Revelations From the Past Week (Not Necessarily Intended)

A tray of tidbits for your selection:

Doctors Miss 30% Of Test Results Sent Electronically will inform those keeping up with healthcare that practitioners using the electronic medical records mandated by ObamaCare and pioneered by such leaders as the V.A. seem to be having some difficulty keeping all their electrons lined up. From personal experience along these lines, I had kidney disease for over two years according to my doctor’s computer though my actual kidneys were unaware of it. As volume builds, this could become pretty entertaining… I wonder what would happen if I walked into my doctor’s office when my record thought I was deceased?

TSA: $50 M For New Univorms tells how much better decked out our faithful pat downers will be shortly. I’m unsure exactly why they need new clothes to look at suitcases but here it is. The uniform allowance, per this report, exceeds that enjoyed by a U.S. Marine. I will leave you to form your opinion on this, when next you see a doughty Federal underwear inspector.

Feds Expand Watch On Citizens’ Finances tattles on Big Bro’s latest snooping. He’s made a data base of pretty much everybody’s financial transactions of any moment and he’s throwing that open to all sorts of Federal (and who knows who else) agencies to rummage in. Personally, I see little good and considerable harm likely from this sort of thing. All brought to us you notice, by the guys who dodge Freedom of Information requests for the similar records they run up doing their public jobs..

Senate Hair Care updates on the important matter of Senatorial coiffure…that ‘senator’ look isn’t from DNA, you know. I’m sure that all 100 of those carefully combed critters is grateful for the hair care you provide him/her/it. It’s pretty special, at about $3,333 per annum, per Senator. Perhaps some are being shaved too?

Fed Spending Up $30 B in 2013 follows the tonsorial finances you paid for with everything else you’re paying for and/or your kids and grandkids will be paying, with interest. We are snowed under with the miseries being inflicted by the sequestration reductions of Federal spending, right? Yeah. And here we find out that, contrary to all that, the Feds are spending some $30 B more this year than last, so far. This one’s something everybody ought to hear about; wonder why the media doesn’t seem to be paying attention? Bet you can figure it out without my help!

That’s our tray of tidbits; you might want an adult beverage to wash them down…mine was a double!

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  1. Well, we want doctors to be top notch. So we have accepted all the licensure requirement the state has put upon them. But about 35 years ago a doc wrote an article that…”The Patient is Alive and Well, but the Record is Dead. It was 1984 concerning your article. Govt and 3rd party would take over. Now look for much less top notch.

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