Why Do Atheists Spend So Much Time And Money Suing God Instead Of Promoting Atheism?


The lawsuits are too numerous to recount. Suits against high schools over the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer before football games. Suits against city, county and state governments over manger scenes, statues of Jesus and the Ten Commandments. Suits against New York City over the Ground Zero cross and a street named in honor of fallen firefighters who lost their lives on 9/11. The list goes on and on.

So, why are atheists so hellbent (or, would that be “hell-bound”?) on suing God every chance they get? They tell us it’s because they’re so concerned with the inviolability of the U.S. Constitution, that they’ve taken it upon themselves to be it’s self-appointed guarantor. They claim it’s because they’re deeply offended whenever they’re forced to view – or even know about – religious icons, writings or artifacts in public buildings or on public property. They say it’s because they feel “persecuted” and “excluded.”

Bull crap.

Think about it. Why have the world’s dictators and totalitarian regimes throughout history moved to eradicate Christianity and other religions from society – often times, as a first priority? Why have they tortured and executed believers – often in the town square, for all to see? The answer is simple:

Fear of competition.

Competition that must be discredited, ridiculed and ultimately, eliminated. Competition that if not eliminated, will always be a threat to the state.

Such is the dilemma for atheists. Unfortunately, they don’t have the ability to shut down churches or outlaw worship. They don’t have the option of imprisoning believers, nor hanging them in the public square. Therefore, other than their never-ending effort to draw attention to themselves by making incendiary comments against Christianity (Bill Maher, the late Christopher Hitchens, et al.), and the use of derogatory billboards and derisive adverting campaigns, atheists are forced to resort to lawsuit after lawsuit – with the hope that “progressive” judges will do their bidding.

To that end, the latest atheist cause célèbre is the recent lawsuit against the federal government and “In God We Trust.” And of course, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is leading the charge. Good to see you back in the headlines, gang – what took you so long on this one? From The Christian Post:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), is suing the United States Treasury Department to remove the words “In God We Trust” from all U.S. currency, because they claim the motto is offensive to nonreligious citizens.

Nineteen plaintiffs and the FFRF filed the lawsuit, Newdow v. Congress in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on Feb. 1. The civil action claims the motto In God We Trust violates the First and Fifth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993.

The plaintiffs’ claim that the motto is offensive and forces atheists, agnostics, secular humanists, freethinkers and skeptics to bear a religious message they don’t agree with, and are thus forced, when using U.S. currency, to make a false declaration regarding their religious views.

According to Dan Barker, co-president of the Wisconsin-based FFRF, a nonprofit organization that represents atheists and agnostics, the majority of Americans believe the motto sends a religious message out to everyone who collects or uses U.S. currency.

“[In God We Trust] is indeed considered to be a religious phrase,” Barker said in an interview with The Christian Post on Thursday. “The message belongs in churches, private institutions and can be shared by missionaries. But who is the ‘we’ representing, if not all of us trust in a God?” Continue reading…

As is always the case with these disingenuous hypocrites, Barker’s comments are not only patently false; they are absurd. A “majority of Americans believe the motto sends a religious message out to everyone who collects or uses U.S. currency”? Nonsense. A majority of Americans don’t think twice about “In God We Trust” on their money – especially when they’re spending it.

And as far as the “we” part goes, Dan? “We” are the United States of America (vs. you and your fellow-atheists), which was founded on Judeo-Christian principles by founders, the vast majority of whom – contrary to atheist protestations to the contrary – not only believed in God, but also believed deeply that, as John Quincy Adams said: “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: that it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of Christianity with the principles of civil government.”

So, here’s my prediction – and a recommendation, Dan. You’re going to lose this case – just like you lost the case against the Pledge of Allegiance. Sure, you’ll trot around the country and win a case here and there: getting a picture off Jesus removed from the wall of a school somewhere, or a cross removed from some public park. Small, potatoes, Dan.

But – if you want to make some real progress? Get out there and spread the word, Dan! Knock on doors and enlighten people about the hope of atheism! Spend more of your time and money promoting your religion (yes, Dan, it’s a religion) instead of suing God. Trust me (vs. God), Dan – I’m sure you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck.

