is oh so obvious! The answer is clear! As plain as the nose on your left earlobe! Undocumented aliens are so obvious an answer, I am completely bumfuzzled as to why I did not see it myself! With completely open borders (we should obviously do away with them completely!), global warming could conceivably disappear all together! Just imagine, if you will, no borders! Nothing to curtail the flood of illegal drugs, guns, cartel members, muslim terrorists! Such freedom! And once those trivial items enter the United States, why, the entire population of America would either be completely whacked out of their collective minds with the over abundance of drugs, or those who did not imbibe would likely be killed off by the cartels and terrorists. Our population would be reduced significantly, or so stoned they would stop working and stop contributing to our society, and naturally their carbon footprint would be reduced to almost nothing! Also, with the cartels and terrorists killing off almost all that were left, just think of all those terrible, terrible weapons of war that are now in the possession of the mentally ill conservatives – they would rendered moot! Oh the Utopia! Oh the bliss! Ahhhhhhh, I think I have almost had a socialist moment! Ahhhhh! Please pass the marijuana whilst I remove my shoes and lay amongst the daffodils!

    (I do apologize my friends, but when faced with the socialist liberal buffoonery, my sarcasm doth runneth over)

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