The Poor Man’s SHTF Rifle


The Mosin Nagant was the standard Russian infantry rifle for about sixty years and in its millions helped defeat the German juggernaut in World War II. Durable, affordable, nearly indestructible, and with ammunition cheap and readily to be had, this relic of the Red Russians lives on in the homes and hands of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Americans.

The Mosin Nagant is the ultimate “poor man’s” rifle for a WROL (Without Rule Of Law) or SHTF (Excrement Hits The Fan) scenario or situation. They are among the cheapest rifles one can purchase and yet are a very effective weapon that delivers a great bang for the buck. They saw frontline service for decades and appeared in dozens of conflicts the world over including both world wars. They were designed to be simple and hardy weapons and served the vast peasant armies of Russian effectively. Some seventeen million of these rifles were produced and that has assured that their ready availability and low price continues even up to today. But even their once incredibly low prices have started to climb and now are starting to approach the $150 mark. Most online outlets are out of stock at the moment but you can reserve one here.

The main thing going for the Mosin Nagant is it’s still relatively low price and simplicity of use. It is extremely easy to maintain and use. It gives its wielder a powerful weapon that can ‘reach out and touch someone’ and provides a long-range option as well as necessary. It is equally up to the task of punching through body armor or walls. Perch on top of your building’s roof during a WROL event and you would be able to dominate a large area with effective fire and protect a wide swath of territory from marauders, rioting mobs, or armed gangs systematically going house to house through a neighborhood or looting a business district.


Let’s be honest, a fully functional historical rifle made famous by the movie Enemy At The Gates makes a great addition to any collection, an excellent wall ‘trophy’ conversation piece, and a good back up in any SHTF scenario. Obviously, a win, win, win situation. There are still many out there fresh from our old cold war enemy and, undoubtedly, a few of them responsible for the death of a Hitler henchman or two. And claiming a Commie weapon for the cause of the average American patriot if always worthy of praise.

It shoots an impressively powerful round, because you never know when someone may be hiding behind something. You reach out and touch someone with that and they are definitely done for the day.

Many people utilize Mosin Nagants as cheap backup, trunk, or ‘hand out’ guns in case of a WROL event. You can’t ask for a better gun to cache somewhere along your bug out route or stash in the basement at your bug out location at grandma’s house in the country. It is not pretty and is heavy, loud, and kind of clunky with no effective safety. But for those on a very tight budget this is a rifle worth looking at.

Needed accessories include a gel stock pad which greatly cuts down on recoil while lengthening the stock for more comfortable shooting. This reduces the Mosin’s infamous ‘kick’ to a far more manageable ‘push’. I’d also suggest you pick up an SKS chest bandolier that can securely carry about 100 loose rounds for your Mosin or you can can get an original issue ammo pouch that will hold either loose or stripper clipped rounds. Personally, I avoid the clips and prefer the SKS bandolier for the ease in carrying a significant amount of  loose 7.62×54 rounds.

You can also purchase ammunition online as even this caliber is being swept off the shelves as soon as it appears. You can purchase 440 rounds of Bulgarian military surplus rounds for about $120 including shipping. A shorter carbine version (M44)  is also available but it is becoming harder to find and delivers more of a kick than the longer, standard version (M91/30).

Altogether, for under $300 you can have a good WROL rifle and enough ammunition to fight a small war. For the money (outside of a used pump 12 gauge shotgun) this can’t be beat. It is also legal in even the most restrictive of states and municipalities. If you can get and afford a semi-auto then I encourage you to get one. But if a tight budget or other constraints dictate something else, then the Mosin Nagant is worthy of your consideration for a SHTF situation.

It is every man’s duty to be able to protect his family, community, and nation and every citizens duty to exercise the Bill of Rights. If you don’t own a firearm, go out and buy one today. Part of being an American is exercising every single right you have. Remember you are a free and sovereign citizen, not a servant, serf, subject, or slave. Act like it. Now, more than ever, Americans need to avail themselves of their Second Amendment rights.

A review of the Mosin Nagant (not by me)…

What a WROL event can look like…

Some people REALLY get into the Mosin Nagant and there are numerous tribute videos on youtube to the rifle.

For more general information on Preparing and Prepping please read my article Preparedness: Hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

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  2. …this doesn’t exactly facilitate any ‘warm fuzzies’ – mayhem and anarchy – never pleasant subjects :^(

    WROL would not be a fun month in paradise…

    write on brother…write on

    • I agree, and I don’t usually spend a lot of time on ‘doom and gloom’ scenarios. But we do know they happen and they have happened several times now in even my limited lifetime. Taking precautions and making preparations for unpleasant possibilities is merely being prudent in my book.


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