A Sign of the Times: the Spread of Meat Bingo

Meat_BingoLest anyone on the coasts think that we out here in flyover country don’t know how to adapt or adopt practices from other parts of the world, the people of the mid-Mississippi River Valley have come up with a way to pack in the people who are strapped for cash.  The organizers of many church and club fundraisers have replaced traditional bingo winnings, door prizes and the like with something people can actually use: meat.  (Although, at last week’s Lenten Friday Fish Fry, there was a raffle for one of two hunting rifles.)  I realize this has been around for a while, but it’s creeping into the city now.

See, we of the metro where the lifestyle includes weekly fundraisers for dinner and entertainment (and scores of Lenten Fish Frys listed in all the newspapers) are accustomed to winnings at such affairs being cash, gift certificates, gift baskets, a cooler of Anheuser-Busch product and the occasional Kindle.  Now, to keep the culture going, solicitation has adopted an idea other parts of the country (and the world, actually) had and has moved on to a more vital group of donors: meat producers.

Between greater transportation costs and feed being more expensive due to the drought (there’s more to it than that, but that’s the excuse), meat has gotten really expensive.  A five pound cut up fryer was over $10 the last time I looked.  Boneless, skinless chicken breasts – which are supposed the most healthy cuts for us – are out of sight pricy.  A steak that would have been about $5 last summer was $8.50 when I wanted one.  These aren’t blue ribbon chickens or USDA Prime, either.  This is regular, run of the mill commercial meat.  The stuff regular people eat.  The same people who are working less hours thanks to ObamaCare and have less cash to spend on things like a night out and entertainment, let alone a decently healthy meal.

Win a gift certificate to a spa at bingo and one can get a massage.  Win ten pounds of ground round, and a family of four can eat for 4-6 meals depending on what’s for dinner.  Which is worth buying chances?????  The amount of money that was going into a pot last week just to win ten pounds of pork steaks* was pretty impressive.   That a basic necessity of life is moving into “prize” and “extra” status for middle class working people is pretty frightening, actually.

Yes, the regime and the leftist vegan wackos may be trying to price meat out of the general populace’s price range, but as people always do, a way is being found around it.

(No word yet, though, on a side of beef being donated to any of the big high school/parish charity auctions coming up.  The big question would be oral or silent auction.)

*Pork steaks are sliced pork butt best grilled low and slow with a basted vinegar wash.  It’s a St. Louis thing.

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  1. This, of course, will lead to meat poker. “I’ll see your hot dog – and raise you a pastrami sandwich.”

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