Grizzly Truth Too Much for Alphabet Soup Networks?

Pro-life 2All over the pro-life blogosphere and social media circles, the trial of Philadelphia “Doctor” Kermit Gosnell is making headlines mainly for NOT making headlines.  It seems that the in-utero child killer was caught murdering viable children, crimes for which he is currently being tried.  And the lamestream media is passing on the story.


The man murders seven babies – children, for whom all liberals supposedly live – and…nothing from the people who constantly bombard us with why we must protect the environment, combat anthropological global warming, put Obamacare and other government sponsored programs into place – for the children.

What’s up with that?

Well, to be honest, the stories that are coming out about Gosnell’s practice of “women’s healthcare provider” pours daylight on one of the most unregulated and horrific segments of American medicine: the completely unregulated and uninspected abortion industry.  This is the stuff the pro-choice crowd does not want anyone to know.

To put it mildly, it sounds perfectly filthy and would never pass for clean in any other part of medicine.  Unsterilized instruments, still bloody from previous procedures are described.  The bucket of sterilizing solution on the floor.  No hospital would stay in business with these practices.  And that doesn’t count the trophies from dead babies soaking in formaldehyde in Gosnell’s office.  OSHA doesn’t allow this in real hospitals, I hear.  Medical waste is burned at incredibly high temperatures.  And that doesn’t even touch the unlicensed staff Gosnell employs.  He trained them himself.

That’s right.  The place where women went to have inconvenient babies killed, according to testimony of people who have worked for Gosnell, was a cesspool of germs spread by not washing – a simple practice we should have all learned as children – and procedures performed by people who really only knew the minimum in medicine.

How’s that for protecting women’s health?  (And is this happening anywhere else?)

And the lamestream media isn’t reporting it.

How is this any improvement over the back alleys?  How is this any more “safe” when someone else’s  blood – and maybe of an incompatible type with the next victim – is haphazardly still on the tools of the trade?  How does this prevent the infections and perforations that are STILL KILLING WOMEN?  How does this change that vulnerable women are being preyed upon to kill their children?

How is this better for us?

NARAL and NOW, what do you have to say in this matter?   They haven’t said, but probably only talk to “real journalists.”

Thank Heaven for alternative media, or this information would be buried with the real jobs reports.

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7 replies

  1. The womens groups are not for women and have never been. They are pushing the progressive agenda of culture change. That is why they are unconcerned about these murders.

  2. Disgusting, isn’t it? Especially when barbershops 50 years ago were more sanitary, it’s nothing more than the back alley moved inside (and the price raised).

  3. The reason this is either unreported or under reported by the dominant liberal media, is that it simply does not fit their agenda of death. In fact, I think you will find that any news, any event, any situation that does not promote one (or more) of their agendas will usually go unreported, under reported, or at the very least spun in such a manner so as to appear to support their agenda. And yet people still turn to them and swallow everything they spew forth. Amazing, isn’t it?

    • I actually think that they want to present a chinkless front, to be honest. Any admission that the mills are less than spotless or what goes on inside of them would be a hole that could be exploited. Just ignore that it’s there. Well, with communications the way it is at this time, there is no ignoring it overall. Word is going to leak out.

      The alphabet soup nets have never fully admitted the blood and gore that is unborn child killing. They don’t want to. They don’t want to admit that the amusement park industry is more heavily self-regulated. They don’t want to admit that the people who kill babies for a living have massive mental issues and substance abuse problems. That would admit a weakness.

      Yes, to an extent, it has to do with the culture of death. And this is just one part of it.

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