If the Godless among us ever hope to move beyond lawsuits, billboards and bumper stickers, they’re going to have to engage in some of that gold old-fashioned evangelism.

(Memo to atheists: I fully understand that atheists don’t literally sue “God.” It’s satirical. I spent half the day on Rat’s Right! explaining this to your raging brethren.)

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  1. Atheists try to defend the indefensible, truth be told. How can one prove God doesn’t exist? For those who doubt God, it’s easier to just deny rather than accept what we must trust as a child would. That’s what believing is about.

    I don’t think it’s simply attention grabbing that motivates atheists. I do know a number who are not militant in any way, but desire a free for all from certain perspectives, sexual morality being one, and worship other things – environment, the human body, money, etc. I know one woman who wants to believe very badly, but just can’t. There’s a block of some kind in the way of opening hearts and minds. And I really do think that those who sue, seek to litigate, complain and all that jazz want something akin to social acceptance of their position, somewhat like the pro-kill-babies-in-utero people.

    Either that or they need exorcism.

  2. Let me Pose a Question. Why do Monkeys Love climbing trees? Most likely because they can. Mindless masses, sheeple following the TV Programmers. Pittiful

  3. Because Atheism is the Only State Sponsored Religion in the United States!

  4. I am not sure if monkeys actually “love” climbing trees. I think they do it because that is what monkeys do. That is why God equipped them with a prehensile tail. And the same is true with atheists. They litigate, they complain, they hurl insults, they hate and denigrate Christians. Why? Because it’s what they do. As my granddaughter would say, “It’s how they roll.”

    I think with atheists, a lot of their issues stem from their need to control everything and everyone around them. They cannot hope to actually prove that God does not exist, because it is impossible to prove. They can (and do) contrive elaborate arguments which are based completely on their biased beliefs, rather than on concrete evidence, and, unfortunately, they do manage to convince some – but those are generally people who already have a bone to pick with God and it is much simpler to accept a theory that already agrees with an already held notion, rather than actually doing the research, and changing what you believe to fit the truth.

    Because they cannot accept any truth that does not conform to what they already believe, they simply take the “truth is relative” route. It’s easier, it does not require any critical thinking, and there are always others who are lazy as well, and ready to take the easy road. The wide road. Rather than the narrow way. Hmmmm? Seems like I’ve read something like that before.

  5. Atheists seem to come in two varieties–those who don’t believe in God and those who want God removed from their universe, including your public activities. These last are of course, totalitarians expressing the State’s inevitable reaction to competition, exactly as stated in the post. As Napoleon famously put it, there must be a church, and the government must control it. Our second group of atheists have just removed the church part in recognition of our scientific advancement since Napoleonic times, right?
    Before reading these comments, I’d not visualized the second ilk with prehensile tails, but they are certainly monkeying with the Constitution so it seems a fair characterization…

  6. Why sue? To level the playing field! How about this: An agreement to stop the lawsuits if churches agree to pay taxes. Wait, forget it, we are sick of being subjugated by an unproven belief that is a mind controlling, psychological system of creating sheep out of humans. We are monkeying with the constitution? In God WE trust ? That is monkeying with the constitution.

    • To “level the playing field”? How does attempting to force New York City remove the cross from the 9/11 memorial or change the name of a street named in honor of fallen firefighters “level the playing field”? By offending Christians so that you and your apparently fragile friends don’t have to be offended?

      Guess what? It says nowhere in the Constitution that you have a right not to be offended. As for the money? Don’t look at it; problem solved.

      Atheists can no more prove that God doesn’t exist than believers can prove that he does. Therein lies the concept of faith, which atheists dismiss because it is “unproven.” Yet, you miss the irony: You have faith in something which you are unable to prove as well, don’t you?

      As for “monkeying with the Constitution,” a better example would be O’s circumvention of it whenever he runs across a law that stands his way.

    • James, you have freedom OF religion in this country. Not freedom FROM religion. There is a distinct and important difference between the two.


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